As she sat in her classroom, Saya Takagi sat at her desk, feeling quite superior to all the other students. She was the smartest (and most beautiful in her opinion) in all the school. She felt that her having to stay in this class with these primitive degenerates was below her. She stuck her nose in the air as she impatiently sat at her desk, wondering what in the world they wanted students to stay out the hallway and in their classroom. Sitting beside her, a boy name Kohta Marikawa was drooling over her. He wanted her so bad, even more than that new gun he saw the other day. Besides being a Saya fan, he was a huge gun enthusiast. He loved all guns, no matter the shape, size, or gun power. Saya sat at her desk, completely ignoring him. Kohta looked down, completely disappointed. He had hoped she might talk to him. He felt that he was not the sexiest in the school, but she could at least try to act like he existed. Saya continued to ignore him, engrossing her in a book. Their teacher then lightly clapped his hands to get their attention. He grabbed one of his arms, which was heavily bandaged, and began to speak. He winced from the pain a few times, but still managed to talk.

"Everyone, we are having a problem with a virus going around the school, so for now we need everyone to stay in their seats calmly understand?"

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the new corporation that they put in town would it?" Saya said. The teacher looked at her sternly.

"I know as much as you do at this time Saya."

"Oh really?" Saya retorted, pushing her glasses up. "Do you know that this new company, Umbrella it's called? Yes, it is. Well anyway, this company was banned in America because it seems that they were doing illegal experiments on humans and animals."

The teacher sighed and held his good arm to his face. "Is that so?"

"It is," Saya said roughly. "My father believes that the Japan government is making a big mistake allowing them to come to Japan. Who knows, this new virus could be from them, now couldn't it?"

"Saya please," the teacher shouted. Kohta looked up.

"You don't have to scream like that at her," he said sharply.

The teacher began to hold his head, falling to his knees.
"Wow, overdramatic," Kohta muttered, scratching his head. The teacher began screaming a lot louder now, pounding his hands to the ground. All of the students began to whisper among each other, watching as the teacher transformed.

"W-what's happening?" Saya muttered, getting up from her chair. Kohta got up with her, both of them edging towards a wall.

"You guys are so insensitive!" a girl screamed at them as all of the students went running up to the teacher. The teacher began to growl and make noise as he looked up and he was completely different.

"A zombie!" Kohta screamed, walking towards the door.

"What are you saying fatass?" a boy said, standing next to the teacher. "You have watched way too many mov…."

The teacher sprang forward and bites the boy on the arm, flesh and blood flying everywhere. The students then began to try to run away, but start running into each other. The teacher makes quick work of them, biting most of them, the others running out the door. Kohta and Saya stood next to each other, completely unsure what to do. All of the students had evacuated the class, and Kohta ran to the door to open it, but it was jammed.

"You got to be kidding, move it chubby!" Saya screamed, pushing Kohta aside and started yanking at the door. But it was a no go and the teacher was edging closer.

"Come on, follow me!" Kohta screamed as he grabbed Saya and pushed a desk in front of the teacher. The teacher tripped over it, falling to the ground. Kohta then went into a small closet, grabbing a roll of scotch tape and scissors while he went in. He then closed the door and came back out a second later. With him, he carried a modified nail gun, with a big grin on his face. His glasses shined as he looked at the zombie teacher and shot it directly in the head. The teacher flew back, blood going everywhere, and dropped to the floor with a sickening thud. Kohta laughed as he held his new toy in his hand. Saya groaned as she realized she was going to be stuck with this idiot….

While this was happening at the school, in town it was becoming a pandemic. The police force was out at its full strength, but even that was not enough. These monsters were not easy to kill, and the police didn't have unlimited bullets. A small police officer came running over to the commanding officer, giving a small salute.

"What's the status," the commander said, looking hardly at the man.

"It's a massacre out there, the officer said, rubbing the back of his head. "I wanted to introduce you to the new officer that was sent here from America. He was supposed to be going to a place in America, but I guess they were full, so they sent him to us."

"Great," the commander said. "Get him out here now!"

A young man with wavy brown hair, a very serious look and holding a small automatic pistol. He had a bulletproof vest on with the words RPD in white on the front.

"Sorry," the man said apologetically, seeing the commander look at his outfit. "They had sent it to me and then there was a change.."

"I don't give a fuck," the commander said shortly. "I read about you. Good credentials, very good in fact. Get ready, I'm sending you and my boy here to the school. I hear it's going on down there at a smaller rate and at this point, we need to neutralize this at any cost." The man nodded as a police vehicle rolled up in front of them.

"Take this vehicle, and good luck," the commander said. He gave a salute and turned around. The man and the officer jumped into the vehicle and began heading towards the school.

"So what's your name?" the officer asked the man. The man looked thoughtfully out the window.
"Leon," Leon said. "Leon S. Kennedy."