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As Takashi and Leon made their way outside the mansion, the invasion was beginning to worsen. The fence was almost broke down, a handful of Them flooding in through the barrier.

"Do not let them in the mansion!" Souichiro Takagi roared as he wielded a sleek katana. "Kill them before they kill us!" All of the men charged in, armed with either a sword or a gun. Saeko ran past a batch of men, unsheathing the blade that Souichiro had given to her. It gleamed in the sun as Saeko beheaded a zombie with one flick of her wrist, the blade so sharp it cut through the undead like butter. Rei used her spear like a javelin, tossing it with all her might into a zombie's forehead. Leon and Takashi went back to back, each armed with a revolver. Leon shot a zombie right in the middle of it's forehead as Takashi kicked a zombie away, shooting off its head as it fell to the ground.

"Yeah, this is getting good!" Takashi shouted ecstatically as he continued to take Them out. Kohta stood on the balcony of the Takagi Mansion, sniping while Claire ran out to the front lines alongside Leon, Takashi, Rei, and Saeko. Shizuka watched Alice as they waited inside the mansion, praying for everyone's safety. As the battle continued, Wesker watched the flood with amusement from on top of a nearby rooftop, intrigued at the team's spirit.

"They bounce back quite quickly from a loss," Wesker analyzed as he sneered. "Let's see them bounce back from this one…" Wesker pulled a device from out his pocket, pressing a button that was in the middle of the device. Not too far away, a monster activated once again, breaking away from its temporary slumber.

"W-Why am I still with you?" Shido asked as Wesker glanced back at the frightened teacher.

"That is a good question; would you rather be with them?" Wesker asked as he picked Shido up by the collar, dangling him over the rooftop. Underneath them was a horde of Them, waiting for Wesker to drop the twisted snake.

"N-No, I'm sorry for questioning you…" Shido stammered as Wesker smiled, tossing Shido back on the building.

"That's right, respect your new God," Wesker hissed as he watched Nemesis make his way to the Takagi Mansion. "Soon, they will all learn to respect their new god…"

"Takashi, behind you!" Leon shouted as he punched a zombie in chest, causing it to fall over, in which Takashi took the opportunity to stomp its head off.

"Good…" Leon began as he prepared to congratulate Takashi, but was interrupted by a tremor. Leon glanced at the gate, where a grotesque creature stood at the gate, ripping it off the hinge's easily. More zombies's tried to flood in, but the creature blocked their entrance.

"Give them an example… Nemesis," Wesker commanded from the rooftop, Nemesis turning around to face the hundred's of Them. They all tried to jump on Nemesis at once, but several tentacles emerged from the beast, each picking up a zombie. The tentacle's crushed each of the zombie's head's off, blood spraying everywhere as this occurred.

"What the hell…?" Takashi muttered as Leon glared at the beast. Something told him that this monster was not on their side…

Nemesis took a rocket launcher off his back, turning around to face the mansion.

"Run, now!" Souichiro screamed as the men took off toward the mansion, each of the zombie's that were inside the guard being blown apart by a rocket shot off by the beast.

"What is that thing?" Saya shouted as she joined Saeko and Rei.

"I don't know, but it's disgusting," Rei replied as she flashed the monster a disgusted glance.

"Not just that, it's powerful," Saeko observed as she glared at the beast. "I think we need to kill this thing…"

"Why? It just saved us all!" Rei responded, Saeko preparing to speak as the giant took a step forward, a tentacle shooting out its body. Saeko cut the tentacle as it came toward them, Rei and Saya backing up as Nemesis approached menacingly.

"Kill them all," Wesker commanded as Nemesis let out a slight grunt. It reached for its rocket launcher once again, Saeko running at the beast as it did. As she tried to attack, a tentacle shot out its body, going on course with her neck. Saeko ducked from the attack, sliding as the tentacle approached her. She cut Nemesis across the leg as she slid past him, Nemesis growling as the pain registered.

"Rei, stop him from reaching his rocket launcher!" Saya shouted as Rei nodded, running at the beast full speed. Nemesis growled as he pulled his left arm back, slamming his entire arm into Rei's chest as she neared him. Rei's eyes went blank as she went flying back toward Saya, Saya blinking in surprise as Rei slid past her.

"Stay back Takagi!" Takashi shouted as he pushed Saya back, him and Leon joining the fray. "Leon, can we beat this thing?"

"I think I've heard of this thing before," Claire announced as she walked up to Leon's side. "This is a human that must have bonded on a certain level of the T-Virus, like an imperfect version of that guy we fought earlier."

"Right, so this is not going to be an easy task then," Leon replied as he reloaded his revolver. "Let's do this…"

Leon ran at the creature, taking out his combat knife. Nemesis sent a tentacle at Leon, who sliced the tentacle as it entered his radius. As another tentacle tried to zero in on his waist, Leon took hold of it with his left hand, pulling the tentacle toward him with all his might. Nemesis moved slightly, but not much. Leon cut the tentacle as Nemesis sent another at the hero, who rolled away from this one. Leon looked up, taking a shot at Nemesis's face, which did not seem to work.

"Guy's, I don't think bullets will work on him!" Leon shouted as Takashi and Claire both gasped. "I-I don't know if any of our weapon's will work on him!"

"We won't know unless we try!" Saeko screamed as she flipped above Nemesis, landing in front of the giant monster. She began to hack away at the beast with her sword, Nemesis growling as blood flew everywhere. Saeko's eye's widened as a wild grin crossed her face, blood splashing all over her outfit.

"Saeko…?" Takashi began, but was silenced by Leon, who pulled him back. Saeko was in that mode, the mode she went into when she was killing Them. A mode that was deadly as can possibly be. Saeko glared up with killer intent in her gaze as Nemesis glanced down at her, unaffected by the attack. Saeko's eye's widened as she was kicked in the chest, which caused her to slide across the pavement, coming to a complete stop next to where Rei was still laid out.

"Dammit…" Leon murmured as he tried to figure out a plan. "How… what could kill him?"

"How about… his own weapon?" Saya suggested as Leon glanced back at her. "Use his rocket launcher to end this… you just got to find a way to get it off his back."

"Right…" Leon muttered. Saya's idea was great, but the execution was going to be difficult. This guy was huge, and powerful. Getting a rocket launcher off his back without him noticing was going to take a whole lot of cunning…

"Saeko, Rei, can you still move?" Leon asked as he kneeled next to them.

"Barely, but I can move," Saeko answered as Rei nodded.

"Good, I've got a plan…" Leon answered as he gathered the team around him…

Nemesis began to growl as he walked toward them, Leon looking at the beast with a heroic look as he pointed at it.

"Let's move!" Leon shouted as everyone took off in opposite directions, Nemesis unleashing several tentacles. Takashi used Leon's combat knife to cut off the tentacles as they approached him, Saeko and Rei using their weapon's to do the same. Leon snuck up beside Nemesis, praying that the beast was not paying attention. He reached for the rocket launcher, Nemesis seemingly not paying attention. As Leon's hand touched the rocket launcher, Nemesis growled, looking slightly to the side. As Leon tried to snatch the rocket launcher off its back, Nemesis picked up Leon, squeezing him painfully. As it prepared to break Leon in half, a sniper bullet pierced through the tentacle, causing Leon to break free. Leon pulled the rocket launcher along with him, breathing heavily as he picked it up. Nemesis roared as it unleashed hundred's of tentacles, preparing to attack.

"Go to hell…" Leon muttered as he shot the rocket launcher off, a rocket hitting Nemesis square in the chest. It carried the beast outside the Takagi Mansion, before exploding, taking the beast with it in a million piece's. Blood covered the area as Leon and everyone cheered happily, Leon dropping the weapon as he took a deep breath.

"Damn you all to Hell!" Wesker hissed as he glanced down from the rooftop. "How dare they destroy him… well, it's just a minor setback. Now they must deal with…"

"Hey, isn't that the guy that beat us earlier?" Saya asked as she glanced up at the rooftop, spotting the angry Wesker.

"Indeed it is," Leon answered with a broad grin as he picked up the rocket launcher once again. "Let's see if my aim's as good as I think it is…" Leon shot the rocket launcher at Wesker, who was still ranting about how he was going to have his revenge.

"You will pay…" Wesker began, before the sound of a rocket silenced him. He glanced over at the team, who was waving at him. Wesker closed his eyes as he was hit dead on with a rocket, the entire building exploding on impact.

"Out of ammo… too bad," Leon sighed as he threw the rocket launcher down to the ground. "Oh well, we'll just have to muscle it with our usual weapon's!" Leon and the gang stood valiantly as the invasion was over… for the moment. Tomorrow was another day…

And there it is the end of the Lost Chapter! Kind of an alternate ending if you will, just a little something. I hope you all enjoyed it, see you later!