As the pandemic in the school was getting no better, it seemed everyone thought this new epidemic could be cured with a little medication. So at the school, the nurse's office couldn't get any busier. The school nurse, Shizuka Maresato, was beginning to get frustrated from all of the people in her office, loudly screaming and making a fuss. She was the nurse yes, but why did she have to endure this? As Shizuka tried to treat the patients, she began to realize that their wasn't anything wrong with them. They had no symptoms, no issues at all. Shizuka bit her bottom lip, praying she could figure this out before something bad happens. Suddenly, as she and her assistant were treating students, a student in line fell to the ground. The student began to hit the ground feverishly, grabbing his head as he screamed horribly. The assistant, tired from all of the patients, impatiently went over to the student and wagged his finger at him.

"You can scream and moan all you like, you must wait in line like all the others," the assistant said sternly, his eyes glaring behind his glasses. The student looked up at the assistant, his eyes glaring dimly at him. The student then turned to the person next to him and bit her leg. The girl howled in pain as all the students began to back up. Then, as if it was clockwork, the bitten students began to transform right in line, trying to infect the others. Shizuka looked at this display horribly, her eyes wide with fear. The assistant jumped in front of her and grabbed a chair. He turned and gave Shizuka a reassuring smile, then focused in the front of him. Shizuka put her hands on her chest, feeling her heart beat in multiple skips.

"I will protect you Nurse Maresato!" the assistant said as he smashed a zombie in the head with his chair. He began to push the zombies back with the chair, an excited smile on his face. Shizuka began to gather up her medical equipment, preparing for a quick get away. Suddenly as if in co-op, two zombies attacked the assistant at the same time. As one got hit with the chair, the other managed to avoid it and get the assistant's arm in its mouth. It bit down hard, blood trickling down its mouth as it hungrily kept biting down, trying to get more of the flesh. The assistant screamed in pain as it tried to shake the monster off, finally hitting it with the chair in its head. Shizuka began to feel tears roll down her beautiful cheek, her make-up slowly running as she seen her beloved assistant give his life to protect her. The assistant gave a heroic smile as he turned around and motioned Shizuka to go. Shizuka shook her head as she looked at him, her heart breaking. He gave another smile, and looked down.

"I'm going to be one of them soon," he said slowly. "I don't want you to get hurt, so please, leave now."

Shizuka felt more tears roll down as she picked up her bag slowly and prepared to go. But the zombies were prepared to not allow her to leave. With their amazing strength, they pushed through the assistant easily, throwing him to the ground and going towards Shizuka. One of the students edged in, his mouth salivating with some black ooze as he edged near Shizuka. Shizuka began to scream, going into a corner. The student then jumped at her, face first. Suddenly, a stick hit the student in the face, caving in half of his face. The hit area popped, blood and pus spilling everywhere. Saeko stood there, her kendo stick covered in blood. She began to hit all of the zombies, blowing through them easily, hitting them in vital areas so they fell automatically. She looked at the assistant sadly, as he lay on the ground, holding his infected arm. Saeko kneeled down, looking at him face to face.

"Would you like me to put you out of your misery?" she asked softly. Shizuka ran to her, tugging on her shoulder.

"No!" she screamed. "I won't watch you kill him."

Saeko looked at Shizuka sadly. She stood up and put her hand on her shoulder.

"She has to do this!" the assistant suddenly shouted. Saeko and Shizuka looked down at him surprised. The assistant smiled a peaceful smile. He got himself against a wall and motioned for Saeko to hit him. Saeko closed her eyes and delivered the final blow.