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Takashi, Hisashi, and Rei ran towards their homeroom, dodging all the running students in the hallway. Hisashi and Rei were holding hands, and Takashi was running ahead, trying to avoid the two. He stopped when he saw the gym ahead.

"Stay here," he instructed Hisashi and Rei as he ran into the gym and went into the supply closet. He grabbed two baseball bats and ran out the room. He threw one to Hisashi and Rei looked at him, annoyed.

"And where is mine at?" Rei said, tapping her foot against the linoleum. Takashi shrugged and grabbed a broom and threw it to her. Rei caught it and gave Takashi a sarcastic smirk. She broke the sweeping part off with her foot and swung the stick impressively.

"I wouldn't expect any less from someone who uses the sojutsu technique," Hisashi said. Takashi shook his head in disgust as he ran past both of them, edging towards a wall after hearing a loud crack. Suddenly, a student slid past them on the ground, his head split wide open. Rei looked in horror as Hisashi grabbed her and hugged her softly. Takashi loosely carried his bat, feeling he might hit Hisashi with it if he didn't stop showing off. Suddenly, over 5 zombies came limping around the corner, completely surrounding them. Rei prepared her broom as Hisashi and Takashi got in front of her, bats ready. They both attacked at once, instantly hitting the zombies in the head, cracking their skulls back and forth. The zombies were falling easily, but just as easily getting back up. Takashi batted one of the zombies in the face, completely shattering its jaw, shards of bone and blood going everywhere. The zombie seemed done for a few seconds, but then got right back up.

"Fuck!" Takashi said, wiping sweat off his face. He put his bat down for a few seconds, trying to catch his breath. When this occurred, one of the zombies took advantage. They grabbed him, trying to bite him. Rei finally got into action, jabbing the zombie in the face with her stick. The zombie backed up slowly, but then began to advance.

"Are you ok man," Hisashi said, putting his arm on Takashi. Takashi jerked his arm away, looking angrily at Hisashi.

"I already fucking told you we aren't friends anymore Hisashi! When the fuck will you get that through your thick skull!"

Hisashi tried to say something, but as he did, a zombie on the ground reawaken and grabbed his leg and took a bite of his leg off, bringing him down to the ground. Hisashi screamed as he tried to push back the zombies. Takashi looked in horror as he seen that Hisashi was now infected. Rei put her hands to her mouth and began crying hysterically. Takashi turned around and began to shake her.

"Stop it Rei! Look at me!"

Rei looked at him, her eyes red and puffy.

"Stop it and help your boyfriend," Takashi said, preparing his bat. He hit a zombie in the face without turning around.

"Now are you ready to fight?" Takashi asked. Rei wiped the tears from her eyes and jumped into action. With her stick, she began dismembering the zombies, making it impossible for them to get up.

"Die you bastards!" she screamed as she shoved her stick through a zombie's leg, making it so he couldn't get up. Blood had splattered all over her face, having flesh and bone all over her school outfit. Takashi grabbed Hisashi and helped him up the stairs near the gym.

"Where does this lead?" Rei said, running with them.

"The rooftop," Takashi replied.

They reached the rooftop, looking up at the blazing sun. Hisashi struggled to get up, finally giving up and lay on the ground. Takashi looked at him, wondering what he was going to do.

"Kill me Takashi."

"What!" Takashi and Rei screamed at the same time.

Hisashi gave a thoughtful smile as he looked up at the beautiful sun.

"Who would have thought I would go out like this," Hisashi said, reaching his hand out to try to touch the blazing light. "Rei, I'm so sorry." Rei looked at him, her eyes full of tears.

"Don't Hisashi, please," Rei begged, her eyes watering even more. Hisashi gave another smile, as he lifted his bat and handed it to Takashi. Takashi took it, his eyes not leaving Hisashi.

"I'm sorry to do this to you, but I don't have much time," Hisashi said, sitting up a bit. "I want you to do this, please, before I become one of Them."

"Them?" Takashi asked.

"Yeah that's the name I came up for Them," Hisashi said grinning sheepishly. His expression then turned serious.

"I need you do to this quick Takashi."

Takashi looked at the bat, his hands shaking slightly. He looked back at Rei, who was looking at him with fear in her eye. He then looked back at Hisashi, who was smiling.

"Go ahead, friend," he said softly.

"Yes," Takashi said, a tear rolling down his cheek. "My friend."

He then readied the bat and held it to Hisashi's head. As he did this, Hisashi began to transform. Takashi then swung the bat with all his might and crushed Hisashi's head completely, leaving nothing behind but broken bone and plenty of blood. Rei fell to the ground, her hair falling over her face. Tears dripped down her face to the ground, like rain. Takashi dropped the bat, falling to his knees. He then looked up at the sky and began to scream.

A few minutes later, Takashi had regained himself and began to collect his bat. Rei was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees looked up at him. He gave a somewhat smile as he handed her her broom stick. Rei slapped it away and stood up. She looked him directly and slapped him. Takashi looked away, trying not to look in Rei's eyes.

"I'm not going with you," Rei said, sitting back down.

"Then sit here and rot," Takashi said coldly and began to walk out the door.

"Where are you going anyway?" Rei said, looking at him darkly.

"To find survivors," Takashi said quietly, opening the door. Rei got up slowly and grabbed her stick.

"Are you ready to go now?" Takashi said with a semi smirk on his face.

Rei didn't answer as she barged ahead and let the door slam in his face.

As Saya and Kohta began navigating their way through the school, it seemed like an endless maze. Even though they both knew their way around the school, it now seemed like a haunted house. Saya began to sigh loudly as she fell to the ground, pouting. Kohta stopped and looked at her.

"Do you want me to carry you baby?" Kohta said, with a hungry look in his eye.

"As if, you fucking weirdo! You are worst then the zombies!" Saya said, getting up quickly.

Kohta put his hands up in the air in protest as Saya got up, brushing herself off. Her glasses slipped off for a moment as she got up.

"Oops dropped my glasses," she said as she reached down to get them. With no time to react, a zombie rushed out of a closet, grabbing Saya and squeezing tightly. Saya looked in horror as the zombie looked in the face, its hot breath blowing in her face. She shrieked as it went in for the meal. Suddenly, a hole appeared in its head. Saya gasped as the zombie fell and another bullet whizzed into its body. She looked at Kohta, who looked back, confused. They turned around and seen 2 young police officers behind them, guns drawn.

"Wow!" Kohta shouted, running over to one of them. "Is that a Luger P08 customized pistol?" The man laughed and looked at the Kohta skeptically.

"You must know your guns,"

"Of course," Kohta said smugly.

"Leon Kennedy," the man said to them.

"Jack Hitomi," the other man said.

Saya ran over to Leon and gave him puppy eyes.

"Hey there big boy," she said sexily, trying to show a bit of cleavage. Leon looked up to the sky, trying not to look down.

"Sorry, but you are a federal offense," Leon said, pushing past her. "We need to get out of here."

"Agreed," Jack said, reloading his gun. Kohta got excited, seeing all the gun action.

"Let's do it!" he shouted, holding up his nail gun.

"Come on really?" Jack said, laughing at the gun. "Don't poke an eye out kid."

Kohta looked away and kept moving forward.

Saeko and Shizuka raced down the hallway, hitting zombies on their way out. Around the hallway, Takashi and Rei were making their way the same direction. Takashi and Saeko ran into each other, Takashi hitting the floor, Saeko getting up and preparing herself. Takashi rubbed his ass, his pride in the dumpster. Rei laughed as she walked over him and smiled at Shizuka and Saeko.

"So, there are more survivors," Saeko said with a small smile. Shizuka gave a big jump in the air with joy, which made her huge boobs jump with her, and made Takashi's nose bleed. Shizuka bent down, looking at Takashi hotly.

"You got a little something," Shizuka said, wiping Takashi's nose gently.

"And what is going on here?" a voice said.

Shizuka and Saeko turned around to see Leon, Robert, Saya, and Kohta make their way to the area. Shizuka's eyes lit up when she seen the young officer Leon. She pressed her breast together, getting them ready, as she bounced over. Leon's face went red as Shizuka pressed her boobs up against him, her lips barely touching his neck.

"So, what's your name?" she asked, her red lipstick glowing in the dim light.

"Um, L-leon," Leon said, sweating hard. Jack laughed hard as Leon got redder and redder as Shizuka got closer and closer.

"Ok, well as great as it is for a reunion, we need to talk about what's going on," Saya said, pushing Shizuka off Leon.

"Agreed," Takashi said, fixing him. The other's nodded in agreement.

"So, we are banding together, the police and some snot nose little bitches," Jack said, lighting a cigarette.

"We have no choice," Leon said, preparing his gun. "We need to be ready for anything and these kids seem like they can handle themselves if they got this far."

"So what do we do first?" Takashi asked, rolling his bat.

Leon stopped and looked hardly at Takashi.

"We get the hell out of here."