Code Geass: To the world worth creating

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Lelouch Lamperouge, a teenage boy who swore he would never go back to his past. The past of getting everything he desired with a simple click of his fingers however was banished from it. A past where he was known as Prince Lelouch vi Britannia yet destiny seems to be in favour for him to return.


A boy who was to turn sixteen in two months time, breathed heavily in and out again. Sweat slithered down his pale complexion whilst he tightly gripped onto his covers as he sat in a position of fear from after waking up from a bad dream. A dream which wasn't just a dream but his worst nightmare, the suffering of his younger sister Nunnally.

Luckily he knew that they were safe, she was far away from that scheming man who used his own children as pawns in his own personal game of chess. Lelouch threw the dark coloured duvet of from his bare chest. He was a scrawny boy who always seemed to avoid any exercise; his onyx hair shimmered from the bright rays of moonlight seeping through the wide window. His mauve eyes glistened as tears slipped out of them. He steadily leaped out of his bed; one thing ran through the young boy's mind.

"Nunnally" He whispered, though it was said it a hushed tone, his voice had a sense of power in it. The emotion from calling his sister's name out showed that he was rather protective, he fled that room as soon as he called out her name. For once he ran at a seemingly fast pace he headed towards her room.

"NUNNALLY" his voice gradually raised, he had to check; he had to know that she was alright. He pushed open her bedroom door forcefully.

"Lelouch is something the matter brother?" She asked; her eyes remained forced shut as she lifted her upper body up. Even though she couldn't see whereabouts Lelouch stood in her room, somehow she managed to look directly at him even if it was for a brief moment; she always smiled no matter what the situation could be.

"No Nunnally it's nothing for you to worry about" He sweetly replied,

"Are you sure it's nothing Lelouch? I like it when you tell me what's on your mind."

"Very well Nunnally" He moved to sit on the corner of her large double bed and grabbed onto her hands, her smiley grew larger. "It was all a bad dream; I had to see if you were okay"

"What was it about Lelouch?"

"It was about that man, that monster that abandoned us here." It was all he had to say to the girl two years younger than himself. She nodded her head. "Now Nunnally, now that I know that your save, I reckon you should get some sleep."

"What about you Lelouch?" She replied, "You should get some sleep too"

"Yes Nunnally and I shall get some sleep." He whispered into her ear as her kissed her head goodnight. "Night sister"

"Night brother"

As he left that room he turned around once more to see that Nunnally was know lying down in her bed. He pulled her door shut and walked his way back into his room where he attempted to get some sleep yet he couldn't. He was scared that the person they should call father was going to hurt his dearly loved sister and he promised he wouldn't. Even in the form of his dreams or should we say nightmares.


After Lelouch finally got some sleep, his alarm started to beep. It was seven in the morning and today was a special day for Ashford academy. It was Mr Ashford's birthday which his granddaughter, Milly Ashford who recently became the president of the student counsel, was holding a festival to celebrate it. This was to be a very special festival because it was going to be the first one where they attempted to make a giant pizza and Lelouch held a major role in it. He got up and got ready for school, and then he joined Nunnally in the dining area after sayoko brought in their breakfast.

"Big brother did you end up sleeping last night?" Nunnally asked from the opposite end of the table.

"Yes Nunnally, I managed to in the end" He lied

"You're not lying are you?" She sweetly asked back

"I had a little trouble but managed to sleep."

"Good, that's a better response Lelouch."

He watched as Sayoko, who looked after Nunnally, guide her with eating her food. She needed the help because she was both blind and couldn't use her own legs therefore when the Ashford family took them in they gave Milly's nanny to Nunnally so that she could watch over the young girl.

"Master Lelouch is something wrong, you've been staring at me and Nunnally for about ten minutes and you haven't touched any of your breakfast." Sayoko asked, sounding very concerned for the young boy.

"Sorry I just zoned out" He replied, his eyes moved to the grand clock at the centre of the room. He leaped up seeing the time. "I have to go to class now, bye Nunnally." He glided other to his sister and kissed her on the top of the head, he soon left the room.

The young Britannian boy casually strolled through the hallways of Ashford academy, a number of the female population watched in awe as the handsome boy walked by them. However that didn't stop the boy for reaching his destination. Ahead of him the other student council members stood, the one at the very front smiled widely. It was Milly Ashford, the one his known for the majority of his life. His very best friend and the only peer his age that he could trust, her and her family gave Lelouch and Nunnally a home after they were left for dead in area eleven which was formally known as Japan. Her hair was the most beautiful sandy blond and her eyes were a calming blue.

Behind her was another girl who was almost as tall as her. This was Shirley Fenette, she was always a cheery and upbeat student who not only took part in the student counsel but was also a member of the swimming club. Shirley had long ginger hair and emerald green eyes, she tried her best to act a friend to Lelouch yet she was not so secretly in love with him.

To Shirley's left, Nina Einstein was typing away at her laptop. She was a girl who normally kept herself to herself yet was still one of his closest friends. She wore her black hair in plaits and was never seen without her glasses of her face. She was the silent genius of the group, the only one whose intelligence levels almost equalled his own.

Then there was Rivalz Cardemonde, who only just passed his driving test and drove Lelouch in his motorbike so the two could go gambling. He had dark blue hair and brown/grey eyes. He and Lelouch were the only two male members of the student council therefore they stuck together and escaped from the girl's wrath.

"Lulu, it's about time you joined us with you presence" Milly jokily said, Nina was still standing up typing on her laptop with one hand whilst the others were watching him. "Come on we have to get to lessons guys, I can't wait for the festival."

"Milly, going to lessons early doesn't mean that the festival will come quicker, you of all people should know this" Lelouch replied, speaking in his formal tone.

"So, the student council members only have to go to first and second period of History because we need to set up Lulu." She moved closer to Lelouch where she then poked his chest. "This also means that you have a perfectly reasonable reason to get out of gym class today instead of skiving and going of gambling."

"Hah you know me so well Milly,"

"Well I have known you for the majority of your life" She let slip which caused a look of confusion on the other student council members faces.

"Madame President how have you known him for the majority of his life?" Shirley curiously asked as a face of jealousy appeared on her face. Whilst Rivalz opened his mouth to add a question onto the end of Shirley's.

"Is that also how Lelouch gets the room in the clubhouse then?"

"Hahhh well Lelouch's mother used to be the boss of my parents and our mothers used to make us go on little play dates with each other. My family were also Very very supportive of Lelouch and Nunnally whilst their parents went through that bitter divorce." She easily lied; Lelouch just nodded his head in agreement at her words. "And Rivalz that is the only room that is suitable for Nunnally and her disabilities, I thought you knew that."

"Oh okay Milly." Both Shirley and Rivalz replied.

The group of five started walking down the gentle hallways towards the history department at Ashford academy. Rivalz watched in jealousy at Lelouch because as he passed every girl in the hall way, they each took a deep breath. "I wish that was me" He muttered under his breath in a voice that wouldn't be picked up by anyone.

When they reached the history room, they all paused. Nina placed her small laptop back into her bag and smiled at everyone around. They were all having a conversation about Lelouch's gambling habits when a girl with straight red hair and a ill looking complexion tapped Lelouch and Milly on the shoulders.

"Sorry, but are you president Milly Ashford and vice president Lelouch Lamperouge." She timidly asked.

"Yes we are, how can we be of assistance to you?" Milly answered.

"My names Kallen Stadtfeld and I'm a new student here, I was told to find you two so that you can give me a tour of the school and Milly your grandfather wanted me to ask you if I could join the student council as many of the activities are far too strenuous for my health condition."

"That's fine, ha that means that we miss some of the history."

"Good" Lelouch replied to her comment. "That means I won't be bored and fall asleep in the lesson again. What age group are you in?

"I just turned sixteen two days ago."

"That means you're with us anyway" Milly happily said with a warming smile. "Anyway guy's ,me and Lulu will see you once we finished the tour."

"Bye Madame President and Lelouch" The three said all at simultaneously as Kallen, Milly and Lelouch left the history hallway. For about twenty minutes the President and Vice President showed the new girl where each of her class room was and fulfilled the tour of the campus. The two brought her to the clubhouse where she had to fill out some paper work.

"Okay, you just need to sign here, here, here, here and here," Milly she said in an uninterested tone whilst pointing too lots of different box's on the sheet. "Oh and this one needs to be signed by your father for some strange reason which is unknown to the student population and now you're done."

"I'm not sure what's more interesting being in the history class or watching new students sign loads of papers." Lelouch yawned. "I think History it is."

After his comment they all left and casually strolled through the corridors of the school until they reached the destination of history class. Being president and vice president, both Milly and Lelouch were excused from some of their classes when it came to getting the new students settled down. They were excused for over half an hour from their history class and guessing from the female population in that classroom, they were doing something that involved a rather attractive boy. Without thinking of knocking Lelouch pushed the door open and casually strolled into the room with the two girls following him. Everyone's eyes met his, even one that he wasn't expecting.

Standing at the front of his classroom with a large amount of guards was Prince Clovis La Britannia, who was staring at Lelouch as if he was dead. Both boys froze as well whilst Milly who had a look of being surprised and fear at the same time on her face.

They could have been staring at each other for what seemed to them hours but was in fact only a few minutes. A few minutes of looking fate in the eyes. Thousands of thoughts ran through Lelouch's head, he had to think of a way for both him and Nunnally to escape before they were taken back to him.

"Prince Clovis, this is Milly Ashford, student president and Vice president ..." The young history teacher began to say.

"Lelouch, is that really you?" Prince Clovis asked hints of happiness spread through his voice. "You're alive, after what feels so long."

"Clovis" he growled back, anger and disappointment from so long ago, still inside his voice. Clovis stepped forward whilst Milly moved to the side of Lelouch where she then moved in front of him and pushed the boy back.

"I should have known your family were hiding him, lady Milly Ashford. Even though it's a pleasant surprise to see you all grown up and blossomed, I would like to see Lelouch."

"I am no longer a lady Clovis," She spat in disgust. "LEAVE LELOUCH, alone"

On 'leave Lelouch', the boy who she was creating a distraction for turned around and ran. He had no idea where too, but he ran as fast as he could. She pulled out her phone and quickly called Sayoko on speed dial whilst Clovis was too preoccupied with the escaping Lelouch.

"I, Clovis La Britannia, order you too bring that student back to me alive" He commanded his personal squadron of knights. Only a few remained to protect the Prince whilst the others ran after the physically unfit boy.

Authors note- I want to know what people think and I've tried to make this a different way of which people discover that Lulu is a prince yet sadly the story has to progressed a little more before it becomes different. I also want to know if I should continue writing it.