Code Geass: To the world worth creating

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Chapter four- Yes, it's to the world worth creating

A day has passed since Lelouch has left Ashford academy which seemed as though it had been months. As promised by his older brother, Lelouch was seen by the personal trainer who was surprised to see the lack of athletic ability within the boy. That day felt as though he had been thrown straight into hell and now was the day when his father will land in area eleven. It was like his sentence, he would finally find out what his father will do to him.

"Lelouch" The voice of his younger sister called out from behind him, Lelouch quickly turned to see her, with Milly and Sayoko.

"Nunnally, I'm glad you got here safely then."

"Yes, we were collected by brother Clovis and his guards in the early hours of the morning however we were told that you were still asleep as you needed to rest after the physical activities you took part in yesterday."

"Oh" Lelouch began to say whilst Milly laughed playfully.

"You should have gone to gym class Lulu." She said as she winked towards the boy, her smile then shortly disappeared as she looked towards her best friend. "My parents are coming here; they still believe it would be beneficial for the Ashford family to wedlock with a prince of Britannia. They want to see if your father will allow the previous arrangement to take place and then our family will be back in the rankings of the nobles."

"I'm sorry Milly," Lelouch said as he comforted his friend, knowing that soon his father would force him to marry someone that he doesn't love. "At least you would have me as a brother in law, that won't be so bad."

"You're so full of yourself. You're not that amazing."

Lelouch just laughed as he heard the phone in the guest quarters start to ring, he swiftly turned around and walked up to the phone, gently with his delicate fingers, he slowly picked it up.

"Hello Lelouch speaking...oh it's only you Clovis...yes Nunnally and Milly are here...your coming to my room with tailors...okay then but hurry...bye brother." He slowly placed the phone back down before turning back to Milly and Lelouch who heard everything that he had to say. Milly had an excited looking face as she gently pushed her hair back onto her shoulder. "Seems like someone wants a new dress to wear for later."

"Oh you have no idea Lulu."

(Half an hour later, shortly after Clovis and the dress person came)

Lelouch sat there whilst he watched the man pull out a few dozen smart outfits that a prince of Britannia could be seen in. He lowered his head embarrassed with Milly's giggles over some of the stupid clothing that was being pulled out.

"" She laughed whilst pointing to a frilly pink suit. He didn't even bother looking up as he heard Clovis disagree with Milly's suggestion saying something along the tones of the pink will not match his eyes. He then lifted his head to see one which was defiantly the best of the selection and something he would of worn if he was still a prince of Britannia.

"That one" Lelouch called out. Smiling only slightly.

(Meanwhile in Shinjuko ghetto)

A large warehouse situated in the slums of the eleven population sat, members of the resistance walked inside, cheeking that there were in fact no Britannian police nearby as they went to a meeting. A man with short black hair pulled the door shut as the remaining members of the resistance sat down in the large hanger, ahead was a small podium where a man with red hair and a Britannian looking complexion stood. To his left was a girl that you could easily tell was his younger sibling and to his right a man with slightly curly black hair stood.

"Naoto, what the hell did you call us here for?" A Japanese man with the name of Tamiki called out from the front row of the crowd. Many agreed with his statement yet the leader just stared at them.

"I've heard rumours that the emperor is coming to Japan for the first time in his reign. I suggest we lay low of the terriost activity..."

"LAY LOW, THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO GET RID OF THE BRITTANIAN SCUM BAGS" A short fat man yelled whilst many cheered in agreement with him.

"It's a suicide mission, he would have the knights of the round and the Britannian military looking after him, we would surely die. We only have three knightmare frames." Naoto responded meanwhile the short fat man chuckled.

"ALL IN FAVOUR OF ATTACKING THE EMPEROR WILL JOIN ME, THEN JAPAN CAN BE FREED. HIS PART BRITTAIAN, OF COURSE HE WOULD TRY AND PROTECT HIS EMPEROR." Once again the roar of cheers spread out throughout the room, Naoto looked down to the floor whilst his sibling, Kallen, started to clench her fists in pure anger. How dare they defy her brother and go against their leader. "GET OUT IF YOU THINK THIS IS A SUICIDE MISSION, I SHALL BE TAKING OVER THIS RESITSTANCE GROUP."

To their suprisement, a large number of the resistant group left, Naoto, Kallen and Ohgi followed where they found a group waiting outside for them. Even though there was forty out of the previous one ninety, they still felt they could make a difference. The difference of creating a new world.

"We shall and always will follow you Naoto, they will all plunger to their graves unless they leave now." Ohgi replied as he looked towards his friend. "You shall start a new group a fresh, you're the only one worth leading us to the ideal world."

Naoto sighed as he lifted his head. "Yes, it's to the world worth creating, "

(Later on at airport eleven, the arrival of the emperor)

Security seemed to be tight around the landing zone of the current emperor of Britannia, members of the press and the general public watched and waited for the arrival of their leader. Many happy to see him at last step foot in area eleven. Slowly they watched as many men sent by Clovis came to protect his father and some of his many half brothers or sisters however the viceroy was unable to attend the arrival of his father for unknown reasons. They watched as the private jet fly down into the ground, after ten minutes it was all surrounded by knightmare frames.

The emperor then walked outside, followed by the knight of the rounds and then the siblings who decided it would be best to come and their own personal knights. A loud gunshot rang throughout the crowd, causing the knights to go on guard and push the royal family to a safer position. Three old fashion knightmere came flying towards the crowd whilst a number of elevens ran stupidly towards them with guns pointing in their hands. The emperor just laughed.

"It seems as though I have entertainment" He laughed, directing it mostly to Bismark. "Send the troops for vermin clear up."

Whilst the royal siblings were hushed into an area of protection, the emperor just stood there, a twisted smile upon his face as he watched members of the knights of the round and the Britannian army easily fight of the ground troops however that wasn't his main source of entertainment. The emperor lifted his head to watch the knightmere frames; he ignored the screams of the audience.

The old fashioned knightmare frames were managing to keep the fight going, even if this was just slightly. He watched as the very centre one burst into flames and the rest seemed to follow that very same fate. After fifth teen minutes, the majority of the failed terrorists were dead however a few were caught and imprisoned. The royal siblings made their way back to their father who didn't move a muscle or bother getting to safety.

(Government Complex, Clovis's office)

Inside Clovis's large office, the three royal siblings sat together with the Ashford family. Each and every one of them listened to the latest bulletin which happened to be a failed terrorist attack in what seemed to be killing the emperor of Britannia. Everyone accept Nunnally stared as they saw the emperor not bothering retreating for protection like their other siblings however they felt safe knowing that each and every one of them were safe.

A few dozen stylist then swamped in and surrounded each and every one of them, plastering on makeup and fixing their hair so that they were ready to meet the emperor. Lelouch gulped as time went quicker and quicker. The makeup felt itchy upon his once pale complexion as he grabbed onto the collar of his black formal shirt, slowly he felt a menacing cape get tired around his neck. His eyes moved over to those of the Ashford party. Milly sat in a green dress, her blond hair was curled and her makeup was done delinquently. To her left were her parents, both blond and wore their own formal outfits and to her right Reuben Ashford sat, with almost the same nervous expression as Lelouch. Their eyes met the door as one of Clovis's secretaries entered, breaking the silence within.

"The emperor has arrived" The attractive brunette said in a nasally voice, quickly she left the office and those waiting stood up. In the next few minutes the door was burst open, the knights of the round were the first to enter, followed by the emperor and his siblings. Both him and Clovis walked forwards before kneeling to their father.

"Rise my sons." He ordered rather cold heartedly, each member of his siblings attempted to keep a straight face and refusing to talk. "The press shall be waiting in the throne room...and Euphemia, Edmaund,Lizabeth and Nunnally. You are to keep out of the public's eye therefore you must remain here"

"Yes your highness" The four responded as he turned his back and lead those going into the public eye out of the room. Lelouch walked next to Milly who grabbed his hands tightly and gave him a look of sympathy before she released the grip, she then paused and waited for the rest of her family whilst Cornelia took her place. They all walked in silence until they reached the doors to the throne room where the emperor paused.

"Lelouch, I need to have a word" He ordered with authority. "The rest can enter."

The others did as he said, leaving Lelouch and their father with Bismark. Lelouch stared at his father coldly whilst his father did the same back to him before quickly pulling his son into a hug, then releasing him.

"It's good to see that you and Nunnally are alive once again my son however you should of returned sooner." He replied sounding serious yet caring at the same time causing Lelouch to shoot him a look of suprisement. "I know Lelouch, I've been waiting till you were found or had the sense to return"

"what?" Lelouch barked back. ""

"Quit stuttering child, you will prove your usefulness to the empire for Nunnally's sake as well as your own "His father replied sounding rather cold. "You have a lot to do to gain respect from me and the nobles."

"...yes father..." He struggled to say as he felt the anger slowly build up, the bile resting in the back of his throat. The way he said it meant that he was on his last chance, he threatened him with his sister if Lelouch wasn't useful enough. The man just turned around and nodded his head at Bismark before entering the room, Lelouch followed behind.

(Ashford Academy)

Kallen stood in the dorm which she could use to escape from her home; slowly she picked up a small plastic cup and scrunched it up as she threw it across the room. Her cheeks were bright red as only and hour ago her brother told her to return to Ashford before suspicions rised. He didn't want her with him because he was out recruiting for new members of the second resistance that he made up in case someone was to recognise her. She couldn't believe the nerve of the fat and bold man, taking over the previous resistance and Naoto stood there as he accepted it.

"All students of Ashford Academy should assemble to the hall where the emperor shall be broadcasting an important message whilst his in area eleven. I repeat all students assemble in the hall." The voice of the vice principle ordered from the speaker systems scattered across the campus.

She walked out of her room hesitantly, not particularly wanting to listen to what that man who ordered the Japanese freedom to be taken. She caught up with a few familiar faces which she was only introduced to yesterday by the student president.

"Rivalz, what do you think it's about?" She asked in a tone which sounded as if it was weak and feeble, Rivalz just shrugged his shoulders as the student council members walked towards the hall.

The students lined up in the hall, each one seemed to be excited for some reason unknown to her, gossip flying throughout each and everyone's mouths. The student council members stood at the back, next to the teachers however the three that were here had a worried look upon their faces.

The big screen television descended down from the ceiling as it flicked on, revealing the emperor standing at the podium in the front and the royal siblings and the knights of the round at the back. The students gasped as they saw their student president with her family, standing towards the side of the royal siblings. Milly was directly next to Clovis who was staring at her chest in the dress she was wearing.

"Citizens of the holy Britannian Empire, today is a day to celebrate many things such as a royal engagement yet one thing is celebrated more the other. In the year of two thousand and ten, the empire mourned the deaths of the young eleventh prince and the seventeenth princess however I am pleased to announce that they are still in fact...ALIVE" The emperor roared, at this time the students at Ashford watched as a tall boy who appeared the same age as them and looked remotely familiar walk onto the stage. After realizing who it was, a louder gasp erupted from the Ashford student body. "Now Prince Lelouch has chosen to join us and chosen to serve us in the military whilst Princess Nunnally shall continue her schooling. They show the strength that Britannia exhibits, others would have perished but not Britannians, my children are the future, they evolved to survive which proves our power. ALL HAIL BRITTANIA!"

(Throne room)

Lelouch stood their surprised; he now knew what his father wanted him to do however it was not something he would have considered. He had to join the military; inside he was boiling up with anger yet trying to suppress it for now. The emperor turned around and gave his son a smug smirk before he walked of the stage, the others respectfully left as well, leaving Lelouch standing in the middle of the stage completely gobsmacked. Then he realised that the others left and quickly followed behind, leaving the news reporters to finish of the television announcement to the general public. He walked back to Clovis's large office slightly dazed where the others reached moments before. As he walked in, he was bombarded with a pink haired Princess who tightly engulfed him into a hug.

"Lelouch, I missed you so much" Euphemia cried, she then released him after Cornelia tapped her on her shoulder and stepped back.

"Father has already left, apparently his sorting out something in the homeland which is urgent," She informed before she too pulled him into a bone crushing embrace. "Lelouch, never disappear from me again."

"" He gasped, Cornelia did what she was asked before smiling at the boy. His eyes moved around the room to see what other siblings decided to stay and be in his presence. Schneizel was with Clovis and Odysseus was talking with Nunnally and the Ashford family. A boy with ginger hair that looked about six was talking to a girl with delicately placed brown hair and looked around five years old. Then there was him, Euphemia and Cornelia standing together and opposite them Carline and Guinevere started making their way.

"What are you doing here?" He asked slightly startled as they got within talking distance of the boy. "I thought you hated us."

"Well yes but your still our brother" Carline gracefully and truthfully spoke, "plus we wanted to see if you were as frail as before."

"And who are the little kids then," Lelouch asked, Euphemia was the one who decided to answer.

"That is Edmaund Ca Britannia; the twenty second Prince who was twenty first in line for the throne but now is twenty second in line for the throne due to your return, he was a baby when you disappeared and the girl is Lizabeth Vis Britannia who is our youngest sibling that we know of. She always used to ask stories about you and Nunnally as urm. Well she's your mother's younger sister's daughter." Euphemia spat at, causing Lelouch to gasp.

"So she's my cousin and half sister, What about her mother, why isn't she here if she's my aunt then?" Lelouch asked.

"Her mother died in child birth" Guinevere arrogantly said whilst she looked down to her nails, "And father said that as she's more closely related to you and Nunnally, she's moving to area eleven. Edmaunds going with her to considering his mother never has time for him as she's a scientist. Those two are like twins in some ways, OH and before I forget to tell you, she's not the brightest pea in the pod."

From the distance, the one called Edmaund was eying up Lelouch, Lizabeth watched in a more happy way and started to playfully bounce towards him. She reminded him of a young Nunnally and Euphemia merged together. She then wrapped her arms around his legs and sat down squealing with joy.

"I love you LULU." She cried. ""I heards from eupbie and Nunarlyy that your amazind and and the bestest brother in the whole of the unisverse."

Lelouch looked down to the girl on his leg and smiled towards her, gently he picked the little princess up yet struggled only slightly.

(Meanwhile with the Emperor)

"It's a good thing Lelouch returned when he did Charles" The voice of V.V called out from behind a rock in the dark cave that the two of them were in. Charles looked down and smiled.

"Yes, his given me the ultimate reason for coming here and looking for what must be found."

"Why enlist him to the army, might I ask" V.V responded as he crouched down to the ground.

"Simple, he has to be stronger and for the public. He will also defend us even though he has a reason to fight against us. It will stop him from doing so anyway and it's his punishment for not coming back sooner"

V.V just laughed as he flicked his long blond hair from his shoulder. "Crafty plan, appearing to be fatherly yet you're going to control him."

"Yes, it's to the world worth creating."

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