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The Doctors Warning

A young girl ran through the empty streets of Cardiff, heart hammering. As panicked as she was, she knew she must be silent, her life depended on it. She looked around for someone, anyone that could help her. A shadow cast on a wall made her freeze. She darted into an alley and backed against the wall.

It seemed an age before the creature passed. She stood and walked to the mouth of the alley. The creature faded into the distance and the girl sighed a breath of relief. The relief, however, was short lived as she turned out of the alley and into two more of the creatures. "Halt!" The first creature screeched. "Ple… Please." The girl whimpered, her American accent clear, even over the strong wind. "We do not show mercy!" The second creature said, harshly. Anger built in the girl for a brief moment. "You killed my mom, mother fu…" Her anger subsided as quickly as it had come and she trailed off. "Hostile elements will be exterminated!" The first creature said. In unison, they screamed. "Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMIN…!" "Oh, do you ever shut up?" A mans voice had come from the shadows, cutting the Daleks off. Both the two Daleks and the girl turned their heads towards the source of the voice. The girl was more scared than the Daleks. The man should not have been there. She knew for a fact, he was not meant to be there.

The man appeared, almost god like, from the shadows. When she saw him, the girl's heart skipped a beat. "Now! Are you going to leave, or am I going to have to do something incredibly brave and heroic?" The man said turning his head to the girl and winking. "Doctor! You are an enemy of the Daleks! You will be exterminated!" The first Dalek screeched. "No, I won't." The Doctor said, seeming quite sure of himself. "You are defenceless! You will be exterminated!" The first Dalek repeated. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You keep saying that. But! I am not defenceless!" The Doctor said. "Where is your defence?" The second Dalek asked. "Her." The Doctor stated matter of factly, pointing to the girl. The Daleks and the girl spoke at the same time. "Her?" Me?"

"Yes. Because, this whole world is under her control. If I'm right, and I usually am, then I should be able to do this." He said, clicking his fingers. The Daleks disappeared and the girl gasped. The Doctor turned to her, his expression serious. "Michelle Rosenberg, you are in more danger than you could possibly imagine. Come with me. We don't have much time."

Michelle's eyes snapped open. She sat bolt upright and looked around her bedroom. "He's coming." She said. "He's finally coming." She smiled.