Chapter four

As Gibbs pulled his bright yellow 1971 Dodge Charger into his driveway, he didn't notice a silver sedan across the street. He certainly didn't notice the only occupant of the car watching every move he made, He only had eyes for the sleeping beauty in his passenger seat, he looked at her and thought about how lucky he was.

"Abby, sweetheart, we're home" he whispered
"But I only just got in the car" she said still half asleep.
Gibbs chuckled "Well you can stay in the car if you want, but there's coffee inside"
"Ok I'm awake" she said sitting up.

Gibbs chuckled, Abby never failed to put a smile on his face.

The driver of the silver car witnessed a sight that didn't surprise her. She saw Abby step out of the car and smile at Gibbs, watching Gibbs walk round to her and kiss her cheek again was nothing new. What happened next though was new and made her very jealous.

Gibbs swept Abby in to his arms.
"I'm not that tired" Abby giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck.
"I know" he said kissing her forehead "but it's in my job description"

"There has got to be a reasonable explanation for that" the woman thought to herself, and she was going to find out what it was.

Gibbs carried her to his front door and somehow managed to unlock the door without putting her down, he carried his new bride over the threshold of there home "welcome home Mrs Gibbs" he whispered to her.

Abby looked at him and smiled "I will never get tired of hearing that"
"Good" Gibbs put her down gently and said "how about you make the coffee while I get the bags out the car?"
"Sounds like a plan"

With a smile on his face he went back outside to collect the bags from the trunk of his car. His smile soon faded when he saw a woman leaning against his car.

"Hello Jethro"
"I bet you're surprised to see me" she said taking a step closer to him
"What are you doing here?"
"I've got a job interview"
"Let me rephrase that, what are you doing outside my house" he said as he walked passed her and opened the trunk.
"I missed you Jethro, I missed us"
"Hollis there is no us"
"But there could be" she said seductively.

Gibbs picked up the bags, shut and locked the car and walked away from her, he was not in the mood for this.
He was not really surprised to hear her follow him into the house, she always was persistent. A smirk soon crossed his face at the thought of what Abby might say or do to find Hollis Mann there.

Abby heard the door open again and walked out the kitchen carrying two cups of fresh coffee. She was not expecting the sight that greeted her. She looked at Gibbs who put down the bags and quickly signed "sorry, I didn't know"

Abby composed herself and looked at Hollis Mann "would you like a coffee?"

Hollis looked a little surprised at Abbys politeness, they had never been friends "Not that it's your place to ask put not thank you"
"Ok" Abby handed Gibbs his coffee and said in her best seductive voice "I'm going for a long hot bath; I'm going to need someone to wash my back"

Abby said goodbye to Hollis Mann and headed for the bathroom. She needed space. It's not everyday you come home from your honeymoon and find your new husband ex-girlfriend waiting for you. Abby trusted Gibbs to get rid of Hollis and that little show downstairs would make sure he did it sooner rather than later.

"Hollis, get out of my house before I accidentally shoot you for being an intruder"
"You don't mean that" Hollis looked Gibbs in the eyes "you do mean it don't you? You're going to throw me out and turn your back on what we had just so you can go be with that..."
Gibbs interrupted her "be careful what you say about my wife Hollis"
"your wife?"
"That's right and if you'll excuse me I have a honeymoon to finish off"

Hollis was too dumbfounded too realise Gibbs had lead her outside until the door slammed in her face.
Gibbs made sure he locked and bolted the front door, the windows, and the back door and turned the answer phone on. There was no way he wanted to be interrupted again tonight.