A/N: This is my new Shuffle! story, about Rin & Co's children. It is kind of a sequel to 'A Bad Hand,' but you really don't need to have read it to read this. In fact, I'd suggest not reading it, as looking back, I don't think it was that great. But this should be a lot better, so here we go:


The Boy's Tale Part 1

Risago Tsuchimi was walking to school early. It was the first day of his second year at high school, so his mother had sent him off early to make sure he arrived on time. Risago would have thought that she would know better, as both his parents had gone to Verbena academy, and they knew that there was no reason for him to arrive very early, but his mother Asa had still told him to go early, and neither Risago nor his father Rin had the willpower to argue.


Risago turned to see a girl running towards him, his long-time friend Tsute Fuyou. When the girl caught up with him, she was panting and lent forward, making her dark orange locks cover her face and her brown eyes.

"You're out early."

"You too... Rigo-kun" Tsute gasped out.

"Why are you so out of breath this early?" a new voice joined them, and the two looked around for the source, as it seemingly came from nowhere.

Risago caught sight of a quick-moving patch of blue fur. "Lupi-chan, come on."

A wolf with light blue fur creeped from behind a gate, "Morning Rigo-kun, Tsu-chan."

Risago sighed, while Tsute looked around quickly, "Lu-chan, don't go around like that, people will see."

"I don't see why that matters so much," the wolf said, as it stood on its hind legs, and the front paws spread out, turning into fingers, as the wolf turned into a schoolgirl, with hair going just below her shoulders the colour of the fur she had had moments before, and eyes to match. Lupi Urufu smiled at her friends, "...but if you really want me to, I suppose I can oblige."

"I always wonder, where do your clothes go when you transform?" Risago asked Lupi.

"That's a secret," the half-wolf replied with a smirk, before running forward, while carrying a school bag which had materialised along with the clothes when she transformed. "Come on guys, I'll race ya!"

"No fair, you're the best in class at PE," Tsute moaned.

"And knowing you, you'll just go wolf on us again and jump over all the buildings," Risago pointed out.

"Well that just proves I'm amazing doesn't it?" Lupi said, before running on, "Come on guys!"

"She's far too energetic, as always," Risago sighed, before starting to run after her, with Tsute trailing a little behind.

"I win again!" Lupi said excitedly, as her two best friends came up to her at the school gate.

Between pants, Risago managed to speak, "Why... do we always... end up... running to school after you?"

Lupi smiled, "Because we both know that you wanna spend as much time as possible with me, and I like running."

"As if!" retorted Risago, who had got his breath back enough to argue.

"Ah well... Time to go to class," Lupi gave up on arguing.

"How do you know which class we're in? We only just got here," Tsute asked.

"You only just got here, but I've already been here five minutes or so, so I just had a quick look, and we're all in 2-C." Lupi walked through the gate, "Now I wanna get there quickly, see you guys in a minute." With that, Lupi turned back into a wolf, and dashed off.

"Doesn't she realise that she'll be seen, damn ookami!" Risago muttered, as he and Tsute began the walk up to their new classroom.

"Everybody here already knows Rigo-kun, so it's not as if she's trying to hide it."

"Still, she doesn't have to all the time."

"She just likes to have the chance to transform without having to worry about people finding out."

"How do you know that? Is it girls' mutual understanding or something?"

"No, she told me the other day that she was fed up with her mother always telling her not to use her wolf form in public, and that she likes being a wolf."

"Sounds like the sort of thing Nerine-san would tell her. If I hadn't met her father, I wouldn't believe that Lupi-chan was her daughter. Well, if they didn't look so similar as well."

"Like peas in a pod," Tsute put in.

"I pity the poor pod that has to have Lupi-chan in it."

"Rigo-kun! That's not very nice!"

"Oh well, it's not like she can hear me," Risago said as he reached the door to the classroom and opened it. He was greeted by a wolf to the face, literally. Lupi had just jumped into his face, using it to jump off and clear through the door, landing in human form, and turning round to see a rather angry demon girl running straight past where Risago was now lying on the floor.

"YOU BITCH!" the demon girl shouted, "UNDO IT NOW!"

Lupi smirked, "Hey, who was saying that a pure-blood would always beat a mixed-race just now, Lilisu?"

The pink-haired demon glared daggers from her blue eyes, while raising her fists, only to remember that Lupi had used magic to turn them into cat paws, including bells "Well just because my mother wasn't into bestiality, I don't see why I should have to deal with an impure bitch of a..."

She didn't finish, as Lupi placed a well-aimed kick in her face. "Say that again, and I won't just give you paws."

"Awww... did I upset the wolf pup. I'd better be careful, they have sharp claws. Not much else though."

Lupi glared, and then smirked, as she jumped, flipped in midair, using Lilisu's shoulders, landed behind her, and shot a ball of magic at her from point blank. There was a puff of smoke, then where Lilisu had been standing was a pink-furred cat.

"Who's an animal now? Here, kitty kitty kitty." Lupi put her hand out towards Lilisu, who tried to bite the half-demon half-ookami, only to discover a distinct lack of fangs.

"Lupi, come on now, turn her back," Risago said, as he leaned against the wall, recovering from his assault by the wolf.

"O~h okay," Lupi snapped her fingers, and Lilisu turned back to a demon.

"Bitch, I'm gonna..." Lilisu was silenced by a look from Risago.

"Lili-chan, please don't fight with Lupi. Okay?"

Lilisu blushed slightly, "F...fine. She's not worth it." Lilisu turned away, and went into the classroom, while a pink cat-tail followed her, and Lupi sniggered.

"Lupi!" Risago said sternly.

"O~kay," Lupi snapped her fingers again, and Lilisu's tail disappeared.

Risago sighed with relief that that little crisis was averted, while Lupi muttered to Tsute "Why does she like Rigo-kun so much, when she goes on about 'purity' and he's a quarter demon?"

"It's called love," Tsute confided, out of earshot of Risago.

"Oh great, another rival!" Lupi muttered, annoyed.

"What do you mean?"

"Well obviously we both like him. This means that there're three of us after him now."

"I...I n-never s-said that..."

"Well I know that you do, don't deny it."

"We~ll, maybe a little..."

Risago, not hearing any of what the girls were saying, went into the classroom. He noticed a boy he did not know, with short purple hair. He was sat in the seat on the left, three from the back. Just in front of where Risago would normally sit, with Lupi behind him and Tsute to his right: it was just a silly thing that they had kept up for years.

Lilisu noticed his stare, and came up to him, "Oh, has Risago found his ideal partner or something?"

"No way, I don't swing that way thanks," Risago replied, before going to his usual seat.

The boy turned slightly as Risago took his seat. Risago was by now intrigued. "Are you new? Or have we just never run into each other before?"

The boy turned, glaring from his dark blue eyes, "I'm not new, maybe you just don't pay attention."

"Cold," Risago replied.

"Oh God! Another rival!" Tsute suddenly burst out from across the room.

"What are you talking about?" Risago asked.

"Don't worry Tsute, Risago just told me he doesn't swing that way," Lilisu said.

"WHAT? Rigo-kun doesn't like girls?" Tsute turned to Lupi and started crying into her shoulder.

"What are you talking about? I was just talking to this boy..."

"Girl," the 'boy' interjected.


"I'm a girl. What, you didn't think I was a guy did you?"

"You... you're a girl?" Risago looked at him/her carefully, and then noticed the skirt. Either this was a girl, or they had a cross-dresser on their hands. Risago decided the latter was rather unlikely, and turn bright red, before stammering, "E-to... sorry."

The girl glared at him, "You'd better be... Risago was it?"

"Y...yeah, and you are?"

"Tade Kaini, but most people just call me Tade-kun."

"-kun?" Lupi asked from the seat behind Rin which she had occupied.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that, little Miss Wolf?" Tade asked, glaring at the ookami.

"No, just asking is all," Lupi replied, before promptly putting her head down and falling asleep on her desk.

"Hey, Rigo!" a voice said from the doorway, and Risago turned to see the speaker. This time it was a boy, and Risago was certain of it. It was his best male friend, Tensai Midoriba.

"Hey Tensai, how're you?" Risago asked, eager to get out of the awkward conversation with Tade.

"Not too bad," and the friends continued, discussing the holidays that had just passed, girls, and other things that guys do discuss, but which are not of any real relevance.

It wasn't long until the bell rang, and everyone went dutifully to a seat, as their new teacher entered.

'Just another year of school, like all the rest...' Risago thought.

Well, you do have to be wrong sometimes...

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