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Re:Shuffle! T3

Tale of the Three, Part 3

The three were lain on the grass, panting, after their chase around the park, which had only ended when the three were too tired to continue.

"That... was fun..." Tsute managed between pants.

"Yeah... you've got faster," Lupi said, the least out of breath of them.

Risago panted a little more, then smiled up at the sky, before heaving himself up, "We should be getting back, it's getting dark."

The two girls nodded, and they began their walk back home. They held hands again, and talked about random things, not bothering with anything too deep, or worrying about their parents' reactions. They were just three people in love, and three could do as well as two, right?

They reached Tsute and Lupi's street, and were preparing to separate again, when Lupi suddenly said, "Do you two want to come to mine for a little while? My parents are out for the evening, so..."

She let the end of the sentence hang, waiting for the other two to make clear their consent, which they both gave with nods.

"Sure," Risago replied, "We can spend some time without having to worry about people looking over our shoulders."

Lupi smiled at him. He had said roughly what she wanted to, knowing that they were all holding back from public affection, just in case somebody they knew saw, and... the results could well be imagined. Not that they wanted to keep their relationship a secret forever, but they only wanted to tell their parents when they were ready.

The three went inside, without another word.

Risago tried to remember exactly how it had ended up like this, but he was not really sure what had happened. He remembered coming into the house, maybe a couple of kisses along the line, and then...

He raised a hand and rubbed his face, as the two girls slept on each side of him on the bed. He made a mental note to ask Lupi exactly why she had condoms available and ready, and climbed out, checking the time on the clock. It was late, and he and Tsute should really be getting home.

Pulling on some clothing, he turned to wake the girls from their slumber, when he heard a noise from downstairs, and froze. There were two voices, those of Lupi's parents, and they were heading upstairs...

Quickly, Risago shook the girls awake, covering their moves to prevent their startled yelps, before he grabbed his remaining clothes, and hid in the wardrobe, just as there was a knock on the door.

He heard the girls whisper to each other, and then Lupi called out "Hang on... I'm getting changed." The wardrobe was then opened, and a nude Tsute and her clothing were shoved in alongside Risago, as Lupi glared at him, then grabbed a dress, and shut the wardrobe. "I'm dressed, come in!"

Risago held his breath as he heard two sets of footsteps come through the door, and Nerine's voice, "Hey Lupi, had a good day?"

"Yeah, it was great!" Lupi said, certainly not untruthfully.

"Well I'm just gonna get changed then I'll go cook dinner," one set of footsteps, presumably Nerine's, moved away, and died away. A door was heard closing in the distance.

Risago heard Tsute's father cough, before Fenrir said "You two in there can come out now."

All three of the teenagers felt their breaths hitch. Risago sighed, and stepped out, "Um... sorry... er... Tsute's not exactly..."

"Dressed?" Fenrir asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah... let's go with that..." Risago replied, scratching the back of his neck.

Fenrir sighed, then looked at his daughter, "We'll talk about this later. In the mean time, I suggest going out the window and climbing down the drainpipe, you'll end up in the back garden by the gate, which, in my forgetfulness, I will no doubt leave open when I step out for some air." Fenrir then turned and left, closing the door behind him.

"Lupi... I've never thought this before, but your father is awesome," Risago said, sighing with relief.

"Oh, just hurry up and put a shirt on Risago, and Tsute, get dressed quickly," Lupi was agitated, as she went to the window and started fiddling with the catch to open it.

Tsute stepped out of the wardrobe, now dressed, though it was clear it had been done quickly. "First time and we're caught, that's not good foreshadowing."

"At least it was by the one man this side of the China Sea who'd turn a blind eye to his daughter's polyamory," Lupi said, getting the window open. "Now do you two think you can get down alright?"

Risago took a quick look down, seeing the drop was not too far, and there was grass below. "I should be fine, and I can catch Tsute if she falls."

"Good, now get out there before my mother comes back!" Lupi said, then smiled quickly, before planting a kiss on Risago's cheek, "See you tomorrow."

He nodded, "See you." He then reached out with one arm and found the drainpipe which he climbed down with some difficulty, and no doubt his clothes were in a state. He looked up when he was on his own two feet, and wondered briefly why the pipe was quite so close to Lupi's room, and indeed how it was strong enough to carry his weight.

Tsute now climbed out, and managed to grip on to the pipe, and climbed down, slower than Risago had, but still managing it. Eventually, she dropped onto the grass, and Lupi, who had been looking down at Tsute's progress, smiled before blowing a kiss and shutting the window.

"Phew... We'd better go now," Tsute said, and the pair moved quickly through the open gate, and made it on to the street.

"Well," Tsute said as they made it out, "I'd better be going now, goodness knows what my parents will think, we are rather late..."

Risago nodded, then smiled, "Well... see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you," she quickly kissed him, then dashed up the path to her house.

Risago began the walk back to his house, trying to formulate a story to explain why he was so late and his clothes were damp and dirty from the pipe.

He was in luck though, as when he got in, the lights were out and nobody was around. When he went up to his room, he found a note from his mother attached to his door:

'We've gone out for some shopping, and have taken Suzu with us. I'll make dinner when I get back.'

Risago sighed with relief, and quickly changed, putting the uniform he had been wearing up 'til then for something more casual, and taking his uniform to put with the washing. He returned to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and sighing with relief. Now the only problem was what Fenrir would do. Risago did not know Lupi's father well enough to make a judgement, but given the way he had acted, it could not be too bad...

...could it?

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