Akira sighed, staring off over the skyline of Toshima through the broken window he stood before. The sun was hovering just above the taller buildings that still stood in the distance, threatening to vanish behind them… Even the sun can't stand Toshima… he thought, not wavering in his gaze. He knew that soon the thick veil of blood-scented blackness created in the suns absence would overtake the city once again, luring out the most dangerous (if not the most insane) participants of the twisted game he was forced into. He knew that it would be best for him to head back to his hideout while the last few tendrils of light clung to what was left of Japan, and that the longer he waited the more he put himself at risk of being attacked. But he didn't move. He stood still, for the first time since arriving in Toshima, and watched as the glowing orb of fading crimson light dipped below the horizon.

Even long after the sun had disappeared, Akira found himself still standing in front of the same window, in the same building taking in the same, although vastly distorted, wasteland. It wasn't until the first screams of the night penetrated the air that he turned his back to the rotten, decaying world to make his way to his makeshift home.

As he walked, taking only alleyways he had grown accustomed to and sticking to the areas that he knew the best, Akira couldn't help but feel like he was being followed, or at least watched. On several occasions, he ventured to toss a glance over his shoulder to see if he could make anything out in the murky shadows behind him, although nothing was ever discovered. Instinctively, Akira took one hand out of his pocket to lightly grasp the handle of the knife that he kept attached to his back belt loop, and hidden beneath his coat.

That's when he began to hear it. Began to hear him.

It started out faint at first, but there was no way to mistake it… The faint sound of metal scraping against a brick wall… the careless and eerily joyful humming…

Akira quickened his pace, keeping his footsteps as muted as possible as he hurried through the doorway of a building to hide behind the wall.

"Kitten~… Kitten~….. I~ smell a Kitten~!" The voice sang as it approached. "Did he run over here? Or hide over there? Kitten~… Kitten~…."

Akira's heart dropped. He inhaled deeply, pressing his back against the wall and gripping his knife tighter as he held his breath, almost afraid to exhale as the other man approached, kicking through the trash and debris that lined the alleyway. Suddenly, the humming paused, and the footsteps ceased and everything fell silent. It was almost deafening, It was about when Akira was wondering if Gunji could hear his heart beating that the humming resumed and he started to walk away.

Only when Akira was more than sure that Gunji was gone did he venture to sigh quietly, although he didn't let go of the knife.

"FOUND HIM!" Gunji bellowed, reaching a hand inside the doorway to grab the stunned man that had hidden just inside.

Before Akira could properly react, Gunji had his arms wrapped tightly around Akira's waist, pinning Akira's own arms tightly to his sides. "There you are, Kitten!" He laughed, squeezing the other man almost painfully tight. "I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Hey! Let go!" Akira yelled, as he thrashed about in Gunji's firm grip more out of instinct than anything else. Gunji simply smiled, amused by the kitten he had captured before his grip on Akira tightened.

"Ooh. I found a feisty one…" He thought aloud as he tilted his head forward to nuzzle Akira's nose. "This'll be more fun than I thought…"

Akira froze instantly, as Gunji began to carry him down the alley in the direction that he had come from, and humming a new tune. "W-what?" Akira questioned, his eyes widening as he put more thought into what Gunji had said, but no reply came, not directly at least.

"Kittens are sweet~… Sweet to eat~…" He sang, swaying slightly as he carried Akira through the streets of Toshima. "I like it when they scream and cry~…. Just as long as they don't die~ so we can play night after night~~!"

Akira shuddered, tuning out the rest of Gunji's on-the-spot improvisation. Just the implication of his song was enough to make his blood run cold. He had to get away, but how? He couldn't very well draw his blade from its sheath with the way Gunji held his arms firmly in place, but that didn't keep him from trying though. Gunji felt the movement though and stopped, sighing lightly.

"Now, now kitten. Do I have to de-claw you? It isn't a good thing to try and scratch your owner!" He yelled, running the claws on one hand across Akira's back. Akira gasped and grit his teeth as he felt blood swell from the wound. "So behave!"

The warm blood ran down Akira's back, soaking his now torn jacket and shirt as Gunji waited a moment before he continued forward, smiling wider than ever and humming more loudly. Akira winced as Gunji started to finger the wounds on his back roughly, coating his fingers in Akira's blood.

"We're going to have so much fun, Kitten!" Gunji announced, pressing his fingertips into the cuts deeper, tearing Akira's flesh more as he nuzzled Akira's neck. Mistakenly, Akira let out a painful groan, squirming slightly in a pathetic attempt to get Gunji's fingers out of his back.

It was about then that Akira began to recognize some of the buildings around him. Why does this look so…? Akira began to ask himself, but the answer came crashing down on him before he could even finish his own question.

"Arbitros mansion…" Akira breathed.

Gunji laughed openly, giving Akira a tighter squeeze before picking up his pace. "Yup!" He confirmed more happy now than ever. "He might complain when he finds out I brought a kitty home with me…. But I think he'll make an exception for this one…" he said, lightly touching the tip of his nose to Akira's.

Before long, Arbitro's mansion came into view and Gunji's excitement seemed to escalate further as he walked even faster toward the front door.

"No! Put me down, I am not going in there!" Akira yelled and Gunji laughed loudly, almost in a crazed way as he kicked open the gate and went to the door.

"Papa! I'm home!" He yelled cheerily as he carried Akira inside. Akira noticed Kiriwar sitting on one of the benches and the man looked up, cocking an eyebrow at the odd scene.

"What's that you got there?" he asked and Gunji licked his lips, walking past the man.

"This is my new pet! Cute right!" he said and Kiriwar scoffed, eyeing Akira.

"Isn't that the one that Arbitro had his eye on?" Kiriwar asked as he stood up and approached Gunji to get a better look at Akira's face. "You'll have to share if it is you know…" Kiriwar lightly grabbed Akira's chin, and looking him over. Gunji stepped away from Kiriwar, effectively forcing the other man to release his new pet.

"Nuh-uh!" was all Gunji gave in retort before he started to take Akira down a series of hallways, and ultimately deeper and deeper inside the mansion. Akira began to really panic and tried desperately to memorize the turns they took but the way Gunji walked was strange and the man would randomly spin, confusing Akira even more than he already was.

"Here we are!" Gunji cheered suddenly, shoving open a pair doors that he stopped in front of. He carried Akira inside with him before pausing. "Oh, wait. Hold on." he muttered, shutting his door and locking it before flinging Akira over his shoulder so he could shove the assorted items that littered his bed onto the floor. "There we go!" he cheered, dropping Akira onto the bed.

Akira looked over at the door, trying to sit up and clear his mind so he could think of a way to escape, only to get shoved roughly back onto the bed as Gunji straddled his wais, placing the claws of one hand to Akira's throat, allowing the blades to bite into his skin lightly.

"Uh uh kitten! I'm not letting you go anywhere~!" Gunji sang, a sickening smirk carving its way across the scarier man's face.

Akira felt sick to his stomach as Gunji lightly ran the fingertips of his free hand down Akira's chest and stomach, the tips of the claws dragging down his body as well. He had a bad feeling about where things were going to end and squirmed while Gunji lightly started to finger his pants line.

"Awww…. How cute~!" Gunji all but yelled as he nuzzled Akira's neck before kissing the sensitive skin roughly. Akira jumped and reached down to pull Gunji's hand away only to have it pinned above his head by Gunji's free one.

"Knock it off!" he yelled, frustrated and Gunji's hand moved to clasp over Akira's mouth.

"Shh! You'll wake up 'Bitro...!" he hissed, looking around as if expecting the man to pop out of nowhere. Akira glared and opened his mouth wide, biting down on the hand that smothered him as hard as he could. The reaction wasn't anything like he expected. Gunji let out a laugh and removed his hand, staring at the bite mark. "Kittens are so playful~!" he sang.

Akira exhaled in annoyance, his glare hardening further as Gunji licked the mark lightly. He knew full well that Gunji wasn't exactly sane, but to laugh at something like that?

"Well, I'm getting bored, Kitty…." Gunji started, grabbing Akira's other hand to pin it down as well, before reaching under the bed for something that Akira was sure he didn't want to think about, "Why don't you say we do something a bit more fun?" he asked, before producing a pair of handcuffs with a rather long chain.

"W-what the fuck!" Akira yelled, his eyes growing wider than ever as he squirmed and struggled almost violently desperate to escape. "Get those the fuck away from me!"

Once again, Gunji only laughed, releasing Akira's hands to place his claws to his throat again. "Come on, kitty~! It'll be fun~!" Gunji whined almost mockingly, pressing the blades against Akira's throat hard enough to bite through his skin, and licked his lips as tiny rivers of blood ran down his neck. "Just hold Still for a bit, Kitty!"

Akira felt he had no choice. It was either that or die by the hands of this lunatic so he forced himself to relax, trying to think a way out of his current situation. Gunji seemed happy with the compliance and quickly looped the chain around a pole in the head board before slapping the handcuffs on Akira's wrists.

"There! Properly leashed!" he cheered and Akira glared up at his captor, testing the length of the chain. It gave quite a bit of free movement and he began thinking again until his pants were being taken off quickly and impatiently.

"What the hell are you doing?" Akira yelled and Gunji paused, then gave him a confused look.

"Kitty's don't wear pants!" he explained as if it were obvious, before he pulled off Akira's pants completely, tugging the man's boxers off at the same time.

"Mmm…" Gunji purred, licking his lips again as a hint of lust crept into his eyes. "Kitty's pretty big down here, huh?" He commented, lightly running his fingertips over the tip of Akira's penis, earning a surprised gasp.

"D-damn it Gunji!" Akira growled, gritting his teeth and trying to move his hips away from Gunji's hand. "Don't touch me!"

Akira had a few more things he wanted to say, but could only gasp lightly in pain as Gunji pressed the claws to his throat a bit harder. "Ah ah ah Kitty!" Gunji reprimanded before leaning forward to lick Akira's lips slowly and wetly. "If you're going to say anything, you're going to say nice things! Okay, Kitty? I'd hate to make you bleed more than I have to..." He warned, before biting Akira's lower lip hard enough to bleed.

Resisting the urge to cry out in pain, Akira gripped the chain on the handcuffs tightly and squeezing his eyes shut tightly.

"No!" Gunji yelled, pulling his hand away from Akira's throat only long enough to remove the claws from both of his hands, and drop them to the floor before digging his fingernails into the cuts on his throat roughly. "Eyes open, Kitty!" Gunji commanded.

This time a choked moan escaped Akira's lips, his eyes opening quickly as he strained against the cuffs in a vain attempt to pull Gunji's hand away from his throat. The pressure of his nails biting into his already torn throat was crushing his windpipe.

"Good!" Gunji praised, smiling widely before kissing Akira's lips roughly. He let go of Akira's throat, who in turn coughed slightly, and gasped for a moment to make up for the little while he had trouble breathing. "If you keep being a good kitty, I won't have to hurt you too much..." Gunji purred before nipping Akira's ear lightly but enough for it to sting. Akira bit his lip, not wanting to make a sound as a jolt of some unknown feeling shot through him.

Suddenly, the sound of a zipper being opened caused Akira to jump slightly. It didn't go unnoticed.

"Jumpy Kitty's are so much fun…" Gunji purred, nipping Akira's ear again before pulling off his own pants and boxers. He then started to kiss down Akira's cheek and neck, as he forced Akira's legs open.

"H-hey!" Akira interjected, as he tried to close his legs only to earn a rough bite to his collar bone.

"Be a good kitty…" Gunji reminded as he held Akira's legs open, settling himself between them comfortably and pressing his tip against his entrance. Akira shivered and bit his lower lip hard, ripping open the cut that Gunji had left there earlier as he squirmed slightly. He found it hard to keep his eyes open… To look at the man doing this to him. But what choice did he have?

With no warning, Gunji started to push inside Akira's hot, tight ass, groaning slightly as Akira's eyes widened in pained surprise.

It hurt. It hurt more than anything that Akira had ever felt before. He knew his entrance was ripping, tearing to accommodate Gunji's member. He could feel the sharp stings and the blood that ran down to the mattress, as he dug his nails into the palms of his hands roughly. His eyes overflowed with hot tears, and his lips parted in a silent scream as the intense pain shot up his spine.

Gunji groaned as he forced himself deeper, licking his lips as he stared down at Akira's pained expression. "How cute..." he purred lowly before leaning forward to kiss Akira deeply. "Kitty's in pain..."

Akira bit down on his lip roughly, again ripping open the wound and releasing yet another steady flow of blood that Gunji lapped at hungrily. Muffled screams of agony forced their way through Akira's lips as Gunji began to pull out slightly.

"Hope you're ready Kitty..." he said before quickly thrusting back inside Akira's body quickly.

This time, Akira was unable to hold back a loud scream. He could hear himself ripping now, the sound was loud in his ears along with the harsh breathing of his tormentor as his body was wracked with increasing amounts of blinding pain. Again and again, Gunji slammed deeper and deeper inside him with more and more force and Akira continued to cry out in misery, his body shuddering and writhing. He couldn't handle this... He doubted that anyone could. But just as he thought the pain couldn't get any worse, Gunji sped up, gripping Akira's hips tighter and moaning lowly just before a hot liquid spilled inside him, making the rips and tears in his flesh burn and sting with a new intensity. He screamed as loud as he had ever heard his voice get before it quieted into small sobs that escaped him as he shook. He couldn't keep them in even if he wanted to.

Gunji nuzzled his neck almost lovingly before running his tongue lightly over the cuts now lined with coagulated blood as he pulled out of Akira and laid down next to him.

"Good little kitty!" Gunji praised, lightly running his fingers into Akira's hair to rub his scalp as though he really were a cat. "Now let's go to sleep, okay?" he said happily, wrapping an arm around Akira's waist and cuddling against tightly. "Nighty night!"

Soon Gunji was fast asleep, leaving the still bound Akira alone with his fading pain and distressed thoughts. Tears still rolled down his face, as he carefully turned onto his side, and away from Gunji, wincing slightly as the cuffs bit into his skin mercilessly, and as Gunji's seed seeped from his abused entrance. Never in his life did Akira think he would fall victim to something like this... He heaved a slight sigh as Gunji snuggled against his back, tightening his grip on Akira's waist and burying his face into the soft grayish-blue tresses.

Akira closed his eyes, and did his best to get comfortable. He was low on energy, and knew that he would need all the rest he could get if he expected to escape the following day. So, with that thought in mind, he willed himself to fall into a black, dreamless sleep at Gunji's side.