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He didn't know how long he just stood there. It could have been seconds… Minutes… an hour or two could have slipped past him for all he knew... he wouldn't have been able to even guess at the time had it not been for the reddish orange sunlight that was just pouring in through the large windows in front of him. He sighed, finally allowing the breath that had been trapped in his lungs to escape. As he inhaled deeply… slowly… he realized that his body was almost desperate to suck in as much air as it could.

How long wasn't I breathing? He wondered as he continued to breathe in and out, taking care to control the rate at which he did so. It wasn't like he was going to die if he didn't gasp and pant, so what was the point in it?

But even after he 'came-to', he couldn't bring himself to move away from the main hallway. His eyes wandered across the front doors; the only things separating him from the decrepit city that lay just beyond them.

'I think you like it here more than you're willing to let on…'
Kiriwar's voice suddenly sliced through the near silence in Akira's mind.
'We could probably set you in front of that door, and you would hesitate…'

Akira grit his teeth together in frustration.

The fuck does he know? He wondered to himself, his hands tightening into fists as a dark scowl carved its way into his facial features. Who's he to say what I would or wouldn't do?

But he didn't move.

All he could do was stare at the gateway to his freedom….

It was another moment or so before Akira shook his head quickly, his eyes widening slightly as he once again stared at the doors.

He was hesitating…

WHY was he hesitating!

'You like it here more than you're willing to let on…' Kiriwar's voice repeated.

His knuckles began to turn white as he tightened his fists further.

"I can leave any time I want…" Akira growled to himself, glaring at the doors.

"There's nothing keeping me here. Nothing."

He took a step forward. Then another and another, his pace quickly growing into that of a brisk walk. He reached out, allowing his hand to clasp around the doorknob. It felt cold in his hands, and for a split moment, he wondered if that's what freedom felt like… Cold... heavy…

He was so lost in that one moment that he almost jumped when the handle began to turn seemingly on its own accord. The door was suddenly pushed open with a force that would have sent anyone much smaller than himself practically flying across the main hall.

"PA~PA~!" Gunji yelled as he entered the mansion. "I'M HO~ME!"

Akira stumbled slightly, his heart still racing from the sudden and unexpected appearance of the red punisher. Gunji swung his face to look in Akira's direction, almost he could sense he was there, his mouth opening slightly in what appeared to be surprise.

There was a moment of silence as the two men simply stared at each other.

"Kitty! What are you doing here?" He asked, cocking his head to the side slightly, "You should be back in my room!" he said and Akira tensed as Gunji rushed over and picked him up, slinging him over his shoulder.

"H-hey!" he began to protest as Gunji spun a few times, laughing loudly.

"Don't worry! I'll show you the way back!" he cheered, rushing off into the deeper part of the mansion again.

Akira cursed himself for hesitating, and bit his lip hard as he held in his frustration with the crazy man that was carrying him. The only solace that he could find in his inability to run when he had the chance was in fact that he Gunji had found him inside. He didn't even want to think about what would have happened to him had he tried to run for it, only to run straight in to the man.

"See Kitty?" Gunji stopped suddenly, and pulled Akira off his shoulder to hold him in front of his bedroom door. "It's right here!" He laughed as he slung Akira back over his shoulder, firmly holding him in place with one arm as he used the other to pull the door open, and stepped inside. "You really need to remember where it is, otherwise I may never let you out again~!"

Akira's eyes closed slightly in annoyance. Did Gunji think he was stupid, or something? He knew damn well where the crazy man's room was, seeing as how he was holed up in the place for the majority of the day…

Gunji began humming to himself as he shut his bedroom door, practically tossing Akira onto the bed.

"Hey!" Akira exclaimed, his eyes widening only slightly before they narrowed into a harsh glare. "Don't throw me like that!"

Another joyous cackle escaped Gunji. "Oh, calm down, Kitten! You're fine! Don't complain so much!" Gunji answered with a dismissing wave of his hand as he returned Akira's gaze. "Besides, Kitten doesn't mind a little pain…"

Akira shivered slightly. Somewhere deep within Gunji's blue eyes was a flicker of mischief he knew all too well that was only enhanced as the man slowly slid his tongue over his lips.

Sighing, Akira laid back on the bed in a more than effective attempt to break eye contact, pulling the closest pillow he could find under his head as he closed his eyes. He listened as Gunji moved things around somewhere to his left. He could hear the man humming lightly, though he couldn't quite tell if it was an actual song, or just something he was making up on the spot as usual. But other than that, he noticed that things around the mansion were as quiet as ever.

"You know…"Gunji began, breaking the silence that had fallen between them, "I've been thinking that you need somethin' that'll let people know that you belong to me, Kitten." He mused aloud.

Akira opened his eyes slightly. Gunji fell quiet again, and continued to move things about as though he was looking for something. Just as he was about to ask the punisher to continue with the thought, the man burst into delighted laughter.

"There it is~!" he cheered. A few things were dropped to the floor noisily before Gunji flung himself onto the bed next to Akira and quickly forced him to sit upright.

"The fuck-!" was all Akira managed to get out when something was forced around his neck, and fastened securely in place.

"I think it suits ya, kitten~!" Gunji announced, forcing Akira to turn around so he could see what his pet looked like with his new neck-wear.

Akira's hands quickly flew to his neck, running his fingers along the rather thick band of leather fitted with a few studs… and a bell?

"A collar?" he mumbled. It took a moment for the actuality of the situation to click, and he cast a venomous glare at Gunji the second it did. "Why the hell should I wear something like this!" Akira demanded to know, as his hands flew to the back of his neck in a desperate attempt to take the damned thing off.

"HEY~!" In a flash, Gunji slapped Akira's hands away from his neck, quickly checking to make sure that it was still properly secured. "Don't go takin' it off, Kitty! It's proof of ownership!" he scolded.

"I'm NOT your property!" Akira yelled, growing more furious with each passing moment. "Just because you kidnapand RAPE me, it doesn't make you my owner!"

The sudden outburst made Gunji pause for a moment. Although he was staring directly at Akira, his gaze seemed to be far away, and one could almost see the gears in his head turning as he began to put the pieces of some unknown puzzle together.

Akira simply sat still, glaring just as angrily as ever, sly, almost threatening smirk began to make its way across the blonde man's lips. Akira's glare lost its edge as his brow furrowed slightly.

"I see what you mean, Kitten…" Gunji began, as he leaned his face closer to his pet's.

The pitch of his voice was low… seductive… and despite how much Akira hated it, it made him shiver.

"The fuck are you talking about?" Akira asked, doing his best to hide the slight quiver in his voice as he placed both his hands against the larger man's shoulders in an attempt to push him away.

With no hesitation, Gunji quickly removed Akira's hands from his chest and forced him back down on the bed, pinning his hands above his head with one of his own.

"Kitten put a special emphasis on 'rape'…." He began to run his fingertips under the hem of Akira's shirt, lightly drawing small circles on his skin.

And in that instant, Akira knew just what he had done.

"W-Woah! Wait! That wasn't-!" He quickly began before being silenced as Gunji kissed him deeply, letting his tongue run over Akira's lips.

Akira squirmed as much as he could, trying to tug his hands free from Gunji's grip but, just like every other time, it was no use.

As Gunji's hand wandered up Akira's shirt, his surprisingly soft fingertips rubbing his skin, Akira couldn't help but shiver slightly. The movement earned a slight chuckle from Gunji as he broke the kiss and began to lightly lick and nip at his neck. Gunji had also set to work on lifting Akira's shirt, to expose the beautifully toned stomach that hid just beneath it.

"Kitten has a great body…." Gunji purred, pulling the shirt up further so it could rest bunched up a few inches above his nipples. "A really great body…."Akira shivered again as the cool air came into contact with his skin. Gunji teased Akira's right nipple, pinching and rubbing it almost roughly as he continued to kiss up and down his neck.

Akira bit down in his lip hard to stifle any noises that he was tempted to make because of the way his body was being stimulated. His head was swimming, and he could feel himself beginning to grow aroused. Gunji moved away from Akira's neck to lightly run his tongue over Akira's other nipple as his hand quickly moved to begin undoing the button on Akira's pants.

"I'm gonna let go of Kitten's hands, okay?" Gunji purred, smirking slightly as he glanced up at Akira. "I don't want to use the handcuffs again, but I will if I have to…"

Akira resisted the urge to cringe. He learned early on in his imprisonment that the handcuffs were a terrible thing. They were often tightened far too much, forcing the metal to bite fiercely and painfully into Akira's wrists. Not wanting to be restrained again, he nodded in response.

"Good kitten…" Gunji praised as he released Akira's wrists. He then proceeded to pull off Akira's pants and boxers surprisingly quickly. Akira hissed lightly as Gunji lightly ran his fingers up and down Akira's shaft.

Akira did his best to inhale as deeply and as evenly as he could, attempting to mentally prepare himself for the physical abuse that was sure to come, though it quickly became apparent to him that Gunji wouldn't be happy with that.

"Aw! Come on Kitten~! How can I know how you're feelin' of you don't let me know~?" Gunji sang as he roughly dug his nails into the sensitive skin at the base of Akira's penis, earning a violent shudder from the man beneath him. "I'm gonna have to get meaner if you keep being quiet~…." he purred in a sickeningly sadistic tone, lowering his head to nuzzle Akira's neck for a moment before biting roughly.

Akira couldn't keep from squirming and yelping rather loudly in pain as Gunji's nails and teeth bit harder into his skin, threatening to draw blood should he continue to be uncooperative. The sound caused Gunji's eyes to slide closed, a shiver making its way down his spine.

Another cry of pain fell from Akira's slightly parted lips as Gunji began to stroke Akira's penis, his nails dragging roughly up and down his shaft. "Much better, Kitten~…" Gunji praised, using his free hand to start undoing his own pants.

The sound of the zipper being pulled open sent a shiver down Akira's spine. Akira resumed his deep breathing, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer before Gunji took from him whatever it was that he wanted.

"So, what position should we use today, Kitten~?" Gunji teased as he pulled away from the man beneath him just long enough to remove his own pants and boxers. Akira's eyebrows perked up slightly. He hadn't been asked anything like this before, and wasn't quite sure how to respond. The two remained silent for a few moments as Akira studied Gunji's amused expression, looking for any reason to either trust or distrust the question that had been posed.

Gunji chuckled, settling himself on top of Akira before kissing him deeply and roughly. "Would kitten prefer that I pick something?" he asked, a smirk winding its way across Gunji's lips. "Cause I can think of some fun things we could do with your leash…."

Akira's eyes widened slightly. "W-what!" He asked in disbelief.

"Oh yeah~." Gunji started, his smirk growing, "There are a bunch of different ways I could restrain you… We could do some role play… And I hear that strangulation during sex can be a real turn on for some people~… We could see how well that gets Kitten off, if you'd like~…"

Akira's stomach began to churn as his heart leapt into his throat. A small part of him couldn't believe what we had just heard, while the rest of him fought on whether or not to believe that Gunji would actually risk hurting him that badly.

"So, what'll it be Kitten~?" Gunji asked, the pitch of his voice lowering to what Akira could have easily mistaken as either an attempt to seduce, or threaten.

"I-I'll pick." Akira quickly replied, doing his best to keep his voice as even as he possibly could.

"Good~!" Gunji began to laugh slightly as though he were highly amused by Akira's fear. "How does Kitten want to get fucked~?"

Akira's mind was reeling. Although he was by no means a stranger to sex, he couldn't seem to collect his thoughts, and the way that Gunji stared almost viciously into his eyes certainly was helping.

"Gotta pick kitten~…" The punisher sang, drawing each word out as much as he could. "Or I'll pick for~ you~…"

His heart pounding faster, Akira began to wrack his brain more desperately. There was no way in hell that he was going to let Gunji choke him for the hell of it!

"From behind, then!" Akira blurted suddenly, the second he thought of it.

Gunji's room fell silent for a moment, as the pair locked eyes.

"Well, if that's what Kitten wants~…"

"Wh-what are you doing?" Akira yelled as the man placed a hand on his waist, turning him quickly onto his stomach. His face reddened as his hips were forced up and Gunzi licked wetly at his back, right where his pants line should be. It sent a shiver up his spine and he let out an involuntary whine at the sensation.

"I can't give Kitty what he wants if you aren't in the right position~." Gunji answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. In the split moment following his realization of just how stupid his question was, Gunji began to nip at his hip. Akira's eyes widened and he pulled forward, trying to escape Gunji's grip as he bit lightly at first, then harder and harder as if the man wanted to draw blood.

"Hold still, Kitten~…" Gunji purred, licking at his hip wetly before trailing his tongue up Akira's spine. "We wouldn't want it to hurt any more than it has to, would we?" He asked in a sadistically sarcastic tone as he positioned himself at his entrance.

With no further warning, Gunji thrust deeply inside the man beneath him. Akira screamed loudly in pain as he gripped the sheets as tightly as he possibly could in failing attempts to ease his agony.

A shiver made its way through Gunji's body. "Kitten always makes the cutest sounds~…" he said, his voice shaking slightly with a pleasure that he was barely able to contain. Akira could almost hear the smirk that was plastered across his tormentor's face…

Gunji set an uncomfortably fast pace and violent, roughly digging his nails into Akira's hips as he pulled him back against his thrusts. Akira knotted his hands into the sheets more desperately as he buried his face in the mess of blankets beneath him to stifle his screams slightly.

In a split second, Gunji tangled one of his hands into Akira's hair, pulling it roughly and forcing Akira to lift his head up again. "Don't do that, Kitten~!" Gunji reprimanded as he began to force himself even deeper, suddenly striking Akira's prostate with such force it had him seeing stars as a pleasured yelp escaped him. "I wanna hear every sound you make~!"

Akira's screams continued to lose their painful edge as the feeling that wracked his body gave way to something more bearable. With each thrust against his prostate, Akira found himself almost enjoying the electric sensation that made his body feel like it was tingling all over.

And this wasn't the first time he had noticed it either. It made him sick to his stomach to think that he could not only grow used to the repeated abuse, but that he could actually like it.

Gunji shuddered and moaned at the pleasured sounds Akira was making. "Well~, certainly seems like Kitten's starting to love my cock, huh~?" he mused, smirking as he continued to thrust mercilessly against Akira's Prostate.

All Akira could do was moan loudly in response.

It wasn't much longer before Akira could feel his release nearing. The heat coiling in the pit of his stomach grew in intensity each time that Gunji moved inside him, as pre cum began to leak from the tip of his throbbing member.

"I-I'm getting close~!" Akira warned, his voice trembling.

Gunji released Akira's hip, instead wrapping his arm tightly around Akira's waist as he leaned forward to roughly bite his neck, before huskily whispering in his ear "Then cum, Kitten~…"

Something about the tone of Gunji's voice, mixed with the overwhelming feeling of pleasure of his prostate being roughly pounded against while he was held tightly against Gunji's body sent him spiraling over the edge. Akira shuddered violently, screaming Gunji's name as he reached his climax, spilling his seed all over the blankets.

Gunji shuddered as well, moaning loudly at the sound of his name falling so sweetly from Akira's lips as he came deeply within is pseudo-lover.

The pair held still for a few moments, panting heavily as they fought to catch their breath. Gunji trailed small kisses down Akira's neck and across his shoulder before slowly pulling out.

Akira shivered as Gunji released him, before he slowly lowered himself to the bed. His body was shaking slightly as his heart rate began to slow, and his intense euphoria started to fade.

"Damn…" Gunji started, flopping onto the bed next to Akira. "That… was great…"

Akira sighed, grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly. As much as he hated to admit it, he couldn't quite say that Gunji was wrong this time, and that scared him.

Again, they were silent.

Just as Akira could feel the tendrils of sleepiness tugging at him, Gunji suddenly sat up. "Well! Dinner's about to start! We need to get you a bath!"

"Wait, why can't-" Akira started only to be cut off as Gunji jumped up off the bed.

"Dinner, Dinner, Time for dinner~!" Gunji sang, picking Akira up and tossing him over his shoulder as he headed to the bathroom.