Title: Deflection
Rating: NC-17 (Aren't mine always?)
Warning: Do not read at work. I mean it. This also carries the "Jazzy Alert." She requires this when there's gonna be angst. *G*
Pairing: The options seem limitless. Mirandy/Seven, Janeway/Seven, Miranda/Andy, who knows? *shrug* Where's the fun in telling?
Length: 50k+ ultimately, if I'm lucky.
Prompt: based on a prompt by kendokuschi Here's the prompt: .com/dvlwears_#cutid1

Summary: A/U – Janeway, Seven and pals do a bit of time traveling to find out who's trying to erase Janeway's existence by altering the life of her ancestor, Miranda Priestly. Andy didn't walk away in Paris and she soon finds herself faced with the ultimate in perfection and efficiency, second assistant Seven. Miranda's enthralled, Andy's furious and Janeway can't figure out how this all got so out of hand.
Disclaimer: I don't own The Devil Wears Prada or Star Trek Voyager. If I did, things would be wayyyy different in both 'verses, but then, what would I write about? It's a quandary, I tell ya.

A/N: As always thanks to the world's greatest beta goddesses, JazWriter13, Gin_akasarahsmom, shesgottaread and Xenavirgin. You turn dross into gold and I love you for it.

A/N2: This is only the Prologue, a bit of a taste of what's to come. I don't normally post WIP's but Musegirl needs a kick in the butt and I thought a few folks breathing down her neck might get her moving. She's got a bad case of the "Bright and Shiny's" and keeps getting distracted by every pretty prompt that comes her way. This is what happens when you end up with a high femme muse with a short attention span.

Dedication: For my girl, who doesn't really like DWP, but patiently listens to hour upon hour of discussion about Mirandy and even reads my stories when I ask nicely. *G* It's always a challenge to produce something to hold your interest, Darlin'. Makes me a better writer. And also to the wonderful writers and betas of the Femmeslash Fiction Writers group. You guys rock! You keep me sane and keep Musegirl well fed and inspired. Now if you could just teach her some discipline. LOL I couldn't do it without you. Thank you.