Seven of Nine strode through the corridors of Voyager intent on her destination. She was supposed to be meeting B'Elanna Torres in the mess hall and had been detained by a minor malfunction in Astrometrics. She had been surprised to find she quite enjoyed pinning the crewman responsible with an icy glare worthy of Miranda Priestly. Back on Voyager for less than a week, she had put it to good use on one previous occasion already. The repair had been completed in half the time under her feral look. She was still smirking as the doors of the mess hall slid open and she strode through, spotting B'Elanna at a nearby table.

"You look quite pleased with yourself," B'Elanna commented. "Practicing your Miranda glare again?"

"Indeed," Seven admitted. "I find it most helpful in improving the efficiency of the crew."

"Just don't overdo it. Wouldn't want it to lose its scare power," B'Elanna laughed.

"I use it selectively," Seven assured her.

They both looked up as Harry Kim hurried through one door, through the mess hall, and out the other door, the doctor hot on his heels.

"Harry?" B'Elanna asked, staring at Seven. "The doc is chasing Harry?"

"Yes, he found his evening with Nigel Kipling quite enlightening. He feels there is a 96.3 percent chance he can repeat the experience with Harry Kim," Seven explained.

"Must have been some night," B'Elanna laughed.

"Indeed. I do not believe the doctor will be painting nude portraits of me any longer."

"Good thing. The captain would have me reprogramming him as a eunuch if he tried that again."

Seven's lips curled in a soft smile. "Yes, Kathryn has proven to be quite possessive."

"And you like that," B'Elanna guessed.

Seven nodded with a dreamy look.

"So what did you want to talk about?" B'Elanna asked, her curiosity at why Seven had wanted to meet her apparent since B'Elanna knew Seven had a date with the captain that night.

Seven looked over B'Elanna's shoulder and gave a tiny smile. "There is someone I wish you to meet," Seven explained. Stepping to the side, she gently B'Elanna's arm and turned her around. "B'Elanna Torres, I would like you to meet Ensign Amanda Connelly." Her eyes gleamed with mirth as she watched B'Elanna's eyes widen as they met the deep brown gaze of Mandy Connelly. Seven leaned over and spoke quietly into B'Elanna's ear. "Six had a brother. I find the resemblance quite interesting." Eyes gleaming with laughter, though she gave no outward appearance, Seven nudged B'Elanna, who seemed struck dumb by the beautiful ensign. "I will leave you to talk. I have a date this evening," Seven said.

"With the captain?" Mandy asked with a megawatt smile. "You're seeing a lot of her, Seven."

"I have hopes to see more of her, Mandy Connelly," Seven said with a twinkle in her eye.

Mandy laughed. "I'm sure you do. Enjoy your date, Seven. Maybe I can convince Lieutenant Torres to join me for a drink at Sandrine's." She turned her glowing smile on B'Elanna.

"Drink? Yeah. Love to," B'Elanna responded disjointedly.

"Bye, Seven," Mandy called merrily as she took B'Elanna's arm and escorted her from the mess hall.

Smiling to herself, Seven hurried off to keep her own date.

Miranda was exhausted. She was pushing her staff hard to complete the issue by the print deadline, more determined than ever to pack as much into the day as possible so that she could get home to her family at a reasonable hour. Miranda had notified the one person in Human Resources who she trusted of her new relationship with Andy, and transferred her lover immediately to editorial so she would no longer be Andy's direct supervisor. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it would do for the moment until Andy decided exactly what she wanted to do next. Miranda would not make the mistake of attempting to decide for her. Having been adamant to make her own decision about capturing a potentially dangerous criminal, Andy would not welcome interference from Miranda in determining the path her career would follow. So far their nights have been too filled with lovemaking to waste time on that conversation; however, Miranda knew it would come soon enough.

She let herself in the door of the townhouse and had barely managed to put away her coat when she was blitzed by two smiling redheads.

"You're home!" Cassidy exclaimed excitedly.

"That's three weeks in a row," Caroline crowed with glee.

"I promised, did I not?" Miranda smiled, returning their hugs. "We will eat our evening meals together if at all possible. I did bring home some work I need to take care of later, but that can wait until after your bedtime. Where is Andréa?" She looked around, having become used to being greeted by her lover each night as well since Andy usually finished work before she did, often bringing things home herself. Andy had developed the habit of curling in the corner of the couch in Miranda's study and completing assignments for Runway on her laptop as Miranda worked at the desk. That they were together was all Andy professed to care about.

"She's lying down," Cassidy answered her question. "She was really tired when she got home. I think she might be sick, too. She didn't look so good." Worried blue eyes begged her mother for reassurance.

"You should check on her, Mom," Caroline encouraged.

Miranda smiled, running a hand over each head of silky, red hair. Caroline was trying to put the past behind her. She really did care for Andy and was never successful in hiding that fact from those who knew her best.

"I will, Bobbsey. Please check and see when dinner will be ready? We'll be down momentarily," Miranda assured them before climbing the stairs to her bedroom.

She let herself into the darkened room and could just make out the form of Andy lying on the bed. Crossing the room, she sat on the side of the bed and rested a hand on a pale forehead. "Are you all right, Darling? The girls said you were sick. They're quite concerned."

"I'm fine," Andy sighed. "Just tired and really nauseous. I don't think I want anything to eat right now."

Miranda nodded and brushed the backs of her fingers against a soft cheek. "It won't hurt to skip one meal," she agreed concerned that her lover was ill. She was shocked as tears welled in Andy's eyes and spilled down her cheeks.

"You think I'm fat," Andy wailed, rolling away.

Eyes wide, Miranda stared at her, while trying to figure out what had just happened. "Andréa, I think no such thing. You're perfect, Darling. I adore your body. You know that."

"But it wouldn't hurt me to miss a few meals, right?" Andy sobbed into her pillow.

"I didn't mean that," Miranda hurried to explain. "I was just concerned for your health. Missing more than a single meal might make you feel worse rather than better."

"Really?" Andy asked, sniffling.

"Of course. You know I love you, Andréa," Miranda assured her. "Please tell me, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?"

Andy rolled back toward her and curled around Miranda's body, laying her head in Miranda's lap. "I don't know. It started earlier today. I just can't seem to control my emotions. I cry over nothing. I've been nauseous all week. I don't know what's wrong with me."

Miranda sat as if turned to stone. It wasn't really possible, was it? Seven has assured them it would work, but Miranda had still had her doubts. "Andréa, it's been three weeks since Kathryn and Seven left? Do you suppose…?" Miranda left the question unasked.

Andy looked up at her with wide eyes. "Oh, wow. I didn't even think of that. I haven't… We've been so busy, it didn't even occur to me. I should take a test or something, right?"

Miranda threaded her fingers through long, dark hair in a soothing gesture. "I believe I'll have Emily fetch one," she said with an evil smirk.

Andy hid her face in Miranda's lap, giggling hysterically. "You know," she gasped in a muffled voice, "that when this baby pops out with your eyes, looking just like you, Emily is going to be even more convinced you're a god, don't you?"

"Please, Andréa," Miranda sniffed. "A goddess."

"My goddess," Andy said, rising up to capture soft lips with her own. "Wanna try for twins?" she asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

"One will be quite sufficient," Miranda stated levelly. "Though we can practice as frequently as you wish."

"Yum," Andy murmured, pulling Miranda closer and beginning to kiss down the elegant column of her neck.

"I thought you were…ill," Miranda gasped, tilting her head to provide better access for her lover.

"It comes and goes," Andy muttered into soft flesh. She continued her journey down and across Miranda's collarbone. Suddenly, she froze and then scrambled around Miranda, dashing into the en suite. The sound of retching echoed a moment later.

I have a feeling this is going to be the state of our sex life for a while longer, Miranda thought as she rose from the bed and followed to provide her love with assistance. I'll simply have to make an honest woman of her.

Seven sat on the couch in Janeway's quarters, sipping a glass of sparkling cider. Running her fingertips over the silk skirt of her blue dress, she thought about the look on Janeway's face when she first answered the door that evening. She had asked Six several questions during their last conversation and the last advice she had received was to make the most of her natural assets. Remembering Janeway's openmouthed stare and fierce blush at the sight of her in this dress, Seven thought she had done well. She smiled as Janeway joined her, drinking from her own glass of white wine.

"Seven, there's something I'd like to talk to you about," Janeway began.

"Yes, Kathryn?"

"When our most recent adventure began, there were ten journals, then nine, and now there are eleven. You wouldn't happen to know who K.A. Priestly is, would you?" Janeway fixed her with a stern look.

"Kathryn Annika Priestly is the daughter of Six and Miranda Priestly," Seven supplied, flashing her tiny smile.

"Seven," Janeway growled in a disapproving tone. "What did you do?"

"I assisted Six in achieving that which she wanted most, Miranda Priestly's child," Seven explained. "You have evidently not read the journal, yet. I would suggest you do so."

"No, I've been too busy to read it and I don't have any memories of having done so before. You know you shouldn't have interfered with the timeline. If they were meant to have a child, they would have found a way to do so," Janeway admonished.

"Read the journal, Kathryn," Seven repeated.

"What's so special about that journal, Seven?" Janeway asked, pinching the bridge of her nose, her classic move when Seven's stubbornness was causing a headache to threaten.

"I was unable to pinpoint which of Miranda's children was your direct ancestor for a reason," Seven stated. "She had not been born, yet. Kathryn Priestly is your ancestor."

"Not Caroline?" Janeway asked with a frown. "But I thought when we continued to have symptoms after getting Miranda and Andy together that it was because Caroline was still so angry with Andy."

"Her acceptance of her mother's feelings for Six was necessary for them to have a successful relationship. But it was not the direct cause of the threat to your existence. Kathryn Priestly was born exactly when she was supposed to be born," Seven concluded confidently.

"A predestination paradox," Janeway said in astonishment.

"Yes," Seven agreed. "We were meant to go back and ensure the conception of your ancestor. It is also why, I believe, the Department of Temporal Investigations has not changed the outcome of our interference."

"Your interference, you mean," Janeway chuckled. "I owe my life to you, Seven, quite literally."

"Then it is only correct that I wish to share it with you," observed Seven. She slid closer to Janeway. "I do not wish to wait any longer, Kathryn. The mission is over, we are back on Voyager, and the crew is aware and accepting of our relationship." Seven leaned over to place a soft kiss on Janeway's lips.

"You're sure?" Janeway asked between kisses. "I want you to be sure, Seven. I won't be able to give you up afterward."

"I do not say what I do not mean, Kathryn. Make love to me."

Janeway nodded and rose from the couch, taking Seven's hand and leading her into the bedroom. She couldn't stop the slight trembling in her hands. It wasn't her first time making love, but knowing that it was Seven's terrified her in a very basic way. Prior to this moment, Janeway's only experience with a woman was a rather unsuccessful fumbling with a schoolmate at the Academy.

"Kathryn, what is wrong?" Seven asked, concerned.

"Just a bit nervous, Seven," Janeway admitted. "I want your first time to be extraordinary, something you'll always remember fondly."

"I am with you. It cannot help but be extraordinary."

Janeway fought back a rush of tears at the earnest words. It was true for her as well. Just knowing that it was her Seven that she held would make it the greatest experience of her life. The deeply plunging neckline of Seven's dress had her fingers itching to get at the treasures beneath. Slipping her fingers behind Seven's neck she pulled their lips together. Tasting Seven's full lips was the high point of her day and something Janeway did as frequently as possible. She loved taking her time and sharing slow, deep, wet kisses with Seven. She ghosted her tongue under a pouty lower lip, answering Seven's soft moan with one of her own.

"Let's get you undressed," Janeway murmured, lowering the fastener of Seven's dress as far as she could reach while still kissing her. Separating their lips, she turned Seven and continued to lower the zipper, while her lips began to trace over the velvety skin she was revealing an inch at a time. She traced the star-shaped implant on Seven's shoulder with her tongue, smirking when her lover shivered in pleasure. "Sensitive?" she asked.

"Yes, Kathryn," Seven gasped.

"Mmmm," Janeway hummed, tracing around the points again, eliciting the same visceral reaction. Her fingers danced over the thin bands of Seven's abdominal implant. "You're so beautiful, Seven," she said and pushed the dress off her love's shoulders, unmindful of it dropping to the floor to pool around Seven's feet. Her hands slipped around and up, cupping full breasts as she dragged her tongue across a slender shoulder. Her forefingers traced over tight nipples, and Janeway smiled as they pebbled to her touch. She dropped her hands and hooked her fingers in silk lingerie pulling it over rounded hips and down long, well-formed legs. She assisted Seven in removing the last remaining clothing along with her shoes.

Janeway sat back on her heels, letting her eyes slowly travel up the length of Seven's back. "Turn around," she said hoarsely. She knew her swallow was audible to Seven as her eyes repeated the journey up the front. "You're exquisite," she managed. She couldn't help smiling as Seven had to lean over slightly to see her kneeling on the floor.

"Kathryn, I am still waiting," Seven informed her with a smirk.

"Not for much longer, Darling. Crawl on the bed, and I'll be right with you," Janeway promised, disrobing as quickly as she could manage. Her eyes remained trained on the sight of Seven lying on her side and watching. With the last article of clothing gone, Janeway joined her on the bed. A gentle touch on her shoulder encouraged Seven to roll onto her back, and Janeway followed, reveling in the feel of their first full-body contact of skin on skin. Their first kiss as lovers was more than Janeway could have imagined. The feel of Seven's body beneath her sent shivers chasing up and down her spine. She fell into the kiss, fell into Seven losing herself in the taste, smell, and heat of the woman she loved.

Janeway tasted every inch of exposed skin, learning what pleased Seven most. Fingers danced and teased until Seven was writhing and moaning from the sensations. She spent long moments sucking and licking rosy nipples as Seven's Borg hand tore through the bedding in her frenzy.

"Kathryn, please," Seven whimpered, hips moving randomly as if seeking something that was just out of reach.

"I'll take care of you, Darling," Janeway promised, slipping her fingers into silky heat and wetness. "You're so ready for me, Seven. I'm going to make you feel wonderful." She stroked and pinched lightly at the tight bundle of nerves between Seven's thighs, loving the sounds she was forcing from her lover's lips. She drove Seven to edge, only to slow her movements and pull her back again.

Seven's head whipped side to side as she undulated beneath Janeway's touch. "More," she gasped.

Humming softly to herself, Janeway slipped a single finger just inside Seven's tight opening, circling gently, teasing the sensitive nerve endings with slow, deliberate movements. "I'm going to make you come for me, Darling," Janeway murmured as she once more attacked a tender nipple with her mouth and pushed her finger in deeper, beginning a gentle thrusting.

Seven cried out and arched up into her hand, hips rising and falling to meet her thrusts.

Janeway eased her finger out only to re-enter Seven's core, this time with two fingers. Her movements became more deliberate as her thumb brushed repeatedly against Seven's clit. Janeway could feel internal muscles tightening around her fingers as her own center began to clench and release. She had never come simply by making love to someone else, but this time she knew she would. It would only be the beginning of many firsts with Seven. "Come for me, Seven. Come with me, my Love," Janeway mumbled around the nipple she held between her lips.

Seven arched from the bed, crying out Kathryn's name as her orgasm screamed through her body.

Janeway joined her, roaring her release until her throat was raw.

Long moments later, they lay in each other's arms basking in the warmth and peace that blanketed them. Fingers idly traced sweat-dampened skin as lips moved gently together. The feeling was quiet, intimate, unable to be improved by mere words. The love between them was tangible to both, a bond wrapping around them and holding them together…forever.

The End