First off, let me thank everyone who read/reviewed "Warm Cheekon Soup" and "Minion's Story". You've given me the encouragement to write more Megamind stories. This one's going to be a little longer than the other two, but hopefully it'll be just as good. Hope you enjoy!


The blue planet was silent. Each steel, strong house was dark inside. There were no animals moving about, even the nocturnal ones were unusually quiet tonight. The only ones that seemed awake at the time were the stars. They all twinkled brightly in the wide open space around the planet. There was only one planet that was really close to this one, so there was plenty of space for star sighting.

One star in particular seemed extra bright. If you looked close enough, and long enough, you could see that the stars around it were inching closer to it. The star began to illuminate the sky, it's brightness mimicing that of a fireball. A few people were awakened by the light and came out of their houses to see what was happening.

In one steel house, towards the edges of the iron city, you could see a figure coming closer to the window. The figure stared at the bright light and automatically knew what was happening.

A star was dying, and because this one was so big and it's super nova was already so powerful, he knew what the result would be in an hour or two. The forming of a black hole, big enough to destroy the planet.

The dark figure left the window and went over to his bed, where there was a woman, peacefully sleeping.

"Lactea, Lactea wake up," said the figure. The woman opened her eyes and looked up at her husband, the green color of her eyes reflecting the worry she felt.

"Is it, is it happening, Orion?" Lactea asked. Her husband sadly nodded his head, and she bowed hers. They both knew it would happen eventually, and they tried to warn the others, but no one listened. After all, this star wasn't due to supernova for another thousand years.

Quickly, the couple left the tranquility of their bedroom. The woman went into one room, and after a few minutes, came out with what looked like a steel baby carriage.

"Is he still asleep?" Orion asked.

"Yes, and I thought it would be better to take the carriage," said Lactea, looking down at the carriage, "to block out some of the noise."

"Alright, let's go," said Orion as he picked something round off the kitchen table and headed towards the door. As soon as both of them were out of the metal house, they heard a voice on the intercom system, designed to tell the city what was happening and what to do."

"All citizens, please go to the main building. This is an emergency, please come to the main building."

People began to file out of their houses, curious about what was going on and why they had been woken up before the planet had fully turned. They couldn't even see the sun over the horizon. But the voice on the intercom said it was an emergency, so no one tried to stay behind.

As the confused and worried people walked through the city, a giant flash of light made everyone look up.

The star's weight had just collapsed on itself, squeezing out the last bit of energy it had. After a few moments, there was nothing in the star's place, but a small vortex. The stars around the vortex began to creep closer to it, and the vortex began to grow. A gasp went through the crowd, and everyone began to move faster.

Lactea stared at the vortex, just a few minutes before it would suck in it's first star, and definitely not it's last. She couldn't seem to tear her gaze away from the black hole, until she felt something squeeze her arm. She looked over, and saw her husband. She gave a silent sigh, and continued walking with her spouse, the carriage, and the sphere her husband was carrying that had a medium sized, round fish swimming inside it.

When they arrived at the main building, everyone inside it were buzzing like mad hornets. They were trying to find out what was going on, find loved ones, or simply just make sure they were going to be safe.

"Would you like me to stay with you a little longer, my dear?" Orion asked his wife. She wanted him to stay, but she knew that would be selfish of her.

"No, go," she said, "I will meet you there after they make the announcement." Her husband looked at her with sad brown eyes, and then leaned in, and kissed her. His beard felt warm on her face, and the kiss made her feel safe. She didn't want it to end. But eventually, the couple broke away from each other, and Orion broke into a run.

When Orion was out of sight, Lactea turned her attention to the front of the main building. She was surrounded by people who looked similar to her. They all had blue skin, making her feel as if she was in the middle of an ocean, all alone. They were all wearing the same evening uniform (or what humans would call, pajamas), looking identical to hers.

As the people around her talked, Lactea stayed silent. She just listened for the sounds that would indicate that the little lifeform inside the carriage was awake, so she could hold him, and hug him. Make sure that he would feel like everything was okay.

Above the sea of people, giant screens were flashing images and numbers. One screen had an image of the black hole, which was growing by the minute. Once again, she stared into it, pleading with it to stay the size it was. Praying for it to go away. Hoping this was all just a nightmare that would eventually end.

After what seemed like an eternity, a group of Azullons gathered at the front of the building, under the tv screens.

"People of Azullon," said a tall, blue male with a graying beard, "I'm afraid the worse is here. One hour ago, a star next to our planet formed a blackhole after its supernova. Since then, the black hole has grown at an alarming rate. We've had our top minds try to find a solution, and we are reluctant to say, they couldn't find one."

The crowd of people gasped. They started talking all at once. A few were yelling, asking why they weren't warned earlier. Others were crying, and praying to the stars for a miracle.

"I understand you're all upset, but I'm afraid we are out of options," the man said, beginning to talk again, "the only functioning rocket has been reserved and filled. All we can do now, is wait."

The people were really upset now. People started running towards the building where the experimental rockets were. Everyone was searching for a place to hide and pray. Lactea was on the move as well. She pushed the steel carriage as fast as she could through the mighty crowd. Fellow Azullons kept getting in her path. One almost pushed over the carriage.

There was no way she could make it through this crowd to reach her husband by pushing a heavy carriage. So, she opened it up, and couldn't help but smile when she saw the face of her eight-day old son.

He looked so happy, unaware of the chaos surrounding him. His young blue face was filled with joy at the sight of her. He was also wearing a blue outfit with a lightning bolt on it that Lactea had sewn herself. He giggled at his mother, capturing her loving image in his big, bright green eyes. Lactea didn't want to take her eyes off him, but had to when an alarm sounded on the intercom. She looked up, and on one of the screens was a countdown. She had five minutes. Five minutes until her and everyone she knew would be inside the blackhole, along with the rest of the planet Azullon.

Quickly, she picked up the baby and ran towards the meeting place her and her husband had decided on. People ran all around her, not knowing what to do. But Lactea ignored the screams of panicing Azullons around her, only concentrating on her goal.

Finally, she saw her husband in a somehow open space, under an opening in the giant building's ceiling. Lactea handed her child off to Orion, and he put the child in the small, infant sized rocket.

A week ago, when the couple realized that their home planet had little chance of survival, they knew they had to keep their newborn safe. Orion, who was a trusted member of the Intellegence Council, was able to steal the small rocket from the space travel building late at night. He didn't like stealing, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Thanks to his intellegence and knowledge of rocket science, he was able to successfully test it and hide it for when the unfortunate moment finally arrived.

The baby looked up at his parents, curious to what was going on. His mother gave him a small smile, not wanting him to worry. She picked up the sphere her husband had left by the rocket, and handed it to the eight day old.

"Here is your minion," Lactea said, "he will take care of you." The fish in the sphere gave the baby a warm smile, and then swam around to face the two adults.

"And here is your binky," said Orion, placing the binky inside his son's mouth. This was the first thing his parents ever gave him, and they definitely weren't going to let him leave without it.

"15...14...13..." said a voice on the intercom. Their time with their son was slipping away. The parents tearfully smiled at their child as they closed the door to the rocket.

"You are destined for greatness, Ouwan," Orion said just before the rocket took off and flew through the opening in the ceiling. As it did, the two unfortunate parents hugged each other, knowing that their son's life was going to go on, their's would soon be ending.

But as she watched her son fly away, and felt the planet's last living moments slip away, she couldn't help but think in the back of her mind, that this would not be the last time she would see her son.

This was highly unlikely though. No one knew what went on inside a blackhole, or what happened after going through it. But it was most likely fatal. After all, no one had known anyone who had went through a blackhole and survived. But she still couldn't help but have hope. Maybe, maybe we will survive, she thought.

Just then, under the pressure of the gravity filled vortex, the screens on the enourmous tvs cracked and shattered. The iron ceiling started to bend down, threating to colapse on all of them. People fell to the floors, either because of blacking out or just simply bracing themselves for the worse.

As she felt the gravity become heavier, Lactea went to her knees, as well as Orion. They hugged one last time, before they collapsed on the floor and blacked out.


What's happening? What is this feeling? Am I dying, or being crushed under the gravity? No, it feels normal. Wait, I feel someone shaking me.

"Lactea," said Orion, gently shaking his wife. She was breathing, had a steady heartbeat, and was semiconsious. But she was alive, and he was happy just for that. When she started to come to, Orion helped sit her up, and they both looked around the building.

Most of the iron ceiling had been pushed down, but was strong enough not to collapse. They were thankful for that, but weren't thankful for what was all around them. No one seemed sure on how much time had passed, since all the clocks had been shattered.

People. Azullons lying on the ground. Some were moaning and slowly moving. Others were as still as stone statues. They even saw some trying to get up, but collapsing because of exaustion.

"Orion? Lactea?" The two turned around and saw a familiar face. It was another member of the Intellegence Council, and a friend of the family. "Are you two alright?"

"Yes, we think so," replied Orion, "How many are alive?" Their friend's face looked grim.

"We aren't sure. So far, we have counted one hundred and thirty four that are alive and able to walk by themselves or with a little help, and two thousand that are awake and semiconsious. But that's just a fraction of the population."

He was right. Planet Azullon was home to twenty thousand people, and that was just in the city. There could still be more in the small towns surrounding the city. But then again, numbers didn't really matter in a miracle.

"Is our planet still in the Guaopunt Quadrient?" asked Lactea.

"I'm afraid we don't know where we are, but you can take a look outside if you'd like," their friend said, gesturing outside, "There's an interesting planet outside."

After almost half an hour getting up and slowly maneuvering between the Azullons, the couple made it outside and gasped. About three hundred thousand miles from their planet was a planet surrounded by small thousands of small asteroids, almost as if it was surrounded by a ring. The ringed planet was far from Azullon, but close enough to see and bask in the amazement of it. After staring at the amazing sight in silence, Lactea finaly spoke up.

"Orion," she said, almost at a whisper, "do you think we'll find him? Our Ouwan. Do you think we'll be able to rebuild our technology, and find him?" Orion looked at his wife and gave a small smile.

"If our people can survive a blackhole, we can do anything," he said. Lactea returned the smile, and then turned back to the amazing ringed planet.

I promise you, Ouwan my son, she thought with a lone tear running down her cheek, we will find you and be reunited once more.

So yes, thats' the opening. I hope it was good, and if your confused on anything, don't worry, I'll explain it later. See you in the next chapter.