Duan Xiu Zhi Pi
My Past I: Mitsuo (Li Jiangyu)

I was the shy, quiet new kid from China. Seven years old, just starting at my new school. I...I wasn't even speaking perfect Japanese yet, not even close at times. Most would make fun of me or ignore me. I was weird, awkward. No-one could pronounce my name right, "Ganyuu,' they called me. The Kanji...read slightly differently. In Japanese, properly, it's Janyuu. Chinese, Jiangyu. It...sort of bothered me, especially when kids would do it on purpose.

"Ganyuu! Ni hao-Ganyuu! Ganyuuuuuu!"

"...Please. Leave me alone."

"Teach me Chinese! Ni hao Ganyuu!"

Things like that...It bothered me but there was nothing I could really do about them. Kids are kids, I was the new kid...It's how things go.

Then, one day, there was another new kid...Mitsuo. I...almost didn't make a good first impression.

"You're Chinese, right?"


"Ni hao!"

"Please, don't...Just leave me alone! I'm tired of that stuff! Go away!"

"Huh? Why, Jiangyu-san? D-Don't tell me...Nihao means something dirty...I-I looked it up in a dictionary! It said it meant 'hello.'"

"...Did...you...just call me Jiangyu? Why did you just say Nihao?" It was unusual for a Japanese speaker to call me Jiangyu, even though his tones and pronunciation were a little off. And completely unheard of when it came to the Japanese speaking kids at my school.

"M-my family's...going on a trip to Cheng Du next month, I wanna surprise them by learning some Chinese for when I go. The teacher told me to ask you when he saw me reading a dictionary."

"S-Sorry, it's...just...Everyone sort of...Shouts 'Nihao' at me and calls me 'Ganyuu.'"

"Um...Ganyuu? Why?"

"The Hanzi read slightly different in Japan...My name is Janyuu, not Ganyuu, in Japanese."

"Can I call you Jan-kun?"

"...H-Huh? Jan-kun? Um...What's your name?"

"Wo shi Mitsuo."

"Wo shi Jiangyu...Or, Jan-kun, if you want...Mitsuo-kun. I'll help you learn for your trip."

"Xie xie, Jan-kun!"

Mitsuo...learned quite a bit of Chinese from me. He used it on his trip, his parents were proud of him. He was so excited when he came back...

"Jan-kun! It was amazing! I remembered the Hanzi you taught me, too, for when we went out to eat...Oh, and that worldplay joke you told me to say, the waiter thought it was hysterical! My Dad was soooo impressed I made the guy laugh and my Dad didn't know what I said!"

"I'm glad, Mitsuo-kun." I figured, if he was like the others, he wouldn't want to hang out with me any more. He learned his Chinese, he impressed his family...I was of no more use.

"Jan-kun, wanna go get ice cream after school?"

"What?" That...was unexpected.

"I owe you big! C'mon! All the ice cream you can eat on me!"

"S-Sure...Thank you, Mitsuo-kun."

...We became best friends. He was always joking around with me, making me laugh. The other kids stopped making fun of me, he stood up for me a few times. Physically, speaking. He...got hurt most of the time, I felt bad for that but he told me, "No-one makes fun of Jan-kun." He got even more upset than I did when kids would call me Ganyuu, I was a little overwhelmed by how much he did for me. I always tried to do the same for him in return.

As the years went by...Mitsuo and I were the best of friends. He stopped learning Chinese from me and forgot some of it. I didn't mind, really. It meant he didn't use me, he was really my friend. We would still use simple phrases back and forth. And if we wanted to fake-impress an adult, Mitsuo could BS his way in "conversation" with random sentences while I spoke to him...Provided he didn't make me laugh with some nonsense he picked up or taught himself. He was actually quite good at the latter, when I answered the phone he would say something completely random and weird to make me laugh...

...Then came middle school. Mitsuo had grown out his hair over the summer, he looked great with long hair. He was always thin, because he usually ran around like a maniac. He was pretty hyper most of the time and loud. But he was always smiling and making jokes... That year he also got a new pair of glasses, thin copper wire frames. Instead of the thick, black frames he had before. I thought they looked really good on him, I have no idea why I thought that...At first.

One day, we met in the park...We had ice cream together. He talked about how much he loved green tea ice cream and the wonders of frozen custard. It was...one of his classic babbling rants that you just can't help but laugh at...Usually.

...I...I was lost in thought as he spoke... ...I was thinking about him. I was staring at him. I was...admiring him.

It was that night, I realized something...Something that scared me so much...

...I had fallen in love with my best friend, Mitsuo Yamaki.

Ori's Notes:
Eh...Just thought I'd give the Yamaki\Jiangyu thing a serious attempt. Sequel to "The Passion of the Cut Sleeve," since I wanted to play with some of what was mentioned in it. I'm...really not sure if this is one of my better fics, though. Fair warning.

Regarding "Ganyuu." In the Japanese version of Tamers, occasionally Janyuu\Jenrya are referred to as "Ganyuu" and "Genrya" by people who read their names spelled out in Kanji. This is due to how the Hanzi\Kanji (the complex Chinese symbols in Japanese writing) are read in Japanese.

"Nihao" is Mandarin Chinese for "Hello." Literally, it translates to "You Good." "Ni Hao Ma" is this in question form and translated, usually, as "Hello, how are you?" Literally, it's "You good?"

"Xie Xie" means "Thank you."

For the fic itself...I sort of wanted to do more with the whole Yamaki\Jiangyu thing. I had to come up with a way to do it that didn't completely screw over the series continuity. Good thing I'm rewatching Tamers while I write these things. Seriously, that's probably the reason I've been writing so many Tamers fics...

Also, the title...Well, since it's a sequel to The Passion of the Cut Sleeve, the title means...

...The Passion of the Cut Sleeve!

...In Mandarin Chinese instead of English...







WO AI... ...Uh... WO AI AI!



Taiki's Notes:

What in God's name are you ON, Ori?

Um, he's saying he loves a bunch of things (I think). Okay, then! I'll join in!

Wo Ai Jenkato!

Wo Ai, um, editing this? I-I don't know. Whatever, spread the love, Ori! Spread the love! And, please, cut down on the vicodin. Or up it. I don't know. Just change your dose.

Ori loves Mandarin Chinese. I think it has to do with being a Taoist or perhaps just because he's Ori. And obviously insane.

I'm certainly curious as to what he's planning with this. We finally have a serious Yamaki\Janyuu fic! More than Rosa!

-Taiki Matsuki