Duan Xiu Zhi Pi
Chapter X: Three Kisses (Li Jiangyu)

...I don't feel right doing this, even with what she told me. I shouldn't have told her about that conversation we had a couple weeks ago. I didn't want to keep it a secret, though...I don't want her to think I'd ever...do anything while back in contact with Mitsuo. ...I loved him and...Still do, but... ...My heart belongs to Mayumi now, I could never betray her. And Mitsuo would never want me to.

Mayumi was so upset when she heard how my father outted Takato, I had never seen her so angry. She was relieved by their acceptance and...We all loved hearing what made Takehiro so proud of his son...

...I was also impressed that Lianjie didn't teach Takato something dirty and said it was his message. I expect Takato to say something dirty in Chinese to Jianliang (most likely in front of all of us), but I know they won't be his own words...Lianjie will have his prank. And Takato has been forgiven in advance because I know he'll blame himself for some reason...Jianliang you need to help him work on that, you really do.

Anyway, Mayumi...She was really happy to hear that Mitsuo alerted Jianliang and went to face the Matsudas with them. Even if it meant they found out his "passion of the cut sleeve," we both know the current Mitsuo doesn't want to advertise or even hint at that. Mayumi...wanted to find a way to thank Mitsuo for what he did...

...Especially when she heard he punched my father... I-I'm looking the other way on that this one time, because my father did beat Mitsuo badly back then...Mitsuo owed him one punch. I just...wish Mayumi didn't have such a big smile after she heard that part.

...And I can't believe what she came up with as a means of thanking him... I really, really can't...I-I can't do this! Mayumi, you're insane!

"Jiangyu, I want you to give this to Yamaki-san for me. Read it first."

"...Mayumi-chan, are you...serious?"

"I-I know, but what he did for Takato and what you told me. If he didn't warn Jianliang, things could have been so much worse. And he was there to support them in case things didn't go well...I want to thank him for all he did for them."

"I know you...want to thank him, but...This? I-I don't...No!"

"He'll love it. And I know you will, too. It's okay, just this once."

"...This is a test of some kind, isn't it?"


"Sorry, I know...you wouldn't do something like that."

"I know why you're nervous...It's okay. Just remember the last part."

"I-I didn't even get there... ...Oh, I see. That...would deter him. Probably."

"See? I have nothing to worry about. You have my permission, Jiangyu. It's for Yamaki-san."


...I...I don't feel right. She had to drive me over here, actually...My wife is waiting in the car. And I'm going...to Mitsuo's apartment. With her letter.

I knock on the door. "...Mitsuo, it's Jan."

Mitsuo opens the door... ...He has a Ramune JOLT in his hands. Peach flavor. Old habits die hard, Mitsuo? "...Janyuu?"

"Jianliang told us about what you did for him and Takato. My wife wanted me to give you...a letter of thanks. May I come in?"

Mitsuo nods, he steps aside. I take my shoes off at the door...

...I see his old guitar leaning against the couch. "You...got out your guitar?"

"I had been feeling...nostalgic. Same reason for the soda. I can't believe I still like these things." He says, finishing the bottle.

"It's so late, are you sure you should be drinking that?"

Mitsuo shrugs. "We'll find out tomorrow." ...That sounds a bit like the old Mitsuo.

I reach into my coat pocket and pass him the letter. "...This was her idea."

"What do you mean?"

"Just...read it."

Mitsuo takes the letter. We walk into his living room and sit down, he reads it. "...Three 'Mayumi's wrath free' kisses?"

"...Yes. I-I couldn't...believe it either."

"...It's...tempting." Mitsuo chuckles. "...Tell her thanks but I wouldn't feel right doing it. You wouldn't either, right?"

"Not...really. It is...tempting, though," I nod. It really is, but...I would never do that to Mayumi, even if she did encourage it. As hard as it is for me to believe that.

"I especially like this at the end, 'for every kiss over three, Mitsuo Yamaki has to kiss Mayumi Li twice.' Interesting method of determent, I admit." He laughs a little...Like he used to. "How have things been since the bakery?"

"My father is tolerating Jianliang and Takato. He's back with us."

"...He's...tolerating them?" Mitsuo gives me a shocked look. "Are you serious?"

"He told me he 'may have made a mistake' back then, too," I add. Those were the last words I would have ever expected to hear from him. "You'd be surprised to know, Takato forgave him for the bakery incident. I think it's mostly because he feels like he's causing trouble for us."

"Tell Takato that's impossible, Jiyan causes the trouble all by himself."

"Takato's father is so impressed that Takato speaks Chinese now, he's telling customers he learned it for his boyfriend," I laugh. "Lianjie and Xiaochun are teaching him. He's...actually quite good at it. I overheard him and Jianliang trying a conversation, it was...mostly simple phrases but his tones are excellent. He reminds me of you when we first met."

Mitsuo laughs. "Good, they have what we didn't...That makes me feel better about what happened."

"I expect some groaning tomorrow night, though..."


"...Lianjie's brining his 'old friend' over. He promised he won't make a scene or complain. Well, he promised he'd do his best."

"I heard about that...Two sons with the passion of the cut sleeve. What are the chances?"

I shrug. "I don't know or care, as long as they're happy. Lianjie is still getting used to it all." He's not so much ashamed of himself, but embarrassed about it. Jianliang and Takato are helping him on that, but Jialing probably isn't so much helpful despite her encouragement...I won't stop her from having her fun, though. I don't think I could.

"I wish them the best."

I motion to the guitar. "...Can you still play?"

Mitsuo nods. "There's...a song I wrote a long time ago. I still remember it."

"You wrote a song?"

"...For a certain someone."

I blush slightly. "O-Oh...Really?"

"Want to hear it? ...It's...by the old Mitsuo. And I know I'm going to screw it all up. It's been so many years. I...only remember it because, after Jiyan, I would sing it to myself when I thought of you."

"I'd love to hear it, Yama-chan." I smile.

Mitsuo goes to his guitar and starts playing. "Jiangyu...Ai ren...Ni shi wo de ai..."

...Mayumi, we won't take those three kisses but...

...I'm so happy you talked me into coming here. Just so I could hear this song.


Ori's Notes:

...Did you REALLY think he'd kiss Yamaki? Even WITH Mayumi's permission? Sorry, sorry, but...I got a thing about monogamy. It's one of the few virtues I can tolerate...That's a REALLY short list, too. Vices, mile long. Virtues? Like, three and I'm thinking about cutting out two of 'em.

For the fic as a whole...Like I said, I really wanted to make a serious attempt at this pairing that didn't COMPLETELY screw over continuity. Sugar high Yamaki...was the best idea I could come up with to explain the lack of "It's you! My love from the past!" when they met in the show. Take that as you will.

I'm not really sure if this is one of my better works, though...I dunno, something about this fic is bugging me, I just don't know what...

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Taiki's Notes:

Ori, you NEED to work on your self-esteem as a writer!

I admit, I wanted to see a kiss but I see his point. It would have been awkward for all three parties. I loved the fact Yamaki's song was in Chinese.

At last! FFN has a serious attempt at Yamaki\Janyuu! You've done it!

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