You make the monsters go away...

"Ooof, you sure this worth the monsters leaving mate?"

Dax shifted his arms around his best friend until they were comfortable.

"Go back to sleep Gid, you're the one who woke me up anyway!"

"Yeah mate I told you you didn't have to get up and snuggle with me every time I had nightmares"

Dax sighed in pleasure. Truth was he loved every second of being in Gideon's bed with him. But his best friend could never know that.

"Yes but I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't comfort you after you have the nightmares"

"I'm not four any more I don't need comforting after I have nightmares"

Dax curled even tighter around Gideon. He wished that he could sleep like this every night but Gideon's bad dreams only came about three times a week. Dax felt guilty for wishing they came more often; of course he didn't want Gid's nightmares to get worse, that would be unfair on his friend. Dax sighed again, he knew life at home wasn't great for Gideon – his father was an alcoholic – and life at Cola club was his only escape. Gradually Gideon's breathing evened and both the boys fell asleep in each others arms.