Dax Jones stormed into the common room, which caused the majority of the Colas who were relaxing in there to look up. Dax Jones rarely stormed anywhere. His death glare sought Gideon.

"What exactly did you say to Owen this morning Gid?" he demanded. Instead of taking the shapeshifter seriously, his best friend burst out laughing. Frowning, Dax grabbed Gideon and dragged him upstairs. Once they were in their room, Dax turned to face Gideon and found that he was standing really close. Looking slightly alarmed, Dax took a step back but Gideon moved closer to him than he originally was. Gently, but surely, the blond boy snaked his arms around Dax's waist and pulled him close.

"So the rumours are true then?" mocked a smug voice. The boys instantly sprang apart just in time to see Spook run out of the room. Both boys swore out loud. This was going to be awkward.

"Maybe we should go after him" Dax suggested.

"No" Gideon shook his head "I don't care what they think" he said defiantly.

"But they might get the wrong idea" Dax looked at his best friend "It was just a hug right?" Dax asked, almost desperately. Immediately the shapeshifter could smell the disappointment coming from Gid.

"Yeah it was just a hug" the tone of Gideon's voice was flat. Silently Dax went to the window and opened it, climbing onto the window sill he shifted and jumped into the air spreading his glorious wings.

Tears in his eyes, Gideon threw himself onto his bed, wishing he hadn't of been so forward with Dax. The shapeshifter had a habit of running away when he was confused. Gideon cursed quietly to himself. He really didn't want to mess things up with Dax and – being best friends as well – it was already complicated without Dax (maybe a tad unintentionally) rejecting him like that.

More tears pricked at Gid's eyes. He had no idea when he had started to feel like this about Dax but he knew instantly that it wasn't wrong or unnatural, just a little scary. Gideon knew that he's in love with Dax. He knew that he would happily take the nightmares if it meant that just a couple of hours later he would have Dax sliding between the sheets; holding him; caring about him; whispering comforting words in his ear; telling him everything's going to be okay; making the monsters go away. Gideon loved him for it.

But his best friend could never know that.

Dax wondered between the trees feeling confused. He hadn't considered what he would do if Gideon liked him back in that way. Heck, he wasn't even sure that Gideon did.

But, thinking carefully about it, Dax knew that his friend must have felt something for him or he wouldn't let him into his bed. Dax remembered the times when he knew that Gideon was faking having nightmares; normally the shapeshifter could smell the pure terror coming from the telekinetic. A sharp, striking smell. When Gid was pretending Dax could smell hope on him.

Hope that Dax would be fooled and get into bed with him anyway?

Of course Dax didn't mind getting to hold Gideon while they slept.

But his best friend could never know that.

Though Dax suspected he already did...