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Slowly opening his eyes Cody groaned at the killer headache he had. Damn he shouldn't have drunk so much last night. But everyone around him had been looking so happy and cheerful and it just had made him feel miserable and lonely, so he grabbed to the bottle. Now however he regretted it like hell. He couldn't even remember ever having such a bad hangover as he had now. His head felt like Hunter had hit it with his damn sledgehammer for a long period of time.

Sitting up he was glad that at least it wasn't sunny outside so the daylight didn't hurt his eyes too much as he looked around the room. He frowned however when he realized that this wasn't the hotel room he shared with Ted. Oh god what had he done last night? He thought as he tried hard to remember, but the only things he did remember was going to the club and feeling completely miserable and drinking. The rest was just one big black hole.

Looking down in desperation he felt himself panic even more as he realized that he was naked. Naked and in a room that wasn't his own. What the hell had he done?

He tried even harder to remember something about last night. He knew he had been watching Ted dance with some anonymous girl and he remembered Mike and Jack snogging the life out of each other. Oh and Evan and Christian almost having sex in the middle of the dance-floor, but that was about it. Him watching the other while drinking his sorrow away, nothing more.

Sighing he pulled his hair out of frustration. Why couldn't he remember? And how did he get here? Had he gone back with some strange guy... or even worse with one of his fellow wrestlers?

Suddenly there was knock on the door, making him winch at the sound. "John, you're there?" sounded Randy's voice from the other side of the door.

Cody felt all the color leave his face as he felt like he was going to have a panic attack. Shit this was John's room -Randy's best friend- and here he was lying naked in John's bed with his lover knocking on the door. The same lover that had been the reason he had felt so miserable and lonely last night in the first place, because Randy had been away for a couple of days for promotion work.

Than to his horror he heard the lock being turned and the door opening. Completely frozen he could do nothing more than watch as the door opened revealing his lover. He didn't want to know how Randy would react to finding him naked in the room and bed of his best friend.

His heart clenched with fear as he watched how Randy looked around the room and stilled when his eyes came upon him. He saw how his lover tensed and paled and he knew that Randy was trying hard to stay calm before pulling any conclusions.

"Cody." The older man's voice was nothing more than a low angry growl. "What are you doing here?"

He looked down, guilty for not knowing the reason why he was in John's room and bed naked. Ashamed for knowing that there was a big chance he had cheated on Randy with the man's own best friend.

The sound of an animal like growl startled him, looking up he realized that it had come from his Randy. The older man had seen his actions as an admission of guilt and looked at him with pure anger. He swallowed hard at seeing the ice cold Viper-like glare his lover sent him. Than without another single word Randy turned on his heels and left the room, slamming the door behind him making him winch at the loud noise.

Looking at the door he felt completely defeated and tears started to roll down his cheeks as he realized that Randy had just broken up with him without saying so much as a word. Not that he could blame him, who wouldn't do the same if you found out your lover had slept with your best friend.

Laying back down he curled up into a ball, sobbing onto his pillow. His heart felt like it had just been torn into pieces and he knew it was his own fucking fault. The pain he felt of losing the man he loved more than anything and would have given his life for hurt like a bitch and all because of a drunk night he couldn't even remember.

He didn't know how long he had been lying there crying his heart out, when he felt the bed dip and a hand on his shoulder. "Cody?"


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