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Fiddling with the sheets of the bed he sat on, Cody waited impatiently and nervous for John's return. Curious to know how his talk with Randy had gone and wanting to know if Randy had listened to him or not. If he believed John or not. He knew all to well just how difficult it was to reason with Randy when the older man was angry and now the Viper was probably furious, so that would only make it harder.

He bit his lip. Now that he knew this whole thing had been a big misunderstanding and John had been nothing but a good friend by helping him, he really wanted him and Randy to be good again. But deep down he was scared that Randy wouldn't listen to John or what would probably hurt even more, not believe it.

The soft creaking of a door opening pulled him out of his thought. Jumping up he was ready to fire question to see how it had went. But his mouth snapped close in surprise however when he saw that it wasn't John, but Randy walking into the room.

"Randy" he breathed softly in disbelief. Also scared that if he would speak too loud Randy would miraculously disappear or something, that it was nothing but a hallucination he was seeing. However it didn't take him long to realize that the older man was indeed standing in the room and suddenly he felt nervous. Not knowing with what reason Randy came here. Had he come here to yell at him or had he really listened to what John had told him? Than a new thought came up. Had Randy even spoken to John or didn't John have the chance to confront him and tell him. He didn't know as his heart was pounding against his chest.

"Cody" Randy finally acknowledged him.

Biting his lip Cody looked at the ground. He hadn't felt so nervous or uncomfortable around the older man since before they had started dating. "Randy I..."

"John told me what happened" Randy interrupted him, making him look up. "Is it true?"

Bowing his head again Cody fiddled with the hem of his sweater. Ashamed that he couldn't answer that, while again tears welled up in his eyes. "I don't know" he murmured softly. "I know I felt like crap because you weren't there, that's the reason why I was drinking so much. But I can't remember what happened after that."

Randy walked towards him, an unreadable expression on his face as he stopped inches away from him. He put one finger under Cody's chin and lifted his head. "I want to see the truth in your eyes while you answer this question" Randy explained to him. "Can you remember what happened last night?"

Knowing it was very important to Randy he looked the older man right in his blue/gray eyes. "I can't remember Randy. I can't remember what happened at the end of the night. Can't remember how I got back to the hotel or here and I can't remember what I have or haven't done until I woke up this morning."

Randy just nodded and took a couple of steps back. He felt the older man's eyes looking him over, but he never expect the question that came next. "Is your ass sore?"

A little taken back by the sudden and blunt question Cody looked at the older man strangely before finally answering, "No why?"

A smile appeared on Randy's face while Cody looked at him confused. But than suddenly realization hit him. It meant he didn't have sex last night, because he was always sore afterwards. That was what Randy meant with the question.

With that new information he couldn't help but literally throw himself in Randy's arms . The older man caught him easily and just hugged him close. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" he said as he pulled away a little to look at Randy.

Randy cocked his head a little. "And why is that?"

"Because if John hadn't been there to take care of me, I could have done something incredible stupid" he told his lover, blushing in shame.

Randy chuckled softly and caressed his neck. "From what I heard from John, were you my little Cody too drunk to do anything." That only made Cody look down and feel more ashamed. But Randy once again put a finger under his chin to make him look at him. "Codes it's okay. Just promise me to never drink so much again in the future."

"I promise, I won't ever do it again" he told the older man determined. He never wanted to go through something like what happened this morning ever again. "So are we okay again?" he asked hopeful.

Randy smirked at him and pulled him closer. "Oh I'm not letting you go anytime soon Codes."

Happily Cody flung his arms around Randy's neck and kissed him. Knowing he would never drink as much as he did last night ever again. He wouldn't hurt Randy or himself like that again.

"One more thing though" Randy said, pulling away. "Why the hell are you wearing a Cena shirt?" Dumbfounded he looked down to see that he was indeed wearing a Cena sweater. He had been so focused on his trouble that he hadn't even noticed what kind of clothes John had given him to put on.

"Get it off" Randy growled lowly and Cody instantly obeyed.

He was surprised however to see that Randy also pulled off his shirt and gave it to him. So he raised a questioning eyebrow at the older man. "You're really giving me one of your beloved Affliction shirt?" Randy never let anyone borrow or wear any of those shirts.

The older man glared at him. "Just put it on."

He did, breathing in Randy's scent -which was all over the shirt- and he loved it. Looking back at Randy he saw the older man looking at him with a smirk. "God baby-boy you look so fucking good in my clothes. I should let you wear them more often" he growled lightly making Cody blush. "Besides that way everyone can see you belong to only me."

Shaking his head Cody chuckled. "Possessive much?"

Randy just pulled him against his strong, now naked chest and grabbed Cody's ass with his big hands. "Of course I am. Everyone wants to have a piece of that delicious ass of yours."

Cody kissed him. "It's all yours, because I only want you Randy Orton."

"Obviously and who wouldn't want my god like body" Randy smirked arrogantly.

He just returned the smirk. "But only I can have it, just like you're the only one that can have mine."

Growling in agreement Randy bend his head and bit Cody's neck, claiming the younger man as his. "Randy" Cody whined. "You know in how much trouble I will get with make-up because of that."

"Don't care, you belong to me" Randy growled before kissing Cody hard, but passionate. Cody was his and only his and he would never let anyone else touch him and Cody didn't mind at all.


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