The New Arrival

Chapter Eleven

Harry's phone was ringing. It was the sixth time in an hour that it had been vibrating and shouting out it's ringtone of Super massive Black Hole, desperate to be answered. Harry however was otherwise occupied by Jessica who had been injured by her brother. The twins were only three days old.

Draco was in bed with Mathew, Narcissa was up with him. They had had to separate the babies as the rivalry between them hadn't ebbed at all. It didn't matter that they couldn't speak, they were the product of Harry Potter with the combination of the Pure Blood Malfoy line. Not being able to speak and never having studied magic didn't stop these two children.

Harry already knew that it was concerning Draco who was distressed at the fact that he couldn't have his two children in the same room as one another. He wasn't sure how he could solve this problem though, not when he had other commitments.

He was well aware that the contractor in charge of renovating the Bed and Breakfast was trying to desperately to get hold of him. He didn't know why but he was sat on the sofa feeding his daughter and she took priority over anything to do with the B&B.

Upon holding his daughter for the first time he had fallen completely in love with her. When he had held his son on the other hand he just hadn't felt right. There was something about that little baby that didn't sit right with him. Harry didn't dare voice this to either Draco or Narcissa. They had taken to both of them without question. But when Harry had held Mathew his scar had prickled, something that hadn't happened since Voldemort had died.

A small niggling feeling in the pit of his stomach made him want to go and visit Hermione and talk it over with her and see what she thought but since he wasn't speaking to her or to Ron he suppressed that urge and pondered over it himself.

Jessica drained her bottle and Harry moved her so that her head was on his shoulder and he began rubbing her back until she burped. Even after she had got rid of the excess air Harry kept rubbing her back as she wriggled. The overwhelming love that he felt for this little creature was not what he had expected it just concerned him that he felt nothing for his son.

At that moment Narcissa came down stairs, She stopped upon seeing Harry sitting there. "How are you feeling?" She asked him coming over to the sofa and taking a seat beside him.

"Scared" Harry said honestly.

"Understandable, She's asleep by the way, would you like me to put her in her crib. You could go and see Draco and Mathew, both of them are refusing to sleep." Narcissa said with a smile. Harry's phone began to ring again.

"No, I'm going to sit here with Jessie for a while." Harry said gently moving his daughter so that he was cradling her in his arms.

"Who keeps calling you, you're phone has been ringing all morning." She asked curiously.

"It doesn't matter. Nothing important. I want to tell you something and I don't want you to judge me. I just can't keep it to myself anymore and it more than scares me." Harry said deciding that he couldn't keep his feelings about Mathew to himself.

"Go on." She said with concern.

"I love Draco, more than anything in the world, Jessica is perfect, beyond perfect but when I held Mathew soon after he was born I didn't love him, I looked at him and felt nothing. I know that makes me seem like a monster for not loving my son but when he looked into my eyes I felt my scar start to prickle. It hasn't done that since Voldemort. I know he's only a baby and he's my baby but there is still a part of Voldemort in me. I hate myself for it but I can't ignore this feeling I have."

Narcissa took a deep breath, processing the information that Harry had unloaded. "It has concerned me that Mathew seems to be the one who initiates the rivalry between him and his sister. Jessica never starts it, only defends herself. On the other hand he is your child and Draco knows that there is something not quite right with you at the moment. I don't think you should tell Draco, there isn't anything you can do about it. They are both your children and you cannot disregard your son because of a feeling you have."

"I know that but he scares me and he's only a few days old."

"All you can do is love him and nurture him. Do not treat them differently and be there for them. As a parent all you can do is do your best." She said with a smile, "And don't over work yourself, a Bed and Breakfast is a lot of work to undertake with two new born babies."

"How did you know?" Harry asked perplexed.

"Draco told me that you wanted to do it and he wasn't sure but he knew that you would do it anyway. When you're passionate about something nothing stops you from doing it. He knew that and told you he wasn't pleased but he still knew you'd do it anyway."

"I think I owe him an apology." Harry said with a sigh, staring down at his daughter.

"I think he'll forgive you." Narcissa said with a smile. "Here, I'll take Jessica, you go up and see Draco and Mathew. It's time you all bonded as a family."

"Thank you Narcissa, I appreciate this but I'm going to take Jessie up with me, they need to learn to be together. They're brother and sister after all, they need to learn to tolerate each other."

Harry was of course right, no matter how he felt about Mathew he was still his father and even if he did have a large chunk of Voldemort inside of him Harry was going to do his best to be a father to him and teach him what was right. Harry wouldn't allow his son, his flesh and blood to go down the wrong path.