"Why you little…" Kuwabara started but was cut off at the arrival of Koenma.

"Hello everyone, I'm glad to see you're all here, and look you're even in one piece for a change," said Koenma as he took a seat in front of everyone.

"Cut the crap Koenma, why have you called us here. I've got better things to do then wait on you hand and foot," said Yusuke.

"And when whatever this is, is finished, I'd like to have a word with you. Something along the lines of inviting people into someone's house without the owner's permission," said Genkai.

"Right," Koenma said, a sweat drop forming on the side of his face. "Anyway, after finally catching up on all the paper work that was pilling up, I came across an interesting realization."

"Which is?" said Yusuke impatiently.

"That after finishing every mission I send you guys on, you always end up coming back injured. Now I know that Yukina, Genkai and Botan are great healers, as well as Kurama and his plants, but Yukina is not fully trained and Botan can only do so much. Kurama, you yourself have stated that your plants can't heal everything, and you don't always have the necessary plants on hand. And Genkai, no offence but your getting old and you won't be here forever. So it has come to my conclusion that you all are in need of a healer. A healer with experience and is fully trained," said Koenma.

"Having a fully trained healer does benefit for the team. Yukina would be able to learn more in the art of healing, and it would be helpful to have more healers. The more serious the wounds, the more energy it usually takes to heal it," said Kurama.

"Then that's settled," said Koenma. "You will be able to meet her tomorrow at twelve o'clock."

"Where are we meeting?" asked Kuwabara.

"Before you even suggest it Koenma, no you may not use my temple, its going to be undergoing some serious cleaning and I don't wish to start it earlier just so that it looks clean for the newbie," Genkai stated as she calmly sipped her tea.

"Right…any suggestions?" asked Koenma.

"I suppose we could meet at my home," said Kurama. "But you have failed to tell us where exactly she is going to be staying."

"Don't look at me. My mom has the place trashed and even after cleaning it…it's messy within an hour," said Yusuke.

"Sorry Koenma, but Shizuru has her boyfriend staying in our only guest room," mumbled Kuwabara.

"Keiko doesn't have any rooms for someone to stay in either," said Yusuke.

"My apartment doesn't have a spare room either," said Botan staring at her feet.

"What about you Kurama?" asked Koenma.

"…That's kind of difficult, but not impossible I suppose. My mother and step father share the master bedroom, and Shuichi has his own room, as well as me. But Hiei usually stays in the guest room when the weather is bad, which would make it hard for Hiei to find a place to stay if this new member on the team stayed there," said Kurama.

"Why is the shrimp staying in your home!" exclaimed Kuwabara.

"Well let's see, I lived in Demon World, which would mean that any money I had or have would be there. Then there's also the fact that if I had a home THAT'S WHERE IT WOULD BE YOU BRAINLESS IDIOT! Not to mention the fact that Koenma doesn't bother to give me any money to find a place to stay, since he's such a cheap bastard, and he forbids me to steal unless I want to be thrown into Spirit World Prison, even though he provides for his Spirit Guides who are living in this world. So that leaves sleeping outside. But let's not forget the fact that Human World just loves to have a wet and cold environment, OH and my personal favorite, one that everyone seems to keep forgetting. I'M A FIRE DEMON! I get sick extremely easy in this type of weather, so unless you want me to go into a coma just for getting drenched or fall ill, then by all means take the only shelter that I can find when the temperature drops," Hiei all but growled.

Without even turning to see the reactions of the people around him, Hiei's form flickered, then vanished.

"…I had no idea he had it that bad," said Koenma.

"Or get that angry," said Kuwabara.

"Yes, well Koenma you're the only one to blame for that outburst. Even after his charges were cleared you still treat him like he's about to turn on you at any moment. You just finally pushed his last button when you unknowingly threatened his last safe haven. Hiei has already suffered enough and I'm sorry but I'm not about to take away what I promised I never would. If I did that then I would be doing what everyone else in his past did, take him in and then throw him out," said Kurama as he turned to the door.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going after Hiei," said Kurama.

"Wait," Genkai sighed. "Before you go, let me tell you to inform that flying phantom that the new member on the team will be staying at the temple, therefore it won't be necessary for him to worry…actually I suppose it wouldn't be such a bad idea if the whole lot of you stayed for a while to get to know the new girl. But, if I allow this, you all are going to help in the cleaning, is that understood?"

"Aright, you've got yourself a deal," shouted Yusuke. "Can Keiko come too?"

"Is she not part of the group?" asked Genkai. "Just don't forget to tell her that she will also have to help in the cleaning. I don't need any fights occurring in this temple unless I give the orders."

Yusuke grinned. "You got it." Giving her a thumb up, he raced out of the room to go find the only phone available in the temple.

"Now….about your little habit of calling people here without my permission."