Persian Nights – Epilogue

The future holds mysterious things. Destiny is not always clear but things happen for reason. The heroes of time have many stories, some yet told, some never to be known. But lived they did, loved, fought, grieved, and died. The gods watched it all and smiled down upon them, granting them eternal peace when their time came.

King Tus and Princess Parisa had a son, Anushiravan, who became a champion of the common people. He reigned during the height of Persia's golden age and was so wise that his people called him Anushiravan the Just.

The warrior prince Garsiv had a failing out with Vigilantia, but not before getting her with child. She returned to Constantinople heavy with child, and the Emperor Justinian quickly wedded her to a senator and paid the man to claim the child as his own. The child would grow up to be Justin II, and succeed his uncle Justinian to the throne of Byzantium. He would grow bitter and resentful, knowing his true father was Persian, and he started the wars again, trying to claim the desert empire for himself.

Dastan, the Hand of the Gods, would go on to defeat a Turkish invasion and have many adventures and tales to tell. But the gods's eyes never strayed far from Alamut, where Tamina, the High Priestess of Alamut and the wife of Prince Dastan, gave birth to twins, Prince Rustam and Princess Neelam.

Rustam would grow up to be a great warrior like his father, yet wise like his mother. He became a great hero to Persia and defeated the Warlord Kosh, ending the man's seemingly never-ending struggle for the throne of Persia.

Neelam followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming the High Priestess of Alamut and guardian of the Dagger of Time. During her reign in Alamut, she became the most famous and most celebrated religious figure in all of Persia.

Both were close with their cousin, the King Anushiravan, and together the three of them shaped the future that their parents had laid the foundation of: A golden age that lasted for a hundred years.

*Hope you all enjoyed. This story kind of got away from me, but I tried to tie everything up.