"Noah, don't you think we should finish our conversation?"

Holden jumped at the chance to get out of the house, so he agreed.

Luke seemed mad at Noah ignoring his question and he tried again.

"Noah, don't you think we should talk about this more?" asked Luke.

"We've talked and we talked but you do not want to be in a relationship with me. Well, fine. You win." Noah said with frustration in his voice.

Not wanting to hear another word coming from Luke, Noah walked out of the kitchen. A few minutes later, he walked back into the kitchen in a white tank top on showing off every single muscle in his upper body.

"Is that how you dress when you go out to bars in Los Angeles?" Luke asked half mad.

"No, I don't go to bars in Los Angeles. But will dress like this when I start going." He saw Luke's angry reaction to his comment. "Why shouldn't I? You don't want me." Holden and Noah walked out the door together leaving both Lily and Luke fuming.


Holden and Noah have been at the bar for an hour and they were getting hit on by pretty much every single woman and gay guy in the joint. They were getting a little tipsy when Chris and Katie walked in to play pool. They noticed Noah and Holden at the bar drinking and went up to talk to them.

"How's it going guys?" asked Chris cautiously.

"We're commiserating together." Noah and Holden clinked glasses together.

Chris and Katie looked at each other with worry. Both men were on their way to getting drunk.

"The Walsh's in our lives don't want to be with us." said Holden sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that." sympathized Katie.

"Our pool table is open, we will talk to you guys later." said Chris. "And take it easy. Getting drunk isn't going to solve your problem."

"We're not getting drunk, well, maybe a little tipsy, but we do need your help before you go." asked Noah. "We will be unable to drive; can you call Lily and have both Lily and Luke come get us?"

"Sure." said Chris, wondering what Noah was up to. They both left and went to play pool. He turned around to see Noah explain his plan to Holden and watched them clink glasses and smile.

Few minutes later Katie said "I'm calling Luke and Lily now." when she saw Tony and Melissa walk towards Holden and Noah.

"Oh, I get it now." laughed Chris. Katie gave him a 'what are you talking about' look. "Just wait."

She called Luke. "Luke, its Katie, we are at Yo's shooting some pool and Noah and Holden look like they have had too much to drink."

"How bad is it?" asked Luke.

"It's not yet but I think they are pretty close to getting very drunk. I think you both should come down to get them."

"We'll be there in a few minutes." He knew Noah only got drunk when he was really upset.


Fifteen minutes later, Luke and Lily walked into Yo's and approached to Katie and Chris.

"How are they doing?" asked Lily.

"Well, they are still drinking and getting hit on by every single person in the bar but they've shooed everyone off." said Chris.

Luke gave Chris the evil eye.

"We are just playing pool. I have soda water in my glass, Luke." answered Chris to Luke's stare.

Before Luke could respond, Lily almost yelled "Is that Tony with Noah?"

Just the name Tony gave Luke a goosebumps. Luke could remember when they were invited to the lake house by Reg and Tony. All Tony wanted was to get Noah in the hot tub. (flashback Video – Luke and Noah have a discussion about Tony wanting to see Noah naked in a hot tub. – LukeVanFan part 128 :06)

"Yes and he has the hots for Noah. Is that Melissa with Dad?"

"Yes, it is. The slut. Your father has such bad taste."

Chris laughed slightly. Melissa was an attractive blond with large breasts. Chris leaned over and whispered to Katie, "Don't get between them and their pray. They will be striking soon." Katie giggled slightly.

Tony was flirting, touching Noah's arm and standing close to him. Noah seemed to be enjoying the attention from Tony and when Noah touched Tony's shoulder, Luke almost went into a jealous rage. At the same time, Melissa was doing the same thing to Holden and Lily just as Luke was, seething with jealousy.

"Fuck this!" said Lily and Luke at the same time and stormed over to their respective loved ones.

"Hands off bitch." Both Luke and Lily yelled out in rage. Nobody was messing with their men.

Holden, Noah, Melissa and Tony turned to stare at Lily and Luke in shock.

"What do you want?" asked Noah. "You said you didn't want to be in a relationship."

"You're coming home now!" Luke demanded.

"What's your problem? I'm just having some fun with hot tub Tony." Noah was nonchalant.

"I said pay your tab and let's get the hell out of here." yelled Luke. "Now!"

"You heard your son. We are leaving, now!" said Lily to Holden in a loud voice.

Katie and Chris were leaning against the side of their pool table trying not to laugh too loudly at the scene in front of them.


Noah and Holden paid their tab and left with Luke and Lily. It was quiet in the car on the way home. When they got home, Luke ran right up to his bedroom. Noah followed closely and before Luke could shut his door, Noah forced himself into the room.

"Don't you dare lock me out, Luke." yelled Noah. "We need to talk about this."

"Just go away, Noah. Tonight showed me all I needed to know."

"What are you talking about?"

"You were going to sleep with Tony, weren't you?" accused Luke.

"No, what on earth gave you that idea?" He shuttered at the thought, "He's still strange and creepy."

"I saw you with him. You were touching each other." accused Luke again.

"You're jealous. You saw a man coming on to me and it made you jealous." Noah said trying to add surprise to his accusation.

"No, I was mad you were drinking." lied Luke. Noah started to laugh because he didn't believe Luke. "Okay, yes, I was jealous. Are you happy now?"

"No, I'm not happy. Why are you jealous?"

"Oh alright." yelled a crying Luke. "I love you and I want to be with you but I'm scared."

Noah walked over to Luke and put a hand on his face. "I want so much to be with you too, Luke. I know you are scared, but I'm just as scared as you are but what frightens me that most is the thought of losing you again."

Noah could see that Luke was fighting a battle within himself between his heart and his brain. He knew just what to say to Luke.

"Luke, why can't you just go with your feelings and just do it. Just feel what you are feeling and just let it go." Noah said emotionally, remembering Luke's words when he was scared to get back with Luke after Luke kissed Brian. Luke' mind wandered back to when he said that to Noah in the middle of Old Town. (flashback Video –Luke fighting with Noah in Old Town before they had sex – LukeVanFan part 253 1:00)

Luke finally let go of all the hurt, pain and emptiness that was part of his life for such a long time. His feelings took over as he pushed Noah up against the bedroom door and proceeded to lay a big kiss on Noah's lips recalling the first time they made love. (flashback Video – Luke and Noah have sex. – LukeVanFan part 253 3:04)

Luke reached down to lock the door. His hands moved up from Noah's waist to the bottom of Noah's tank top as he slowly pulled it over Noah's head while rubbing his hands around Noah's muscular chest.

Noah raised his hands to each side of Luke's face never breaking contact with Luke's big brown eyes, "Is this what you want, Luke?"

"Yes." Luke muttered in a hoarse voice. "I want you Noah. I've only ever wanted you."

Noah could see the love returning in Luke's eyes.

Noah reached down to pull Luke's stripped shirt over his head and let it hit the floor. They kissed deeply again. Noah broke the kiss as they were both gasping for air. Pulling back, Noah stood there staring at Luke as if to make sure all that was happening was real and not just a fantasy he'd lived with the last six months. Closing the gap between them, Noah reached down to unbuckle Luke's pants while looking directly into Luke's eyes. With the belt out of the way, Noah now easily reached for the zipper and pushed Luke's pants and briefs down to cup his bare ass.

"I've wanted you here like this for a long time, Luke." Noah's voice is full of passion. "I want you Luke, I want you so bad."

"You can take me, Noah. I want everything you can give me." said Luke in a calm voice.

Noah kissed Luke again, hoping Luke would swallow his tongue but the kiss broke and Noah began kissing Luke's neck. He kissed his way down Luke's body until he was on his knees in front of Luke's waist. He took Luke's erection in his mouth and started sucking on it causing Luke to moan.

"That's so good, Noah." Luke moaned.

Luke was lost in passion knowing that Noah's lips were wrapped around his erection but was soon pulled out of his haze when he felt Noah's finger around his ass. Luke spread his legs to allow Noah more access. Noah slipped one finger in, moving it around to loosen him up and soon had a second and a third finger added.

"Do it now, Noah." begged Luke.

Noah removed his fingers and they moved over to the bed. Luke got down on the bed with his ass up in the air. Noah entered him slowly as Luke moaned into his pillow. He stayed completely impaled in Luke until Luke gave him the permission to move and when he did, he slowly withdrew and pushed himself to the hilt again. Noah kept up this pace for about ten minutes before he withdrew fully from Luke and flipped Luke over on his back. They both loved this position for the same reason. To look into each other's eyes while they made love. They felt they could connect on a spiritual level that only increased their pleasure.

Noah pushed himself back in as Luke wrapped his legs around Noah's waist. As Noah got used to the new position as he fucked up into Luke's ass so he could properly move himself along Luke's prostate. He was large enough to press against it anyway but adding more friction only increased the pleasure for Luke.

Noah considered himself a generous lover. He always made Luke's pleasure foremost in his mind but as it ended up, he was always rewarded with great sex for himself.

"God, Noah, it's so good." moaned Luke. "Oh, right there… oohhh… that's it Noah… now pound it."

Noah picked up the pace. He knew he wasn't going to last long but he knew it was great for Luke as his eyes were rolling back. He kept looking at his lover and knew that after all the pain that Luke had gone through, that he could give Luke this much pleasure only heightened the experience for Noah but all too soon, both men were climaxing at the same time. Noah sending his seed into Luke and Luke spraying his seed all over himself and Noah.

Neither man could express the happiness of what just happened. Noah began to cry into Luke's shoulder and Luke comforted him as his own tears fell slowly down his cheeks. It's been a long trial for both but Luke felt that this was a new start for them and what an amazing start it was. "All it took was Tony hitting on Noah" Luke said to himself as he giggled out loud.

"What are you laughing for?" a frightened Noah asked. "Wasn't it good for you?"

"That was so… out of body." Luke said in amazement. Noah relaxed; he knew that it was good for Luke.

"It was great but I think your parents probably heard us." Noah was laughing.

"Who cares. We are adults and since we're leaving for Los Angeles in a few days…"

"What?" Noah was shocked "So it took sex to make you change your mind?" laughed Noah.

"It took great sex… Out of body sex." laughed Luke.

"It's great to see you laughing again." said Noah with tears in his eyes. "I didn't think I'd ever see that again."

"You will, Noah. You're my happy ending." replied Luke. (flashback Video – Noah tells Luke that he's his happy ending. – LukeVanFan part 188 4:33)

Noah was surprised to hear him say that. He hasn't believed in a happy ending for himself since Holden had an affair with Carly. Noah looked over at Luke's dresser and saw the watch he had given Luke for Christmas two years ago. He got up, grabbed it and slipped back into bed.

"Luke, I gave this watch to you when I wanted to be with you and I want to put it back on you again." said Noah.

Looking at the watch both Luke and Noah recalled that fateful day before Christmas. (flashback Video – Noah gives Luke a watch. – LukeVanFan part 239 3:11)

"Sure Noah." Luke smiled. Noah gently lifted Luke's wrist and put the watch to where it belonged.

"But, if we are able to work things out and I think we will be able too, I want to replace this watch with a ring at Christmas. I know it's way too early to talk about that but that's where I'm heading, Luke. I never want to lose you again." Noah said with tears in his eyes, hoping that Luke wouldn't reject him.

"I would like that Noah." replied Luke with tears running down his face. He knew that Noah meant every word he said. He pulled Noah down on top of him and said, "Ready for round two?"

"Sure am." replied Noah excitedly.

"This time, it's your turn." winked Luke, his eyes full of love.

Noah's smile exploded across his face as he rolled Luke over on top of him.


The next morning, Luke and Noah took a shower together, got dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen. They were surprised to see Holden sitting at the table dressed in the same clothes that he wore last night.

"What's going on?" Luke looked strangely as his dad.

"Pancakes this morning and if I can get one of you to cook the sausage, we can have that too." said Lily as she setup the griddle.

"I'll cook the sausage." offered Holden.

Luke and Noah looked at each other with a knowing eye. Holden must have spent the night.

Lily saw the look and said "Well, I figured we all needed the calories."

Luke paused. They knew that he and Noah had sex, and then he realized what she said.

"What? We all need?" Luke asked.

"Yes, Luke, we all need. You weren't the only one's busy last night." winked Lily.

Seeing Luke's face, "You had to ask, didn't you?" giggled Noah.

Luke got up and hugged his parents.

"We have a lot of issues to work out but we saw how you two sat down and calmly discussed your issues, so we did too." said Holden.

"What made you change your mind, Mom?" asked Luke.

"That bitch Melissa, pawing all over your father. And you?"

"That bitch Tony, pawing all over Noah." laughed Luke. Noah, Lily and Holden joined in Luke's laughter. Lily and Holden hadn't seen Luke laugh in such a long time. It was good to hear Luke Laugh and see the smile that could light up the room return to their son's face.

Holden and Noah looked at each other as Holden winked at Noah and gave a knowing smile.

"So, what are you all going to do today?" asked Lily.

"Well, I have to work on my movie a little, if I can concentrate." giggled Noah as he reached over and kissed Luke on the neck.

Both Lily and Holden were thrilled that Luke and Noah had finally let go of all that stood in their way and reunited.

"I think I'm going to start packing." said Luke. "I'm going to Los Angeles with Noah."

Lily and Holden froze as they were making breakfast.

"Watch the pancakes, Holden." said Lily as she walked over to where Luke and Noah were standing and gave them a big hug. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want to do this." replied Luke. "Tony put a fire under my ass. It killed me to see Tony with Noah. I came to the realization that Noah could be with someone like Tony and it freaked me out."

Lily went back to making breakfast and Holden came over to give them a hug and offered his congratulations.

"There is also something else." Luke said. "Well, if everything works out, Noah's going to ask me to marry him at Christmas."

Lily and Holden froze for a second time while making breakfast.

"I wanted Luke to know how serious I was about making this work. Christmas is nine months away and we still have a lot to work on in our relationship but I think we can make it this time." said Noah.

"I think we would rather not let anyone know about this yet." replied Luke looking at Noah agreeing with him.

"I think that's wise. I think you can do it."

"Thanks… uh… Dad." giggled Noah. He meant it as a joke.

Holden walked up to Noah, with tears in his eyes and pulled Noah into a hug. "I would be proud to have you call me Dad."

"Thanks." Noah was crying. To have someone he actually wanted to call dad was amazing to Noah.

Holden and Lily switched and she was crying when she gave Noah a hug.

"You can call me mom too if you want." said Lily through her tears. Noah cried with her and mumbled "Mom."

Breakfast was finally ready after all the interruptions and they sat down to eat. Luke and Noah had begun a new chapter in their relationship. Lily and Holden, in seeing how Luke and Noah handled their issues, found renewed strength to work on their own relationship.

Luke and Noah spent their last day in Oakdale as they said they would. Luke packed and Noah worked on his film a little bit. They had a romantic lunch at The Lakeview. Luke helped Noah with his tie before their romantic lunch date and both had a sense they had come full circle when Noah first kissed Luke as he straightened Noah's tie. (flashback Video – Luke and Noah's first kiss. – LukeVanFan part 41 :26)

Their last night in Oakdale, was spent with the family at the farm. All took notice that Luke and Noah strolled into the kitchen hand in hand. Everyone was thrilled that Luke and Noah found their way back to each other. The next morning, after a big breakfast at the farm and after the entire family wished them well, Luke and Noah boarded Lucinda's jet that would take them to Los Angeles to begin their life anew as lovers, as partners, as family.


The End.