Teaching Moment

by Mike Douglas

Special thanks to nezabudka1 for help with editing the story.

Rating: NC-17 (Extreme Sexual Situations – gay sex, Adult language)

Disclaimer: Luke, Noah, and all related characters, plots, and locations are property of As the World Turns, Telenext Media, and CBS Television. No profit is made from this fan creation. No copyright infringement is intended!

Summary: Noah tries to teach Reid how please Luke sexually.


"Where the hell is Luke?" thought Noah as he walked onto the fourth floor of the hospital. The fourth floor of the hospital basically closes at night and only a few people had access at this time of night. "I wonder why Luke wanted me to come here at this time of night?" Noah saw a light on down the hall and went to see if Luke was in that room. When he got to the door, he heard some grunting. He walked slowly into the room and there behind the curtain was Luke getting fucked by Reid.

Noah's first reaction was anger. "Did Luke want to show off that he was getting fucked by Reid? No, that didn't sound like Luke but yet, here he is." he thought. His second reaction was pity. When they had sex, Luke was moaning and moving around a lot but with Reid, Luke almost seemed bored. It looked like Reid was getting all the pleasure, sure, Luke was getting some pleasure but nothing like when they did it.


"Fuck this. If he wanted me to see, then so be it." Noah went through the curtain and walked up to the hospital bed. Luke had a shocked look on his face but Reid just continued to fuck him. Noah grabbed the back of Reid's neck and pulled him out of Luke and shoved him aside.

"Let me show you how to fuck Luke." said Noah.

"Mr. Mayer, what makes you think I need your help fucking my boyfriend?" snarked Reid.

"Just look at him. He is just lying there." said Noah as Reid looked at him with a puzzled face. "He should be moaning, moving his head from side to side, eyes rolling back and begging you to stop fucking him because it's too much emotional overload for him to take."

Reid looked at Luke and then back at Noah with no emotion.

"You're pathetic." spat Noah as he unzipped his pants and pushed Reid down onto his knees.

"Make me hard." demanded Noah as he shoved his cock into a stunned Reid's open mouth.

"Noah don't..." started Luke as he attempted to get up but Noah pushed him back down on the bed.

Reid started to suck on Noah's cock. At first he was repulsed. "I'm a respected Neurosurgeon and some barista loser wants to show me how to fuck my boyfriend." But he relaxed and was getting turned on sucking Noah's growing cock.

Noah looked at Luke. "How long will you want to be fucked by someone who can't please you sexually?"

Luke didn't say anything. He knew it was the truth. He wanted the wild sex he had with Noah. He never got overly excited by having sex by Reid and had to fantasize about Noah just to get off. "Maybe this will be a good thing." thought Luke. He sat up and looked at his current boyfriend sucking off his old boyfriend.

Noah took his left hand and put it behind Reid's head and tried to shove more of his cock into Reid's mouth. "Take it all, bitch." said Noah as he tried to shove more of his cock into Reid's mouth. Unfortunately, Reid couldn't take it all and started choking.

Noah laughed. He reached over to Luke's neck and moved him off the bed and onto the floor next Reid and said, "Show him how it's done, Luke."

Luke grabbed Reid's head and pulled him off of Noah. "Watch." Luke put Noah's cock into his mouth and sucked it all the way to the base on the first time down.

"Oh, yeah. That's how you give head." Noah said moaning. "That's it bitch. Take it all."

And all was what Luke took. He would withdraw from Noah's cock and then plunge himself back down on it. "I can't believe I have Noah's cock in my mouth again." he said to himself. Secretly he was thrilled.

Reid, not knowing how he really felt about Luke sucking off Noah in front of him, was impressed by Luke's fellatio abilities. On some level he was mad and wanted to leave but was memorized by what was happening in front of him and just stared at Luke sucking on Noah monster cock.

After a few minutes, Noah pulled Luke off. He stood both Luke and Reid up and kissed Luke deeply. Reid started to protest. Noah broke his kiss with Luke and said "Awww... are you jealous, Doctor?" as he pulled Reid into a big kiss. A couple minutes later, Noah broke the kiss and said "You need to watch and learn, Doctor. If you want to be with Luke, you have to know how to please him."

"Get on the bed." said Noah to Luke. Luke hesitated. He wasn't sure he wanted to do this but on the other hand he needed, no, he craved the sexual pleasure that Noah could give him, so he got up on the bed and laid on his back.

Noah took Reid by the arm and brought him next to the bed as he positioned himself between Luke's legs. He put on a condom and lubed himself up and then positioned himself at Luke's hole. Reid looked away but Noah caught him. He grabbed his arm and moved Reid closer.

"Watch what I do and watch Luke's reaction." said Noah.

Reid reluctantly watched as he saw Noah's big cock sink into Luke's ass. The ass he just had his cock in a few minutes earlier. He was surprised to hear Luke moan so quickly.

"I'm pushing my cock up so it rubs against Luke's prostate. If he was face down, then I would want to push down to rub his prostate. That's where Luke will get a most of his pleasure from. He will also get pleasure from my girth against his sphincter and my nine inch length filling him up."

"I am a doctor you know." Reid stated with his voice full of snark.

"Then why are you putting into practice what you know?" asked Noah.

Reid didn't answer. He couldn't answer, so he just continued to watch Noah sink his cock into his boyfriend.

Noah was fully inserted in Luke. "Tell me how it feels, Luke."

"It feels so fucking good, Noah." said Luke. "I felt pleasure the second you started entering me. Now I feel full."

"I'm going to fuck Luke now. I'm going to keep my cock thrusting up against his prostate." said Noah as he started to withdraw from Luke and then pushed back in.

Luke began to moan instantly. "That's it, Noah. Fuck me." moaned Luke. "Deeper... harder... yeah, that's it."

Reid was surprised to see how vocal Luke was. He was never that way with him. He noticed that Noah had listened to Luke and how he wanted it and how Luke responded with louder moans.

Luke eyes started to roll back as Noah continued to fuck him. His head was moved from side to side begging Noah to continue.

"Fuck me, Noah. Yeah, that's it."

"You like that whore?" asked Noah.


"Do you have to be so demeaning?" asked Reid.

"I'm not demeaning him. I appreciate that Luke is free enough to show me that he's getting a tremendous amount of pleasure from me fucking him and I get pleasure from seeing him so turned on. It makes me want to fucking him harder and faster."

"Oh yeah." moaned Luke.

"Everyone should be a whore in bed, if you ask me."

Luke's moaning started to rise as he started to come close to cumming.

"I think I've seen enough." said Reid, not wanting Luke to have an orgasm with Noah.

"This is the fun part." teased Noah as he sped up. "Cum, Luke, cum for me, baby."

Luke, without touching himself, started to spray cum all over the place. He hadn't cum like that since, well, Noah last fucked him. It took a few minutes for him to calm down.

"God, that was great, Noah. Thank you." said Luke when he was calm enough to talk.


"Now, Reid, let's see if you can do that to him." said Noah.

"What, he just came." replied Reid.

"We are young, we can get off multiple times."

Noah could see that Reid was going to be crabby about it and started to manhandle Reid.

"You just watched me fuck Luke and you're not fully hard." Noah said with disbelief. He grabbed a condom off the table and then sank to his knees in front of Reid. He took Reid's semi-erect penis in his mouth and started to give him head.

"What the hell." shouted Reid as Noah engulfed his cock.

"Just go with it." Luke was still glassy eyed from his orgasm.

When Reid had an erection, Noah put the condom on his cock and lined him up with Luke. "Now fuck him like your life depended on it. Fuck him with all your heart."

Reid entered Luke and started fucking him. It was better than before and Luke was a little more excited but not nearly the amount that he was with Noah.

"Come on Reid. You have a good sized cock, use it." complained Noah.

Reid continued to fuck Luke but Noah was still wasn't impressed.

"Maybe he needs a live demonstration." said Luke.

Noah picked up a condom from the table and some lube and stepped behind Reid. Reid stopped fucking when he felt Noah's attempt to lube him up.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked Reid in a panic.

"He's going to show you what you can't seem to grasp. I've fucked you before, so don't play virgin." Luke sounded disappointed.

Noah sank a finger into Reid and used his other hand to tweak Reid's nipples. Reid let out a slight moan.

"Oh, you like that do you doctor?" Noah whispered into his ear as he finger fucked him. "Even though I can't stand you, I'm going to give you a fucking like you've probably never had in your life. You need to share your emotions with your partner. In each other's pleasure, an even better pleasure will blossom."

He put two fingers into Reid's ass when Reid let out a larger moan and then a third.

"That's it honey." said Noah as he kissed Reid on the neck.

Reid was strangely turned on by Noah fingering and kissing him on the neck. Noah stepped up behind Reid and started to sink his cock into Reid's ass.

"That's it baby. Take my cock." said Noah.

Reid moaned as Noah sank his cock into his ass. He couldn't believe that he was standing there with Noah Mayer's cock up his ass and even to make things worse, he was enjoying it. Noah started to withdraw. Reid began to moan again. When Noah was near his tip, he plunged it back in to the hilt. He kept up that pace while Reid continued to moan louder and louder.

"Can you feel me rubbing my length against your prostate?" asked Noah.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

Noah reached down and slapped his ass, which brought out another moan.

"He's a little kinky, isn't he, Luke?"

"Yes, he is."

Noah pulled out and moved Reid so he was lying besides Luke with his ass hanging over the side of the bed. He reentered Reid in one plunge.

"Oh god." shouted Reid with pleasure.

Noah leaned down and started to flick his tongue on Reid's nipples and ran his hands up and down his body. Reid had never felt such pleasure before. He's never had anyone who has shared so much of themselves with him before.

"Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me." replied Reid.


"Fuck the shit out of me, Mr. Mayer."

"Do you want it hard and deep?"

"Yes, sir."

"Just fuck him already, Mayer." injected Luke. Luke was jealous that Reid was getting fucked by Noah and he wasn't.

Noah picked up the pace. He was now plowing Reid with all his might and was making sure he was putting every last inch into Reid. This added attention from Noah was making Reid moan like he never had before. He started to throw his head side to side and his eyes started rolling back. Noah continued to fuck Reid as hard as he could, making sure that he was hitting all the right spots every time. Reid's moaning only continued to increase as he began to shoot his load by just Noah fucking him.

Noah continued to fuck Reid after he orgasmed because he wanted to cum again. He sped up and finally withdrew and then ripped off his condom a let his load lose on both Luke and Reid. After he calmed down, he leaned against the bed, trying to catch his breath. Noah was more turned on by the three-way than he was willing to admit. When he caught his breath, he reach for Luke's hand and pulled him up. He began to french Luke for a couple of minutes before he stopped.

"I had a great time as usual, Luke. You have one hot ass."

Luke grinned at Noah, "Your dick gave me an out of body experience again, Noah. Thank you."

They kissed once more and then Noah moved over to Reid. He held out his hand and Reid grabbed it, he pulled him up. He frenched Reid for a few minutes and then broke the kiss. "You have a hot ass, Doctor. It should be tapped on a regular basis and you are a great kisser."

This caused Reid to grin. "No wonder why Luke loves him so much. Maybe I should have went for Noah instead of Luke." thought Reid.

"Remember what I said." Noah got back into his clothes and then headed out the door. Luke and Reid just sat there, tired, after the fucking Noah had given them. Noah's last look at them was Luke licking Noah's cum off of Reid's body.


Later that evening, Noah was lying in bed when his bedroom door opened.

"I knew you would come." said Noah without looking up. "You wanted me there on purpose, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did but I didn't expect you to fuck us."

"Then why did you want me there?"

"I was hoping that it would give Reid some incentive."

"But it didn't?"

"No. He's okay in bed but I need more. I need what you can give me."

"You chose me?"

"If Reid can't please me while having sex, then how will he ever be able to please me the other half of the time?" Luke said frankly.

Luke took off his shirt and then proceeded to pull off his pants and underwear. He stood there naked in front of Noah.

"Is this what you really want?"


Noah moved the blanket that was covering him. He was naked under it. "I was waiting for you... It took you long enough." Noah started masturbating in front of Luke.

Luke was stunned, "How did you know?"

"I saw it in your eyes when I was fucking you in front of Reid. I knew he couldn't please you the way I could."

"Can you please me, Noah?" Luke was not asking about sex.

"Yes, I know exactly what you need now. Unlike Reid, I can learn."


Luke stepped up on the bed and walked over to Noah. He stood above him. "Are you sure you learned something?"

"Yes, Luke, I'll never walk away from you again."

"Good." Luke lowered himself on Noah erect cock and sank down to the bottom. "God, I missed you."

"I missed you too." as he started trusting his hips up, causing Luke to moan, "I'll never fuck up again."

Luke smiled at Noah and gave him the fucking of his life.

The End.