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Be careful of what You Wish for…

By Christina Potter 09

Chapter 1 – I wish I could know

Hermione Granger moved up the few steps to the Lovegood's household and knocked on the door twice, waiting for a response as the light April breeze made her locks move in one side. The day was happy and sunny but Hermione's mood was destroyed.

First the half part of the door opened and a smiling Luna Lovegood made her appearance, her smile fell as well the moment she laid eyes on her friend.

'Oh, in the name of the Nargles… you fought with Ron again,' Luna stated the actual truth and Hermione just sighed and nodded her head as her blond friend opened the door fully for the brunette to enter the remade house of the Lovegoods.

'You can tell?' Hermione asked with venom in her voice and Luna nodded as with her wand, sent the kettle close to the fire for the tea to get ready.

'Actually I can hear… your screams were clear even with the hill separating this house with the Burrow. I have to admit your voice's levels are impressive.' Luna said with actual excitement for Hermione's vocal power and Hermione wasn't sure if she should cry or laugh at her friend's "compliment".

'Glad you find I'm talented.' Hermione finally said and Luna waved her off playfully with her hand, showing it was just the truth…

'And you had the entire area listening to you?...'Luna asked and Hermione sighed and threw her arms in the air.

'Because he doesn't accept I want to split up with him….' Hermione finally said and Luna chuckled.

'Ronald's always a bit stubborn,' Luna said and Hermione sighed and frowned.

'It's not funny, I don't know what else to do, I thought the hard part would be to actually tell him, not persuade him that we shouldn't be together…' Hermione exclaimed as Luna brought close the tea in a tray, the two girls served themselves.

It had been just a few years after the war, three to be precise and Hermione Granger was suffocating in her relationship with Ron Weasley. At first it was the period of adjustment, Hermione had thought, she had wanted to return in Hogwarts while Ron hadn't wanted to and that was one of the first crack in their life as a couple, the first serious fights that had nothing to do with darkness of lockets or fear of dying… just insecurities and jealousy.

When Ron failed to enter the auror Academy while Harry got in, things got worse, Hermione and Harry spent hours in the ministry's educational courses while Ron had compromised with helping George with the shop he wanted to open in Hongsmeade in Fred's memory. Hermione and Ron's relationship didn't seem to get any better as the time months passed and instead of finding more things in common as a couple they were only realizing that they had actually hidden more things that didn't like on each other because of the pressure of the war.

Their relationship at first was intense, was interesting, as they both fought to get over their teen years and find some bridges to their new adult life but soon enough, this relationship was falling apart with both being tired from all the suppressed anger and all the unsolved problems that had been building in their years as friends.

And it had been difficult to find the courage to face this failure, to accept that you didn't make it, and Hermione had made it, she had seen it, she was a logical person, a realistic person, she was done hoping and brushing off things, she was done getting hurt and hurting one of her best friends. And she had hoped that Ron would have been mature enough to accept the failure as well as to move on and together, maybe, they could still save their already too damaged friendship, as in their pointless try to become couple and stay like that, they had lost their bases as friends.

'How come you didn't go to Harry after your fight with Ron?' Luna asked, pulling Hermione out of her thoughts, the brunette immediately felt uncomfortable. Harry was a whole different matter all together.

After his break up with Ginny, just a few months after the war, he and Hermione had been as close as ever, if there was such proximity. It was as if being back in the tent on their own. He was struggling to survive all the post-war drama and she was trying to do the same and find her ways with Ron. The two friends had been close during their further education, when Hermione was out of Hogwarts and had needed a few more months in the ministry for her education while Harry had been studying then in the academy that had been in the ministry for his second year.

After every fight, after every set of tears, Hermione would knock on Harry's door and he would open it with no second thought for her to hug him tightly and vent on him all her pain and disappointment. And Harry had been there, like she had been during the war, to comfort and take care of her before she could suppress her pain and return in her hole of desperation and struggling with Ron.

What Hermione didn't want to admit at all was the fact of these comfortable feelings slowly turned into something more, something even warmer, something greater. She knew Harry was an amazing person, she knew he was great, she knew they weren't just best friends… but she wouldn't accept that she felt something more for him, she had been with Ron, Harry's and her best friend. Ron might had said so himself, Hermione chosen Harry and she had spent some of the most important moments of her life just by his side, when Ron was away but she couldn't' accept that, she didn't even want to think what would happen if she accepted such feelings.

The lack of knowledge on how Harry was feeling was another reason for her to stop from taking things where there would have no return. It was enough for her to break it with Ron, being with Harry would be too much for everyone and any kind of hope for her friendship's salvation with Ron would fly out the window.

And just that day, there were new burdens added on her shoulders, that day's developments had moved her closer to her break up with Ron and she would soon need to talk to Harry. The promotion to Canada could be the best way of solving once and for all her problems, by running away from them.

At first, when they told her about the opportunity, Hermione had refused, but her superior told her to take her time and think about it, not to answer so quickly. And she did, and while she had Ron screaming at her face again about them not being over and about how easily she gave up, after only four years of struggling with each other, she thought about the promotion in a different light. It would be for a few years, it would be for a few short years, just to build up her career, it would be good, Canada is not away from England and she could be portkeying herself frequently.

She could finally take a breath from Ron's suffocating presence and her frustrating and possibly unanswered feelings for Harry. Maybe moving away would help everyone. She could finally live on her own; make her own decisions without Ron judging and the rest looking upon her. Harry would be an opened wound, but if she wanted to be clear to herself, he already was, even if she wasn't sure if leaving would do the trick, she was so tired of being in this mess that she was willing to try.

'Uhm… he is still at that seminar with his team…' Hermione finally admitted uncomfortable under the knowing eyes of Luna Lovegood, how this girl could always know the truth was beyond Hermione.

'I see… is there anything you'd wish to tell me?' Luna asked and Hermione looked at her friend for a good moment before she could open up and spill all her worry and fear of the decision she was about to make.

'OK, today, Mrs. Keller, my superior in the department of Law Enforcement, congratulated me for my work in the ministry and after the Wizengamot saw my presentation of the new law on the liberties of magical creatures of the average life of ten years, they decided to offer me a new position, a promotion in the ministry of Magic in Canada for a few years. There were talks between the two ministries and the ministry there is ready to accept me, if I take the job.

'And frankly, I don't know what to do, I'm done with Ron even if he doesn't like it but I can't handle a lot of things here, a lot of situations… I feel like unbreakable bounds and nothing holds me here at the same time and I don't know what to do, Luna,' Hermione finally burst and Luna remained silent for a long time, Hermione wasn't sure how she made it to not to burst in tears too but she only looked at Luna desperate for any kind of answer.

'Well then, I'm here to solve your problems, I guess.' Luna said and Hermione smiled sweetly at her friend's will to help. 'First answer the question…' Luna added and Hermione decided that even if Luna couldn't help in something, some talk would at least help her. 'What is that you want right now, more than anything?' Luna asked and Hermione considered the question. After a moment, she sighed and answered honestly.

'I wish I could know what will happen in the future,' Hermione finally said and chuckled sadly. 'That way, if I could see what happens then, I could know what to do now, for what to fight for,' Hermione added and then looked at Luna who had a huge smile on her face.

'We can check out the sphere, for the past weeks, I have been practicing divination in an advanced level.' Luna offered and this time Hermione chuckled in humor, divination would be the last thing she would trust her actions upon, but she was glad she had a friend like Luna to try so hard to lift her spirits.

'It's OK, Luna, thanks for the offer but divination was never something I trusted…or believed in… so thanks but no,' Hermione said but Luna seemed unwilling to let go.

'But this is what you want more than anything, we somehow have to do it.' Luna said and Hermione sighed still with a smile on her face, sometimes her loony friend could act like the sweetest person in the world.

'It's OK, Luna, really, I have to be going anyway, Harry is supposed to be back this evening and I promised I would make dinner for him, I lost a bet about Quidditch over books so now I have to cook for him…' Hermione said and Luna looked at her funnily. 'I know… he insisted I would cook, I'm not sure if he is the actual loser… ' she added and the two girls laughed, knowing cooking wasn't Hermione's Granger's best point.

Hermione stood up and Luna followed so she could lead her to the door, they hugged goodbye and Hermione apparated right outside Luna's door, leaving the blond witch with the smile on her face turning into a grin.

Harry Potter apparated inside his house with a huge smile on his face, finally back, finally home, it was about time, he had returned two hours earlier than planned and that was great as he was spent after the seminar.

Since he was earlier back home, he could cook for Hermione who was to arrive in two and a half hours, he might had won in the bet but he wished for something more tasteful than the mushroom soup so he would cook for them. After all, he knew she was to go and talk to Ron so she would need some cheering up, a nice meal with lasagna and red elf wine would do the trick.

'Hello Harry,' the voice startled him as he was lost in his thoughts and his wand was summoned magically in his hand in an instant as he turned around and pointed it at the source of the voice. He lowered it immediately when he saw none else but Luna sitting on the living room.

'What's Luna's patronus form?' he asked, making sure it was her, Luna smiled.

'It's a rabbit, you're becoming like Moody,' she said and Harry smiled, remembering the Auror.

'I will take that as a compliment,' he said and sat on the couch before her. 'Is everything alright?' he asked and Luna smiled.

'I saw in the sphere that you would come back earlier so I decided to pay you a visit, I have to talk to you about something severely important,' Luna said and Harry felt his entire body tensing up at her words as he sat up and focused on her, his heart tightening in fear.

'Did something happen to Hermione or Ron, or the rest?' He asked, afraid of what he would hear, the moment Luna nodded her head, his heart dropped. Did some enemy strike back?'

'They broke up, or actually, Hermione broke up with him, he is still not accepting it,' Luna said and Harry felt the breath moving out of his lips in a puff.

'Was that it?' he asked intensely and Luna shook her head.

'Hermione wished to know what happens in the future,' Luna added and Harry this time breathed both in frustration and relief.

'Luna, you're making no sense,' he finally said. 'Are they alright?' he added the question and Luna looked at him with a smile.

'Oh you mean physically? Yeah, as far as I know, they're perfectly fine,' Luna added and Harry finally collapsed on the couch with a relief that shook his body. 'Hermione's emotional condition however is what makes me fearful,' Luna added and Harry looked at her. 'And since you're the one to heal this, I thought of talking to you,' she added and this time Harry tensed up even more than before.

'Excuse me?' he asked in disbelief, he wasn't sure what to do or say so he just stared at Luna, one wrong word and Luna could figure it out.

'Well since you're in love with her…' Luna finally said and Harry's eyes widened, he probably didn't need that wrong word after all.

'Uhm… what are you talking about?' he asked diplomatically. Luna smiled at him with a knowing look.

'Oh OK, you will try to play dumb and I will have to feel as if I have the wrong conclusion.' Luna said and Harry looked around in tension.

None was supposed to know about this. His feelings for Hermione were supposed to be kept secret, none was supposed to know that he was in love with his best friend, with the first and as it seemed the only woman who ever provoked so many feelings inside him.

He had seen the light after the war, when he saw that he and Ginny had nothing to do together, when he realized he needed a woman to know him, to accept him, not to push him in things he can't give or express. When he realized he needed someone to heal his wounds and not just patch them up with passion. He needed someone to stand by his side, before him, to hold his hand or scream at his face when he needed someone to, not a puppy, not a fan, not someone who just tried to always follow him.

Hermione was the main person in his life after the war, someone would expect Ginny would be that girl, or some other woman, but it was Hermione, when Ron failed to become an auror and Harry made it, when she moved on with her studies and got her education in the Law Enforcement department, when she was the one to always hug and greet him for yet another successful test while they raised their careers inside the ministry.

And he realized the woman he needed was Hermione, last Valentine's, when Ron had told him that his mother had ordered him to take Hermione for dinner and Harry had felt his skin crawl, he always felt uncomfortable when it was about Ron and Hermione, always a sickening feeling in his gut, but that day, he wasn't sure why, that feeling had magnified. Maybe it was the fact of him being single, not with a girl in months, maybe it was just the drinks he had on his own that night, or maybe the wondering of what would have happened if he had taken the risk back in the tent, when it was just him and her…

The answers had been given that same night, when Hermione had showed up on his doorstep, soaked to the bone because of the rain and desperate because of yet another fight with Ron, and he had opened his arms for her, his house for her and had helped her sleep in his bed, watching her sleeping for hours that night, valuing his friendship and his love for her, not wanting to take advantage of her, they were so close, so good together.

It was over two months ever since that night and Harry still wondered why he never tried during the war. He had thought he was confused, that he belonged with Ginny or that Hermione belonged with Ron but he knew that basically, it was his own fear of losing Hermione, as a friend, as his backbone, as the person who always needed him and he needed.

He had decided to shallow all this pain, Hermione, even like that, was with Ron, they fought, he hurt her, she struggled and then she returned, she always did that, maybe because she loved him, Harry had thought many times with venom, or maybe, because she didn't know better...

He was glad when she told him she would break up with him, he was glad even if he knew he should feel like the worst friend and man in the world for the sadness of his best friends. But he was glad, because Ron didn't deserve Hermione, none deserved to act like that around her, none deserved to treat her any less than with absolute care and love.

'And how am I supposed to help her?' Harry finally asked, there was no point in hiding something that was so clear to both Luna and himself. The blond witch smiled brightly at her friend, waiting for the question ever since she got in his apartment.

'I have an idea and I can only hope you will accept to help me as to help Hermione,' Luna said and Harry wondered why he was even discussing something like that. His eyes widened when Luna took out of her pocket something that surely belonged to Hermione.

'Why, in Merlin's name, you have Hermione's time-turner?' Harry asked and Luna smiled dreamily at her friend.

'I have been researching on different things ever since the war was over and I was back home with dad, and one of them are divination as I told Hermione before-'

'You spoke with Hermione?'

'Do not interrupt me,'


'And apart divination, I have researched on time-traveling, and I came across a spell that requires a time-turner, one person to cast the spell and one person to be the subject of the spell. It's a rare to be cast spell, since the ministry has all the time turners but Hermione has her own and now we have it.' Luna said and Harry shook his head, he was already exhausted from the seminar and right now time-traveling was the last thing he expected himself to be discussing.

'You still don't answer my question,' Harry said and Luna smiled again.

'I took Hermione's time-turner before I could come here, from her flat, while she was in the shower, her flat's wards allow me in,' Luna answered and Harry looked at Luna in shock.

'You broke into her house?' Harry asked in disbelief and Luna shook her head.

'I flood like a lady, she just didn't hear me getting in because she was in the shower, I accioed the time-turner and left from the door as not to floo again.' Luna answered and Harry this time hid his face in his hands. He wasn't going to send Hermione in the past for nothing in the world.

'Luna, explain what you mean about this spell and why I should do something like that because bewitching Hermione sounds awful as it is and sending her back to the past we all try to forget seems worse…' Harry said patiently as he felt the exhaustion washing over him.

'I didn't say we'll send her to the past, the contrary, we'll send her to the future,' Luna said and Harry this time looked at her agape.

'To the future?' Harry asked and Luna nodded almost casually.

'Yes, to the future… you know, the time period that is yet to come, we can send her there for as long as we wish, a few days for example, and she can realize how good her life can be if she makes the right moves now in the present, she's in huge dilemma.' Luna said and Harry was still looking at her as if she had grown a second head.

'Why should we do such a thing? Why she's in a dilemma? What happened? And how do we know she's happy in her future?' Harry asked the first questions that popped into his head from the torrent that arose.

'To answer your first question, because things between her and Ron are over for a long time and you two love each other and it's about time for you to finally get together… I mean it's been ages, guys and you deserve it.' Luna started and Harry again looked agape at her, Hermione was in love with him? How could she know? When did she learn about it? Was it when they talked before?

He was so afraid that even if he finally found the power to tell her about how he feels Hermione wouldn't be able to answer his feelings, and that wouldn't only make him crawl, it would also change their friendship, if not take it down completely.

'To answer the second and third questions, just this morning, she was offered a job opportunity… in Canada… for a few years, and she's considering her acceptance as she's too tired to keep up with Ron and too afraid to stay here and fight for you.' Luna said calmly but Harry shot up from his seat, all exhaustion mental and physical, forgotten.

'WHAT?' he asked in a shout and Luna looked up at him and nodded just once. Harry remained standing while Luna kept talking.

'And to answer your last question, I have seen she's happy through divination. She will be very happy, the opposite of what she is now,' Luna said and Harry sighed this time in frustration and collapsed back in the couch, his heart and mind were racing.

Hermione wanted to leave, to another country, she wanted to run away. And she was in love with him like he was with her. He had hoped of something, anything to happen between them since she would break up with Ron but this now, was totally changing the facts, the hopes and the dreams…

Hermione wanted to leave and Harry couldn't imagine his life without her, he felt the desperation rising up and making him choke at the idea of losing her.

And then his mind focused on what was the answer of his second question, divination, he hated divination, another thing in common he had with Hermione, he couldn't possibly send Hermione, under a spell, into the future to make her see whatever happy things she was to see. It was crazy, it was dangerous, it was mental, he had traveled in time, with her, and he knew how dangerous it was.

But on the other hand, is she was already considering her acceptance to the foreign ministry… things inside her were worse than ever. She never ran away, she never reached the edge of desperation as to run away, she never did in the past… when death was around the corner.

So if considering doing such thing now, she was exhausted and spent with the whole situation. She was uncertain of her next moves and Harry knew that when Hermione Granger was uncertain, she could easily make the wrong decisions. She needed a small push and maybe, this trip, if he made sure to be safe, could prove itself what they both needed as to see each other.

'How this spell works?' Harry finally asked and Luna grinned...

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