Chapter One – Prologue

Potter Summer House: Harry is Three

Lily looks down on her two children. Harry, her three year old toddler, and Anthony, her newborn baby. A rush of wind announces her husband return. "Lily. Where are you?" came his voice and Lily saw the delight appear over Harry's face.

"Upstairs James." She called to James as she turned to see her Raven hair husband enter the room.

"Hi babe." Said James giving Lily a kiss before leaning down to pick up Anthony. The baby giggled in his arms. "Dumbledore has called a meeting. We need to go in five minutes. I've got Peter over to look after the kids." A knock then came from the door. James walked over and opened the door to reveal Peter. The slightly nervous man entered the house. A brief conversation happens before the parents left for Hogwarts. Peter sighed and ripped off his sleeve to reveal a dark mark. He winced as he pressed it, summoning his master. The Dark Lord took no time, using Dark Magic to break through the wards and stood in the bedroom, glazing down at the two boys. Peter watched his master pick up a struggling Harry.

"Avada Kedavra" said the dark lord, and the room filled with green light. As the light dimmed, Voldemort has vanished and Harry and Anthony each had a cut on their body. Anthony had a X on his forehead whilst Harry had a lighting bold across his heart. The door was then blown off its hinges and James and Lily Potter, Sirus Black, Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore enter the door. Peter was then stunned and bounded. Albus Dumbledore exaimed the two boys and then picked up Anthony.

"Anthony is the boy who lived." He said.

Potter Manor: Harry is Five.

"I hate my brother. The "Boy Who Lived" has just convinced my parents to send me to my room when I was playing my Uncle Padfoot. He and Uncle Moony are the only one who really cares for me. My parents just focus on little Tony and I'm just the other one." These were the thoughts that run through my head.

Brief Description of Santiago Torres

Well Built. 6 foot 11 inches. Green Eyes, Wavy black hair with blond tips. Lightning bolt scar across his heart and a scar on the back of his hand.

Now: Quidditch World Cup

Harry Potter or as he was now known as Santiago Torres, was nervous. Tonight was important to him, to his national country of Spain. For the first time in their history have they made it this far in the world cup. The pressure was on.

He was merely seventeen years old, yet he was popular and famous for being one of the best international quidditch players in the world as a chaser for Spain. It was two years ago when he made it to the reserve team of Madrid Warriors, a quidditch team in Madrid. Then last year he managed to pass the tryouts and made it in the Under 17 International Quidditch Team. At the mere age of 16, in seven international friendly games and 10 Under 17 European Cup Matches he managed to score 76 goals in 12 games. This feat was brought to attention and thanks to that he ascended [again] to international team for the current world cup and played 10 games and amazingly scored 43 goals along with 21 assists. This placed him among the top scorers at the world cup and if he scored 10 tonight. He was the highest scorer at a world cup.

"Nervous Santi?" asked his coach as he sat down next to him.

Santiago smiled and said "Just get me on the pitch and on a broom, then I show you." The coach simply smiled and patted Santiago on the back. He then stood up and caused all of the seven players to look at him.

"Here we are. The World Cup Final. Now that we are one difficult step away from glory, now that we are here ... Boys and Girls ... let me say I'm proud of you. This is the first time Spain has made it to the finals ... I'm proud that it was us who started bringing hope, we WILL bring glory to Spain. Outside, Spanish fans and supporters our singing our songs and supporting us, it is time we pay back their faith and support by bringing home the trophy.

"Fernando, Santi and Maxi, no one can argue you are three determined chasers. Fernando and Maxi, you two are the best passers in the world, having made brilliant assists the past few games, Santi. You are the top scoring chaser of this world cup despite your young age." Coach took another breath and locked his jaw. "Rafael and Eduardo ... you have a record streak ... You are the best bloody beaters anyone could hope for and the others team is pissing in their pants in fear of being hit by one of your rockets. Alica ... the genius we call a keeper, the Bulgarian chasers will have hell getting past you. You have a record of stopping penalties ... and finally, Carmen, you are the best captain ever and this is a great chance to prove yourself against Krum.

Alica sat down next to Santiago and rested her head on his shoulder. She and Santiago had been teammates, school friends and most recently a couple for the last two years. They exchanged a kiss before standing and shouldering their broomsticks.

"The world is there for the taking. Just be yourself." Coach said before walking away. The bell rang, warning the Spanish team to take to the field. Santiago, along with the team, mounted his Firebolt and zoomed out to Bagman's commentary. Santiago did a lap of the field before floating above the Spanish fans. He stretched out his arms and gestured for the Spanish fans to sing louder and louder. He felt the thousand of eyes on him as the Bulgarians took to the field. He looked at the team and he saw their beaters staring at them. A cocky smile appeared on Santiago's face and he rose the Firebolt high above the rest of his team. The referee, Santiago grimaced. He was the worst ref ever. He barely controls games and never gives anything. It just because the other referee picked up a illness and there was no one else. The ref let the bludgers and Snitch go flying into the air before throwing the quaffle into the air.

"And they are off and Santiago got the quaffle. He flying like a hawk here as he goes past Ivanova, Dimitrov. My word He'd through! Santiago shoots and scores. Ten Nil to Spain and that is a record for the fastest goal scored!" Santiago punched the air to the crowd roars. The game progressed until "And it's Santiago again! This boy is running the game. He has fifteen goals to his name and scores again. It's 210-50 to Spain. Oh I say. All of the players stopped apart from Ivanova and Santiago. Ivanova had the quaffle and took the shot. The quaffle soar through the air destined for the right hoop, Alica had reacted too slowly and was stranded. It looked like the game was going to be tied as Krum forced Carmen off her broom and had his arm outstretched, Inches from the Snitch. But at the last possible second, Santiago launched his body off his broom, holding it with his right hand whilst using his left foot to kick the quaffle away from the hoop as hard as he can. A second later, Krum's hand closed around the Snitch. It took a few seconds for the crowd to realise what happened and Santiago was on the floor with the rest of his team celebrating.

FINAL SCORE: SPAIN 210-200 Bulgaria.

Spain wins!

Santiago watched as Carmen climbed the steps and lifted the trophy to the cheers of the fans before walking over towards the cheering Alica. The boys on the team surrounded the pair as Santiago already told them what he plans to do. The crowd were puzzled before Santiago got on one knee and opened a box to the stunned Alica. Inside was a Dimond engagement ring. Santiago then in Spanish said "Alica. I love you and I can think of no better thing to have at this moment apart from your hand in marriage. So will you marry me?" Alica replied to that by kissing him on the lips hard before saying.

"Si!" and the Spanish team crowd on the pair offering the new engaged couple their best wishes. Carmen , who returned with the trophy, passed the shiny cup to the pair and with wide grins. Alica and Santiago lifted it again in front of millions of fans and press.

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