Chapter Ten- The legend.

"King Arthur?" asked Ginny. Her tears had stopped and her brown eyes stared into the green eyes of Harry.

"Yeah. King Arthur. Don't tell me, you haven't heard of him." Said Harry. Ginny shook her head. "The king that Merlin worked for?" Ginny shook her head. "Bloody hell, no wonder people don't learn from their mistakes. They never read a history book."

"Well. Why don't you tell me." Asked Ginny.

"Well, you know the story of Merlin. The greatest wizard who ever lived." Ginny nodded. "Well, what you don't know is that Merlin was once a servant to a prince called Arthur. They became friends and allies. Once Arthur became king, he ordered Merlin to form an elite warrior force. Merlin did that and created the Zmaj Protektorstvo. "At Ginny's blank look, Harry smiled. "That means the dragon protectors. He had a thing for dragons."

"So what's that got to do with you?"

"Wait a bit and let me explain. Merlin travels the world, looking for people with special talents. For example, if someone was an elemental, then Merlin would bring that person to his school and train them to the best of his abilities along with the other teacher. They continue to train the student until he is ready to fight. Some of Merlin's students are legends such as Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff. Rowena Ravenclaw was the other teacher's student."

"Who's the other teacher?"

"There was Merlin, of course and his wife." Said Harry.

"Merlin's wife." Said Ginny. "Who is she? How come there is no record of her."

"Private wedding. So do you want to meet him?"

"Merlin alive." Asked Ginny, her eyes bright with surprise.

"Of course." Said Harry.

"Now." Said Ginny. Harry smiled as he extended a hand. His emerald eyes dancing with delight as Ginny took it. After Ginny took it and the pair burst into flames. Later a search for Ginny Weasley started at Hogwarts. Nothing was ever found of her.

Location Unknown

Harry and Ginny landed with a soft thump. Before them was a white castle. Harry whistled slight, a wide grin on his face. The Towers extending to the sparking stars high above. The Moon brightens the dark night. The inside of the castles seems alive with lights. "I'm home." Whispered Harry to himself.

As the pair approached the massive front door, Harry pulled out a small dagger, engraved with several runes, to then stab it through the door. This caused the door to slowly dissolve to nothing. Harry then gently grabbed Ginny's arm and lead her through the castle. The door rematerializing behind them. The hallway was light by several floating flames. The walls were bare apart from several scratch marks. Harry glanced at them before looking at the enquiring expression of Ginny's. "We had a rogue werewolf here a few years ago. He won control for a second and did that. It can't be repaired. Come on." Harry motioned Ginny towards another door. Harry then placed a hand on the door on a hand shaped symbol on the door.

"Welcome home, master potter." Came a hidden voice which caused Ginny to jump in surprise. The door flew open and Harry, followed by Ginny enter the dark room. There was a round stone table in the centre. Runes covered the whole thing. As the two arrivals approached the table, a man stepped into the light.

The man had bright silver hair which was neatly cut. His gold eyes expressing a calculating look and looks liked several suns burning bright. On his right side of his face was a scar that went from his temple to his jaw. His clothing was odd. He was dressed in a muggle way, a black suit with the only other colour on him was a red tie. His body was lean and toned whilst giving out a massive aura.

"Welcome Miss Weasley. I see that Harry had brought you safe and sound." His words were smooth and calm, yet every sound was spoken through his pearly white teeth with ease.

Ginny remembering her manners, said "excuse me, I don't know your name."

"Oh, I think you do. After all, that part of the reason of why you came here." Said the man, a small smile appearing on his lips.

Realization struck Ginny there and then before it all came to much for her and she passed away. Harry chuckled, "I'd believe that it was all too much for her, Master Merlin."

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