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Chapter 1

The motel door slams open, putting a doorknob size hole in the wall behind the door. Sam grabs the door, slamming it shut and locking it. Then he leans against it as he tries to catch his breath.

"Dude, what the hell? I am so not paying for that." Dean said coming out of the bathroom, towel drying his hair and seeing the hole in the wall. At the silence except for Sam's heavy breathing Dean peeked another look around the towel. Huh, kid's just standing there… what? He get attacked by a pack of rabid girls? Dean smiled at the thought. He stood up straighter and tossed the towel back through the open doorway, hitting the wall opposite the door and sliding down it. He grinned again. He felt good… they were job and injury free and he planned on partying tonight!

"Dean?" Sammy almost whispered, voice shaking, chest heaving as he leaned his head back against the door and closed his eyes.

"Yeah?" Dean replied, really looking at Sam, the kid looked freaked… Dean frowned as he watched Sam.

"Tell me again…" Sam said, almost begging, surging upright, away from the door to take a couple steps closer to Dean.

"What Sam?" Dean took a step towards Sam, the kid was acting… off.

"Tell me. Demons lie… right?" Sam looked at him, puppy dog eyes in full puppy dog mode.

Dean frowned again, chewing his lip, "Are you ok, Sammy?" Another step towards Sam. Damn if he didn't look spooked.

Sam rubs his forehead, "Uh, yeah?" Sam replies in an almost question, glancing at Dean as he stumbles backward.

Dean rushes over, putting an arm around Sam's waist, using his other hand on Sam's chest to brace him upright. "Whoa, Sammy…" trying to steady Sam, "What the hell?" Dean gasps out, while still trying to keep Sam standing. "Come on, buddy…" he leads Sam toward the nearest bed, Deans'.

One step and Sam goes to his knees, one hand still to his head.

"What the hell?" Dean asks again, as he follows Sam to the ground. He turns until he is facing Sam, pressing him close with one hand behind his back. He takes his free hand from Sam's chest and grabs Sam's chin, forcing his face up, so he can see his eyes, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"D, I don't feel so good…" Sam moans, NOT dad's… That's why he hates me, never good enough… why he forced Dean to take care of me… didn't want meHow can I tell Dean? If I tell him… he won't want me either… Sam tries to pull away… gotta leave first, before Dean finds out… before Dean can kick him out like dad didMakes sense now why dad could kick him out of the family and not even look back… he wasn't part of this family to begin with…. Well, him and Dean would be half brothers, but who was he? If he wasn't a Winchester?

"Sammy, what happened? Can you tell me? " Dean tapped Sam's cheek… he wasn't getting a response, Sam was acting almost like he was in shock.

Sam's eyes slid closed and a tear escaped….

"Sammy… dude… you're starting to kinda freak me out here…" Dean tries to chuckle. Dean's heart starts to race. What the hell happened to his baby brother? He went for coffee for fuck's sake… not… wasn't even gone ten minutes… speaking of, where was the coffee? Dean thought randomly.

"I can't… I…" Sam tries again to push away from Dean.

"Can't what?" Dean asked gently even though he was spiraling towards panic.

"I… can't… tell you." Sam whispered, dropping his head in shame.

"Dude, are you serious? You can tell me anything…" Dean stated, shocked. He was starting to feel a deep chill settle in.


"Sammy, man… come on…" Dean pleaded, trying to force Sam to look at him. "I can't fix it for you if you won't tell me what's wrong? Why'd you ask me about demons, Sammy?"

Sam continues to try to pull away, this time looking Dean in the eye.

Dean was stunned by the absolute misery shining in Sam's tear stained eyes. Dean's hands dropped in shock and Sam took the opportunity to scramble to his feet and away from Dean. Dean followed.

Sam didn't stop until he had wedged his gigantic frame between his own bed and the wall, all the way back to the corner. Once his back touched the wall he slid down it. Folding himself up, knees up to his chest and shaking arms wrapped tight around them. He buried his head in his knees and sobbed brokenly, rocking himself back and forth.

Dean was floored… What could happened in ten minutes to break his little brother so completely? Something that he wouldn't even talk to Dean about? That never happened… until now. He could always get Sam to tell him anything. Dean scooted as close to Sam as he could get, drawing his own knees up to fit in the tight space. "Sammy…" Dean said his name softly, gently; at the same time slowly reaching his hand out to place on the back of Sam's head and partially on his neck, rubbing feather light.

Sam stopped rocking instantly as if waiting to see what Dean would do next.

"Sammy, I… I need you to tell me what's going on…" Dean tried to let Sam see all the love he felt for his brother when Sam raised his head and stared at Dean.

Sam's eyes dulled and his shaking intensified, "D… demons lie, right?'

Dean studied Sam, "When did you talk to a demon without me around?" Dean breath caught, Oh, shit! As it hit Dean full force, "Sammy, did you run into a demon while you went out for coffee?" He asked urgently.

"They lie, right?" Sam begged his brother to answer, seeming only able to cling to that one thought.

"Sammy, you know this… demons lie… unless they think telling you the truth will fuck with you more…" Dean took a deep breath. "Why do you keep asking that? What did the fucker tell you?" He rarely saw Sam this rattled, well only twice before… When dad kicked Sam out for telling him about going to college, stating to him if walked out that door to never come back and when Jess died. Which Sam was still trying to recover from.

Sam's face crumbled as he buried his face again…

"Sammy…" Dean said, grunting as he got to his knees and shoved the bed away from them so he could set next to his brother. Putting an arm across his shoulders, he pulled Sammy against him, "You know I got your back, no matter what? Right, bro?"

Sammy looked at Dean, biting his lip until blood welled up, running over his lip and unnoticed down his chin as he still said nothing, just stared at Dean blankly.

"Dude, stop, your bleeding…" Dean wiped off the corner of Sam's mouth and chin with the edge of his tee shirt. "Nothing is that bad… I promise… you and me, bro… the Winchester boys against the world, dude…" He squeezed Sam's shoulders, drawing him in close once again.

"I can't call myself that anymore…" Sam sighed out, defeated. Dean wasn't going to quit until he got an answer… then he'd been gone…just like dad

"Can't call….what?" Dean blinked, raising an eyebrow… Sam had just lost him in this conversation, he had no fucking idea what was going on.

He could hear Sam swallow nervously then clear his throat.

"Sammy?" Dean asked in a tell-me-right-fucking-now voice…

"I'm not your brother and I'm not a Winchester…" Sam blurted out and wedged himself as far against the wall and away from Dean as he could. Shrinking further into a ball as if trying to disappear.

Dean facial expression changed several times before settling on a grin, "This is what has you so freaked?" Dean asked gently.

Sam nodded, head buried in his knees.

"Sammy, look at me." Dean demanded, moving to in front of Sam again. Placing his hands on Sam's knees, he resisted the urge to laugh. Sam had had him scared shitless and this is all it was. "Sammy, look at me. I'm not going away until you do."

Sammy slowing looked up, tears running unchecked down his cheeks.

"A demon told you… that you aren't my brother?" Dean asked, smiling, relief flooding through him like a waterfall.

Sam nodded, more tears falling.

Dean wiped them away, "Sammy, You've been my brother since I was four… I think I would know if you had been exchanged for a pod person…" Dean gave him a full blown, Dean-Winchester-Special-smile… full wattage and all. It slowly fell away, turning into a frown as Sam continued to stare at him…. "Sammy?" Dean shook Sam's legs.

"He showed me." Sam said flatly, continuing to look through Dean.

"How did that happen? In ten minutes?" Dean asked, incredulous.

Sam nodded, any minute now and Dean would walk away….

Dean lips thinned into a straight line and determination settled over his features, "Tell me everything…" He demanded.

Sam sighed, here goes, the beginning of the end, "I went to get coffee and this weird guy walked up to me and told me I wasn't who I thought I was."

"Uh, huh… go on." Dean told him, absentmindedly rubbing circles on Sam's knee with one hand as he listened.

"I told him he must have me confused with someone else and started to walk away… he grabbed me and his eyes turned funny, not black, though."

"Son of a bitch…" Dean snarled, kid was never going after coffee alone again.

Sam leaned closer to the wall, "He said I wasn't a brother to Dean or son to John, then he pressed his hand onto my forehead and I went to my knees." He pressed his forehead to the wall, as he whispered. "It hurt Dean."

Dean unconsciously, gripped Sam's knee.

"He said no Winchester blood ran through my veins…and then he showed me…" Sam looked at Dean, waiting for him to tell him to leave.

"What did you see to make you believe this shit?" Dean snapped, the urge to find the demon and erase it from existence overwhelming.

Sam flinched, "Did you know mom and dad separated for a month or two before they found out about me? Dad and her used to fight… dad didn't think I was his. He told mom in one fight, that he didn't believe the little bastard was his, but he'd raise him anyway… because he loved her…. Don't you see Dean?"

"See what? Demons lie, Sammy!" Dean snapped, irritated the demon piece of shit wasn't right in front of him so he could end "it."

Sammy smiled bitterly, "Unless the truth will fuck with you more…"

Dean ran a hand through his hair in agitation, "Now… now you choose to quote me…"

Sammy shrugged.

"Sammy, YOU are my BROTHER… and you are a WINCHESTER!" Dean stood rapidly, rubbing his mouth with one hand a couple of times before running it down his chin and letting his hand drop. He had watched Sammy as he told him that he was his brother and a Winchester. He didn't look like he believed him.

"What else, Sammy?"

Sammy shook his head, he wouldn't tell him the rest, hadn't planned on telling him as much as he did. "No…" and looked towards the wall.

"FUCK!" Dean snarled , whirling around, he stumbled a few steps away from Sam and the bed. He started pacing back and forth as he talked, "Sammy, I'm going to fix this, I promise…"

Sam didn't say anything.

"Sammy, stay right here… I'm going to make two phone calls and then I'll be right back…" Dean said, watching Sammy.

No response…

"Sammy, ya hear me?" Dean asked, taking a cautious step towards Sam.

"Yeah…" Sammy mumbled, not looking at Dean.

"OK, don't do anything except wait for me, promise?" Dean asked, worried taking another step towards Sam.

"Promise." Sammy whispered, looking at Dean.

Dean nodded giving Sam a small smile. Turning, Dean hurried out the door, pulling his phone and hitting speed dial as he closed the door. Leaning against it he waited for the phone to be picked up… great, fucking voicemail… well, maybe that was better, voicemail can't argue back.

"Dad, it's Dean… I know you know, I've got Sam with me." A pause… "Dad, meet me at Bobby's in two days. You better not ignore this message." Dean took a deep breath, then continued, "If you don't show up and help me fix this, you and I… we're done. Do you hear me dad? If you don't show up there, I will wash my hands of you just like you did to my brother when he wanted to go to college. This is some serious shit we're in… and if you don't help us, me and Sammy…we'll be gone. You won't find us. You hear me old man?" and Dean closed his phone. He was glad he'd gotten voicemail, because honestly he wouldn't have been able to say everything he wanted to his dad in person… on the phone…whatever. He kinda hoped Sammy had been listening… That way the little pain-in-the-ass knew that he really had his back, even when it came to dad.

Next he called Bobby. When Bobby answered he knew instantly there was trouble.

"What's going on Dean?"

"We need to come to you, I'll leave first thing in the morning… I kinda demanded dad meet us at your place. I hope you don't mind but I sort of threatened him, so he'll be pissed when he gets there." Dean rushed through telling Bobby.

Bobby chuckled, "I can't wait to see that. What happened, boy?" He asked instantly sobering.

"Sammy was attacked by a demon. There's some nasty side affects." Technically Dean wasn't lying.

"Shit…he alright?" Bobby said quickly.

"Define alright?" Dean asked wearily, rubbing his hand over his eyes.

Bobby swore and Dean could imagine, Bobby smacking his hat on his leg in frustration.

"Just get here, boy. We'll fix it when you do. Call me when you leave."

"Thanks, Bobby." Dean said, closing his phone. Dean opened the door and went in; closing and locking it behind him.

It startled him to find Sam standing there. It alarmed him even more for Sam to grab him in a bear hug, "I thought you'd leave."

"Dude, do you know me at all?" Dean snapped, "I'm the one that always stays. It's you and dad that keep taking off on me…" muttering under his breath, "always having to hunt your asses down…"

Sam looked like he was going to cry again, "I'm sorry, Dean. I never meant to hurt you." He dropped his arms and stepped back.

Dean reached out and patted Sam on the chest, "I know, Sammy."

"You told dad you would choose me…" Sam said with wonder in his voice.

Dean sighed wearily, "You aren't the only one with regrets, Sammy. If I had stood up to dad then, maybe I wouldn't have lost all that time with my baby brother."

"What will happen if it's true?" Sam asked fearfully, carefully avoiding eye contact with Dean.

Dean stood blinking at Sam a few seconds before snarling, "You dumbass, no matter what, you will always be…" Dean grabbed a surprised Sammy in a headlock and proceeded to give him a noogie. "My pain-in-the-ass-little brother! Nothing will ever change that, got it?"

"Yeah, Dean. I got it, now, let go…" Sam whined… trying to break loose from Dean.

"Oh, I don't think you grasp it quite yet…" Dean laughed, tightening his grip.

"No… I do…I doDean!" Sammy started laughing and fell boneless to the floor, pulling Dean down too. After a few minutes of them laying side by side, looking up at the ceiling, Sam says quietly, " Dean… I… um…" he stops mid-sentence and bites his lip.

Dean glances at his brother, his baby brother, he couldn't deny he was worried about the little shit… he wasn't over Jess yet and then to be fucked with like this… Dean sighed, "What buddy?"

"Do we have to stay here? Can't we… can we leave now?" Sam asked almost shyly, quick glance at Dean before returning his stare to the water stained ceiling. At least he hoped that was water…

Dean jerked to an upright position, plastering a smile on his face, "Sure, get your lazy ass up and lets get the hell out of here." Dean stood quickly, reaching down for Sam's hand to help him up.

Sam smiled gratefully at his big brother as he clasped hands with him letting his brother pull him to his feet.

Dean didn't immediately let go of his hand and when Sam looked at him questioningly, Dean smiled at him and told him softly, "It's going to be okay… I've got your back."

Sam smiled as Dean squeezed his hand then let go. They got out of that motel in record time, in under five minutes they had emptied the room and Dean had pulled over to the motel office to return the key. Ten minutes later Dean came out of the office, laughing as he climbed into the drivers seat.

Sam stared at him, before asking cautiously, "What did you do?"

"Oh, nothing, dude…. I just got us a full refund…" Dean stated smugly as he backed out of the parking spot and gunned it across the remaining parking lot. He didn't even slow down as he pulled onto the road.

Sam shook his head, his brother never ceased to amaze him, "Again, dude, what did you do?"

"Told him the roaches were the size of cats… in front of some new customers. Then I proceeded to explain how thin the walls were by describing in great detail the sex we had to listen to coming from the next room… The guy gave me a full refund… in cash, to shut me up!" Dean's laughing so hard that he had to stop for breath, then continued, "Couldn't get me out of there fast enough, dude… It was priceless." he snorted as he tried to control his laughter. He smiled with satisfaction as he saw Sam smile, then heard a snicker escape.

"Dean, it's not even our money, it's Malcolm Torray's…" Sam chastised, trying not to feel guilty for stealing the guys money.

"Well, now it's mine. I earned it with that awesome performance." Dean grinned his yep- that's-right-I'm-the-man grin… and Sam couldn't help it, he was laughing with his brother.