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Chapter 3

Dean and Sam were packing their stuff into duffels, neither talking as Sam zipped his bag, and stood, "Done."

"I didn't know this was a contest to see who could pack faster." Dean said with a grin.

"It's not, besides I would always win… I don't have my stuff strung all over the house." Sam added, smirking as he sat on his bed, then leaned back and put his hands behind his head.

Dean raised an eyebrow as he said with a mock frown, "Who do you think taught you to pack like that, bitch?"

Sam raised his head, looked Dean in the eye and said with a straight face, "Bobby." then back to staring at the ceiling.

Dean snorted as he murmured, "Smart ass bitch." Tossing a dirty sock at Sam's face.

"Gross Dean! You two-year old… jerk!" Sam said tossing the sock back and sitting up to glare at Dean.

Dean looked at him a second or two before saying, "I'm a little confused…" Before zipping his bag and shouldering it, "So are you saying… I…"

"Oh, shut up, Dean." Sam said, reaching over and give Dean a slight shove. Dean laughed, thinking at least this would keep Sam's mind off dad.

By midnight, Dean had the car loaded and they were outside by the impala saying their goodbyes to Bobby.

Bobby told them sadly, "You could stay the night at least, leave in the morning…"

"No, then if dad shows in the morning and we're here… he won't take us serious… He needs to know I mean what I say, right, Sammy?" Dean said firmly, determined not to think about what this meant for them as the Winchester family… they'd go from family to… … shit! NOT thinking about it! Dean reminded himself.

"Right." Sam gave Dean a sad little smile, he felt like he needed to give Dean a way out. Dean really idealized their dad… it felt wrong to take dad away from Dean. So, he took a deep breath and plunged in as he said softly, "D… you don't have to go with…"

Dean turned on Sam, instantly pissed, he needed to straighten Sam out right fuckin' now, "Sammy… You're coming with me… I'm not going with you! You get me? This is my choice… you aren't making me do anything I don't want to, got it? Are we clear?"

Sam smiled, relieved as he saluted his brother, saying in a booming voice, "Reading you, loud and clear."

Dean nodded in satisfaction, saying quietly, "Good." giving Sam a slight tap on his arm with his loosely closed fist. Sam's smile widened even bigger as he slugged Dean back.

About twenty minutes later they were heading down the drive… and at the entrance to the salvage yard a large black truck came tearing down the drive, slamming on it's brakes and sliding sideways, blocking the path of the impala.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, "Well, I guess dad made it…" Dean said, his heart pounding hard against his chest, giving Sam a weak smile, "Wait here." And then Dean opened the driver's side door, standing on the side of the car as he grinned over the hood at his father who had just thrown his door open and jumped out of his truck.

"Just what the fuck is going on, Dean?" John snarled at his son. Pissed had been yesterday, now he was royally fuckin' irate! He'd caught his boys just in time, Dean had really been planning on just taking the fuck off, which only caused his anger to boil harder into the rage about to kick in full force.

"Well, we were just leaving, dad. I said I'd give you two days… they're up… we're leaving. Not really all that complicated." Dean snapped right back, his temper roaring to match his fathers'.

"Dean, what if I had been on a job where I couldn't get messages?" John was glaring as he stormed towards Dean, fists clenched at his sides.

"Oh, is that what happened when I called you from Lawrence… been on a job this whole time… Is that why you haven't even bothered to at least return my calls?" Dean was spirally passed pissed pretty quickly himself, sarcasm in full swing.

"Dean, I'm not amused by your attitude!" John growled, walking up to stand at the front of the car.

"Yeah, well, I don't really give a shit!" Dean retorted with a glare.

John sighed, deflating, then in a weary voice said, "Just tell me what the fuck is going on…"

"Like I said, your time is up and we're leaving." Dean came by his anger honestly, he was his daddy's boy. Dean heard the passenger door open and sighed in frustration, He'd told Sam to stay put.

"Guys… how about everyone calm down… we'll go back to Bobby's… Get some coffee…" With the twin glares, he amended, " or whiskey and everyone can talk about this calmly." Sammy said, he hated that Dean was fighting with dad, because of him.

"Fine." Both Dean and John said together. Both returning to their vehicles. Dean slammed the impala in reverse and barreled backwards down the drive, only to spin into a semi-circle in front of the house to park it the same way it had been before.

John slammed his truck into park behind the impala and followed them up to the porch.

Bobby greeted them at the door, "Back so soon." he directed at the boys. Glancing at John, he smiled somewhat cooler at, "John."

John nodded his greeting, he hesitated at the door, last time he'd been there Bobby had threatened to fill him full of buckshot.

Bobby smiled at John's hesitation, "Get in here… we have things to talk about."

Minutes later, everyone had settled down with either coffee or whiskey in the living room. Dean and Sam were seated on the couch beside each other. Bobby sitting in a chair beside the couch and John passing back and forth in front of the remaining chair.

"Is somebody ready to tell me why you thought I had to be threatened to get me here?" John asked, agitated. "Because if you ever…" he began to threaten.

Dean lifted an eyebrow, "Lawrence, dad…but that doesn't even matter… Before we begin you should know the only reason we are still here, is my brother asked." Dean told his dad frostily, adding another glare.

At that statement, Sammy teared up, Dean didn't even look his direction, he just squeezed his knee in silent comfort.

At John brief nod, Dean continued, " Sammy was attacked by a demon the night I called you."

"What?" John said, glancing quickly to look Sam over, he didn't look hurt.

Sammy pulled his knees up and tried to disappear into the couch cushions, he wanted to be anywhere but here. He could feel his dad's gaze on him, he didn't need to even look.

Dean scooted closer, until their shoulders touched, giving more silent comfort as he continued, "It said a few things and showed him some stuff and I need you to clear it up for us."

John frowned as he stared at Dean, "Why would I be able…"

"Because it… did you and mom separate right before you guys found out she was pregnant with Sam?" Dean blurted out, watching his dad's expression closely.

"That's none of your business." John snapped at Dean, not quite looking Dean in the eye.

"Actually it is, when a demon tells my kid brother, he's not my brother and not your son!" Dean growled right back, leaning forward, closer to his father.

John sat down hard in the chair he'd been pacing in front of, his face loosing color as he clutched the arm of the chair.

Dean stood, staring at his pale father he'd just rendered speechless; he wasn't done yet, however, "It also showed him some stuff… One thing being a fight where you told mom that you would raise the little bastard even though he wasn't yours, only because you loved her…" Dean gave an apologetic look to Sam, he didn't need to see Sam to feel Sam's reaction to what he'd said.

John stared from Dean to Sam as he whispered, " I said that, but…"

That was enough for Dean, he charged over to John and stood hands fisted at his side, "That's it! We're done! God…" Dean ran a hand though his hair before throwing his hands up and continuing, "I never believed… If I'd known we wouldn't have stayed to talk to you." Dean turned and told Sammy gently, "Let's go, Sammy… we're done here."

Sammy slowly unfolded himself off the couch and started to stand.

John jumped up, he knew if he let his sons walk away now, it would be the end of any kind of relationship with them and he wasn't ready for that. Yeah, he'd been keeping them at a distance, but that was for their safety. This, he had to fix, he couldn't let his boys think he felt that way. It was true he'd kicked Sam out for the college thing, but he loved his boys. Dean was acting so much like his mother right now, it physically hurt. He said a little frantically, "Waitit wasn't like that! Demons lie… let me explain…"

Dean turned back to stand nose to nose with his father before saying coldly, "You better make it quick."

Bobby breathed a sigh of relief, he was beginning to think he was going to have to break up a brawl between the two older Winchesters. He continued to sit quietly in case the boys needed him.

"I… while we were separated a demon visited me." John said softly, looking down at his feet.

Dean turned and walked back over to the couch, sitting down and pulling Sammy down next to him, then he placed an arm across his shoulders, pulling him close. Sam leaned in grateful for the comfort and support Dean was showing him without saying a word. Then of course there was the not so silent support. This had been what he wanted from Dean when he left for college. Instead Dean had stood silent, lending his support to their father, or so Sam had thought at the time.

"I didn't know… I didn't know it was a demon until… until after Mary…. after we lost Mary… Didn't know until I saw him again…. What he was…" John looked at the boys with tears in his eyes, "He looked like a person, just some guy… weird eyes, though; came to the garage and asked for me. It had been a week after your mother left. She'd went to stay with one of her cousins while we… worked it out. She had you with her." He looked at Dean.

Dean said in a hurry tone, "Dad…"

"Well, he came up and said that I ought to know some things about Mary… that she was pregnant with a little boy and it wasn't mine, it was his. Well, I laughed in his face… even after your mom and I got back together and found she was pregnant. When I started to have my doubts was when we found out Sam was a boy. Then the dreams started… they were detailed." John sighed, "Lets, save a lot of time and just say I accused your mother. Told her she didn't have to lie… that I wouldn't throw her out over it, that hell I'd even raise the little bastard because I loved her."

Dean started to stand, this wasn't helping Sammy, in fact it was making it worse. But Sammy grabbed his arm, and shook his head slightly. Dean gave him a return nod and settled back down to hear the rest of it.

John smiled gratefully at Sammy as he subconsciously rubbed his jaw, "That's what you saw, right, Sammy?" after Sam slight nod, he continued, "This is why I tell you demons lie… it showed you that part, but not the whole of it. Your mother knocked the shit out of me and informed me that I needed to get my head out of my ass... she had a mean right hook." He grinned at the boys, "She said to show me just how far up my ass my head was she was going to prove that Sam was mine."

John sat back in his chair and grinned before continuing, "Sammy…" He waited until Sam looked him in the eye, "You belong one hundred percent to your mom and me…"

Sam murmured, "How do you know?" he leaned into Dean. Dean responding by tightening his arm and squeezing Sam's shoulder.

"Because she was never with anyone else. She was three months pregnant, it means she was already pregnant when she left… And we took a paternity test. After which I spent the next year groveling at her feet… was still… when." John stopped and stood. John ran a hand through his hair very similar to the way Dean's does when he would get agitated. "I just didn't tell you guys because… I didn't want you to know we fought sometimes cause I can be… difficult." to which Bobby snorted, causing grins from the boys, "Your mom never did anything wrong, it was me and that weird eyed son a bitch."

Sammy startled at that and wondered could it be the same demon? Maybe going back to Lawrence triggered it? His thoughts were interrupted by Dean giving him a slight shake.

"Huh?" Sam mumbled.

"Ya okay? You kind of zoned out for a second… see I told you were my pain-in-the-ass-little-brother… " Dean told him with a full-all-out-no-holds-barred smile that he reserved for only a few people.

Sammy grinned back, "Jerk."

Dean gave his brother another shoulder squeeze, "Bitch…"

John stood, "Boys…"

They both looked up to see John standing there with arms open… waiting for a hug? Then they stared at each other before standing to go hug their father. Dean pushed Sam ahead of him.

John grabbed him and pulled him close, "It's good to see you son. It's been way too long." it sounded like he was trying not to sob into Sam's neck.

Sam said softly, "I'm sorry, too… dad."

Then John pulled Dean into the hug. They hadn't had the Winchester dog pile since Sammy was like ten, Dean smiled as he thought about it. "Proud of you boy, taking up for your brother and yourself like that… but... just so you know... You ever take off like you threatened and I will find you…no matter what I can find you." John said smugly as he plopped down in the chair.

Dean raised an eyebrow and smirked, opening his mouth but before he could say something, Sammy slugged him on the arm. "Ou.. Ch.. Bitch!" Dean yelled, rubbing his arm.

Sammy mirrored Dean's smirk as he snarked, "Wimpy... jerk…" And he ducked Dean's swing at his head, laughing as he backed away.

As they rough housed in the living room all Bobby could think was, It was about damn time.

The End

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