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I was having a great day. For the first time, in years, I was having a great day. It started as soon a I opened my eyes. I sat alone in bed, with the sheet wrapped securely around my nude body. Last nights activities replayed themselves in my head over and over again. Of course, I wanted to angry with myself for being so weak. Last night was not supposed to happen that way. But, to be honest, there wasn't an angry bone in my body. It had been so long since I had been loved so thoroughly. Its really hard to explain. An out of body experience is what I like to call it. Great sex you always remember. But, great love making changes your life. Jacob owned my body. He had the power to make me feel things that you can't even imagine. The sinful things that he commands from me with just the touch of his lips or his finger tips literally makes me crazy.

I smiled and ran a hand through my disheveled hair before removing myself from the bed, taking the oversize white sheet with me. The sound of Jade's voice rang clear through the slightly cracked window. Walking over to it, I pulled the curtains back and let in the sunlight. Sunlight was rare. After all, we were located in La Push. So, when the sun decided to make an appearance everyone made sure to take advantage of it. I watched from the window as Jade and Jacob played catch. It was definitely a sight to see. Jade was not athletic at all. I guess you could say that she got that from me. The lack of a male figure in our house hold could have been the cause as well. I mean, we had the pack, but they also lead their own lives as well. So, I take full responsibility as to why my beautiful daughter preferred nail polish and a shoulder purse over sneakers and softballs.

Watching their interaction was not enough for me, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to bask in their happiness even if it did not last to long. After getting dressed in a plan white fitted V neck T shirt and black jean pants, I searched high and low for my converse sneakers. Successfully, I found them and dashed into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. A shower was the furthest thing from my mind. I wanted to smell like Jacob, but more importantly, I wanted him to smell us whenever he was near me. To say that I missed my husband is an understatement. I never thought I would see him ever again. Just knowing that he was so close, so near made me want to burst with happiness. There was something indescribable happening within me. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face.

Downstairs I found Rebecca sitting at dinning room table. Rachel was on her cellphone and pacing in the kitchen. Rebecca smiled at me and placed the pictures that she had in her hand on the table. "Hey Becks, how are you feeling?"

"I'm not nearly as great as you are," she said with a knowing smile. " I…I,"I began, but the only words that left my lips were, "I am happy."

Rebecca smiled, "You look happy. Bella, I know you. I think I may know you better than anyone. Well, except Jacob. I just want to say, for this one day, shut your brain off."

Before I could cut her off she continued, "Don't think about anyone else. Today, I want you to be selfish. Do what makes you happy."

I smiled. Rebecca and I seemed to be on the same page. She was absolutely right. It had been so long since I had the opportunity to just be.

"One more thing," Rebecca said. "Give me your cell phone."

"What am I twelve?" I murmured.

"Just a little help to keep you focused on you."

I walked closer to her and reluctantly pull my phone from my back pocket. I handed the phone to her.

"That wasn't so hard. I promise to take messages and if something important comes us I'll give it back. Now go, Jade and Jacob have been waiting on you sleeping beauty."

The corners of my mouth twitched as I fought to hold back the smile that wanted grace my face. I hugged Rebecca and then yelled a quick hello to Rachel in the kitchen. She was so preoccupied with her conversation that she smiled quickly before waving me off.

When I reached the archway of the front door, Jacob's attention quickly turned to me. He smiled my smile. It was a toothy ear to ear smile that could bring any girl to their knees. Jacob stood up straight. Neither of us making any sudden movements. The sexual tension instantly became so thick even outside and in front of our daughter, I was afraid that I would jump him. It was the same physical attraction that we shared so many years ago. We could barely hold proper conversations or hang out with our friends without grossing them out with our PDA. But, I didn't care. Jacob was mine and I was his.

Jade's sweet voice brought both of us back to reality. I stepped through the archway and onto the porch.

"Momma," Jade shouted as she ran up the steps in my direction. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my middle, burying her face in my long locks of hair. Smiling, I started down the steps in Jacobs direction, "Let momma see your beautiful face, princess."

Jade removed her face from my hair and smiled her dimpled smile at me. I couldn't help but kiss her pretty little cheek over and over again. When I reached Jacob, he pulled me close. Before I could get a word out, he kissed me softly on the lips. I couldn't help the blush that I was sure that I was sporting.

"Hi," I managed to say lamely.

"Hi back," He said before winking at me. "How did you sleep, Bells?"

"I slept like a baby," I admitted. Jacob smirked knowingly. I just rolled my eyes and was grateful for Jade's presence. I really didn't care to hear his cocky comments on why I slept like a baby eve though I knew that his cocky comments were true.

"Daddy is going to take you on a picnic today," Jaded chanted.

"Really?" I asked, placing Jade back on her feet.

"Yup. It's a date really. We have to make you fall in love with him again."

"But, I already love your dad," I said, turning my attention to Jacob. "Is that what you think? That I don't love you anymore because I do."

"I know you love me," Jacob said. "But, this is something that I really need to do. The house is kind of crowded anyway and we really need to talk. I just miss you. I miss us."

"I really miss us too. So, are you asking me on a date?" I asked coyly.

Jacob blushed, "Only if you are agreeing. Will you go out with me Bella?"

I looked down at Jade who was nodding her head fiercely. My attention shifted back to Jake, "Is that a yes?" He asked, voice filled with hope.

"I'd love to."

Jacob pulled me in for one of his infamous bear hugs. I could barely breathe. His bear hugs used to annoy me immensely. Its funny how when you are with out something for a while, you appreciate it. In my head, I pleaded with him to squeeze me tighter and never let me go.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled away from me, "I have a few things to take care of. But, I want you to meet me at first beach at 7:30. Rebecca and Rachel will help you get ready."


Jake gave Jade and I a hug and kiss before taking off. I stood outside watching his retreating car disappear down the road. The unsettling fear crept back into the pit of my stomach. Whenever he left, I felt as if I couldn't breathe. It was the worse feeling in the world. My lungs felt as if they were going collapse. The tears formed in my eyes. Jacob took my happiness with him. There was a tug on my hand. Tears stained my cheeks as I gazed down at Jade. Her face mirrored my emotions. Guilt coursed through me. It saddened me that I could not be strong for her.

"Momma," she said sweetly. "You'll see daddy tonight. Don't cry."

"Sorry kid. Come on, lets get inside."