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Booth was finishing the soup when Brennan came the door. "MMM Booth it smells good in here. What are you making?"

"Thanks Bones, I'm making roasted pumpkin soup. My Grandma on my mom's side used to make it for thanksgiving. I haven't had it in a long time and started craving it the other day so I found a recipe. I don't know how good it'll be though. We're also having salad, good crusty bread and wine. I also made that chocolate cherry cake you love."

"I'm sure it'll be great. Where's Maddie?"

"I sent her to Angela's for the night, we haven't had a semi romantic dinner or time alone in a while. We're over due."

"Will it still be semi romantic if I go change into my pajamas? It's been a long day, the new intern is afraid of dead bodies. I need to get her into another section of anthropology or something."

"Yes go change, but hold on for a minute." Booth handed Brennan a glass of wine. "Enjoy"

"Thanks Booth." Brennan kissed his cheek and went to the bedroom. When she came back ten minutes later Booth had cleared the coffee table and moved the dining table candles to it along with the salad, bread.

"Booth you didn't have to rearrange everything…"

He smiled a little, "I wanted to go sit the soup is done." Brennan grabbed the bottle of wine before heading to the couch and taking a seat where Booth had placed her favorite throw blanket. Booth carefully sat the tray with two bowls of soup on the table. "Careful it's really hot.

Brennan nodded and carefully picked up the bowl and stirred the soup watching the steam float away. After another minute Brennan took a bite and swallowed, "Booth, the soup is delicious!" Booth smiled, "Thanks Bones I'm glad you like it, there's enough for lunch tomorrow."

Brennan nodded, "is it like your grandmother's?"

"It's close, but not quite. I'll keep makings it and tinker with it."

"Good because I like it a lot. I think Maddie would even eat it, it's thicker than most soups, and she doesn't like thin soup. I don't know why."

"She can try it when she gets home in the afternoon." They talked about their day and enjoyed their dinner. Booth carried the dinner dishes to the kitchen before her returned with two big pieces of cake. He handed on to Brennan, 'Bones, before you eat this I have something to ask you."

"Okay." Brennan sat her cake on the arm of the couch. Booth fished something out of his shirt pocket. "Bones, will you marry me?" Booth slipped the ring on Brennan's finger

"OH Booth! I want to, but I need to make Maddie is okay with this. I know it won't be that much of a change from now and that she'll be okay with it, but I would feel better if I talked to her about it." Brennan looked at Booth with a slightly panicked expression, he took her hand. "Bones, relax its okay I'm not upset that you're holding off answering me, in fact I like that you are until Maddie weighs in. I had the same chat with Parker when I took him home last weekend; he's ok with us getting married."


"Ange is dropping Maddie off at 11, how about I go out and watch a game with Jared or something while the two of you talk?"

"That would be a good idea." Brennan took the ring off, "The ring is beautiful, but I think you should keep it until I talk to Maddie."

"Okay, but you can wear it until we go to bed if you want." Brennan put the ring back on her finger and grinned; Booth laughed and pulled her closer. "Eat your cake Bones."

The next morning Booth left the apartment a little bit before Angela was going to bring Maddie home. Brennan was in Parker's room changing the sheets when she heard Madelyn come in. "Mom?"

"In Parker's room." Brennan smiled when she heard Madelyn's bag hit the floor just inside her room, and then Madelyn continued on to Parker's room.

"Hey sweetie Angela didn't come in?"

"No, Hodgins called just as we got here totally freaking out because Michael wouldn't stop crying, she had to hurry home before they both melted down. Where's Booth?"

Brennan chuckled, "He went to Jared's to watch some sporting event."


Brennan pulled the comforter over the sheets. "Maddie, let's go sit in your room, I have something to ask you and I want you to be honest; whatever tell me I won't be upset."


"Relax you're not in trouble, it's nothing bad." Madelyn nodded and the two of them headed for her room. Madelyn flopped on the bed and rolled on to her side, grabbing her pillow person. Brennan sat on the bed.

"Maddie, Booth asked me to marry him last night. I want to, but I didn't commit because I wanted to make sure you're going to be okay with it. "

"Mom marry him! You're almost married anyways. just now when he comes and gets me from school he won't have to explain that he's your work partner….he can just say he's my dad…. he is my dad isn't he?"

"Not biologically, but yes Booth is your dad."

"Do you think Booth would mind if I called him dad after you get married?'"

"I don't think Booth would mind if you called him dad, in fact I think he'd be happy if you did. You can ask him when he gets home later."

"Okay." Madelyn yawned.

"What time did you go to bed?"

"When Michael got up this morning."

"What did you and Angela do all night?"

"We watched movies and played games like always. I went to bed when Michael got up and slept for a little bit the Hodgins got me up for waffles and Angela dropped me off."

"I'm guessing you don't want lunch."


"Go take a nap."


A few hours later Booth came home to Brennan making macaroni and cheese. "Did you talk?"

"Yes, and Maddie is okay with us getting married. She wants to talk to you."

"Okay." Booth took the ring, a simple diamond out of his pocket and slipped it back on Brennan's finger.

"Dinner will be done in ten minutes, when the top gets bubbly."

"Okay. " Booth grabbed a handful of grape tomatoes. "Hey!"

Booth chuckled and went to Madelyn's room and knocked on the doorjamb. "Maddie, your mom said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah. After you and mom get married can I start calling you dad?"

"Of course you can, you can now if you want."

'I'll have to think about it, but for sure after you get married."

"All right. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, let's go help your mom with whatever she needs. I love you Maddie."

"I love you too, Booth."

They went to the kitchen and helped Brennan with the salad and set the table.

One week later Brennan came home after work to find both Booth boys arguing in the kitchen.

"Hey Booth what's going on?"

"Baca called and said she needed to flip flop weekends, some work thing. I get to school and Parker's teacher is waiting at pick up and tells me that he hasn't turned in his weekly at home reading sheets for the last 3 weeks! I called Baca and she didn't even know he has at home reading sheets he's susposed to fill out and have one of us sign! I knew about it, but Parker told me that he had Baca sign the sheets…." and now Parker tells me that the thinks reading is stupid and boring and won't do it!

"Okay can it be made up?"

"Yeah this week and last week only, for half credit."

"Okay, you go cool off in our room and I'll deal with Parker."

"Bones, you don't have to-"

"I know, but I had a similar situation with Maddie-"

"Okay. Brennan kissed Booth's cheek and gave him a push towards their room. Once the door closed she turned to Parker.

"Dad hates me."

Brennan tipped Parker's chin up, "Your dad doesn't hate you Parker, he is just upset that you lied to him and haven't been doing your homework. Why did you say that your mom was signing your sheets when she didn't even know you had them?"

"Because I knew you and dad would make me reread the books and I don't want to."

Brennan hid her smile, "why don't you want to read?"

"Because it's boring and stupid…"

"Why do think reading is stupid?"

"I don't need it for anything they make us reed these stories at school and take these tests then they want us to come home and read every night…."

"Parker, you need reading for everything you do. You're not having problems reading are you?"

"No, I get A's on the tests they make us do at school and I'm in the advanced reading group in my class. I just don't want to read the books at home, it's boring."

"Why do you think reading is boring?"

"You have to be quiet to read and I don't like the silence…."

"You know Maddie listens to her I Pod when she reads at home, to break up the silence…"

"I have an I pod…"

"I know did you bring it?"

"Yeah, dad was going to put new music on it for me, but now…"

"Do you have the reading sheets?"


"Go get them and give them to me plus get your IPod too."

"Okay" Parker went to his room and came back a minute later with the papers and the IPod. Brennan read the sheet.

"Okay you only have to read for at least 30 minutes a night to get your 3 ½ hours a week and write down the book, author, and how many pages you read and have your have your mom or dad sign it. You can read the whole time at once and just fill it in for every day. since it's a three day weekend you can get caught up on the two weeks you're behind, you'll have to read for more than a half hour at a time though. Do you have any other homework to do?"


"Okay, get your shoes and coat on; we're going to the library to get you a library card then you're going to check out a book and come home and get started on your reading sheets. I'm going to tell your dad what we're going to go do."

"Okay am I in trouble?"

"That's up to your dad, Parker not me."

"What will happen when you get married?"

"Well I would imagine that whichever one of us caught you or Maddie doing something you shouldn't be we'd punish you and tell each other, okay?"


"Now go get your shoes and coat so we can go." Parker got out of his chair and grabbed his shoes from beside the door while Brennan headed to her and Booth's bedroom.

"Booth, I'm taking Parker to get a library card and a book so he can start on his sheets. He doesn't want to read because he doesn't like the silence like Maddie. Will you put whatever music on his IPod that you were going to before this started so he can listen to it while reads, I think it'll help him get it done faster."

"I shouldn't but since you asked…."

"Thank you. Booth Parker thinks you hate him."

"What? Why?"

"I think because you were sort of yelled at him, you never do that… I told him that you didn't hate him that you were just upset that he lied to you and wasn't doing his homework. "

"I'll talk to him tonight."

"Okay." Brennan walked in and handed Booth the IPod."We'll be back in a bit. I'm going to leave Maddie here; I know she'd want to come with us, but I think Parker needs some undivided attention. I think there's more to this, like why he didn't tell Rebecca he had the reading sheets/"


An hour later Parker had his brand new library card and a copy of The Indian in the Cupboard. Brennan waited until they were in the car to ask her question, "Parker, why didn't you tell your mom you had the reading sheets?"

"Because mom acts looks like is a pain to go get extra stuff for school and stuff. She never looks at my papers like you and dad do she never does anything at school." Brennan nodded.

"You know parker sometimes Maddie would read books to me; you can do that if you want."

"Will you pay attention to it? I tried that with mom once, we had to for homework and she didn't even listen to me!"

"Of course Parker!"


They went home and Parker headed to his room, Brennan told him she'd be there as soon as she told Booth they were back. Booth stopped Parker in the hall "Park, let's talk for a minute."

"Okay." they went into his room.

"Parker Bones told me you think I hate you, I could never hate you. I'm just upset with you because you didn't do your homework and lied to me about having it done. Why did you?"

"Because I didn't want to read the books and you and Bones would've made me. I didn't tell mom because she acts looks like is a pain to go get extra stuff for school and stuff."

"I know how your mom gets bub, but you need to tell her when you need stuff for school. Tell her that if she doesn't have time to get it or whatever to call me and Bones or I will get it okay?"


"Love you, bub."

"Love you too, dad."

Booth took the IPod out of his pocket, "Normally I wouldn't give this too you after you lied, but Bones asked that I put the music I'd promised on it so you can listen to it while you read."

"Thanks dad!"

"You're welcome now go read."

"I'm going to go read to Bones, she said I could."

"Okay, I'll order pizza in a little bit, sound good?"


A few hours later Brennan, Booth, Maddie and Parker settled down to eat their pizza and watch a movie. At the movie's end Brennan announced that everyone was going to read silently for at least an hour.

Three weeks later Brennan threw down the bridal magazine Angela had thrust into her hands on her way out of the lab. "Booth I don't want to plan our wedding! I don't care about dresses and all that stuff! Can't we just elope?"

"We can if you want, were do you want to go?"

"I was thinking we could go to Florida and have a very small beech wedding with the kids, Angela, Hodgins, cam and dad Jarred and Padme too if you can find them. Then Angela can take the kids back home and we can have time to ourselves."

"Bones it's not eloping if you invite people!"

"Okay then it's modified eloping!"

Booth chuckled, "Okay went do you want to do it?"

"This weekend?"

"Sounds good to me. You go call everyone and I'll see if Bacca will flip-flop weekends."


Three days later Booth and Brennan were married on the beach in business casual entire with Maddie, Parker, Angela, Hodgins, Cam, Max Jared and Padmae looking on.

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