Twenty-two-year-old Berarondii Jacobson exhaled deeply and looked up. His mud-brown beard had grown to his chest and his hair to his shoulders. He was shackled to a wall with his legs floating inches from the ground,he was around 5'10". His scars were enflamed and scarlet blood was dripping out of the side of his mouth. There was a menacing figure standing over him. "Father...Please,reconsider this!" He yelled at the figure "I haven't done anything!" He continued, his eyes filling with anger. "Sorry Berarondii, but I have to do this. The king and the council demand that you die for the crimes, regardless of whether or not you've committed them,you will die...And for the last time, your not my son anymore,you can't call me father, you must call me by my real name, Moria the Fearsome,named after the great hall of Moria." Berarondii's father said to him. He raised his sword when an arrow whizzed out from a hidden location behind a stone support beam for the room and hit Moria's spinal cord. Moria fell and a familiar face poked out from behind the support beam,a face with a perpetual mischievous smile on it. The face of Berarondii's son, Berarond.

Berarond smiled at his father. "Grandpa was a good man,until he let the promise of money and power corrupt him." He said to his father as he took the shackles off of him. Berarondii landed on his feet and picked up his fathers sword. "Son,did you bring my armor? Its fine if you didn't, this outfit may be worn out, but it will serve its purpose well enough."

His son had his features, right down to the scar across his left eye and right side of his lip, he had been slashed in the face while Berarond had been beaten with a whip. Their features were so similar, minus age, that Berarondii immediately recognized the look of excitement on his sons face when he swung his bag towards his father and revealed that in it was armor, armor crafted by Berarond for his father. Berarondii nodded at him and put the armor on, feeling the weight immediately upon donning it. "Shield?" He asked, which his son replied with a shake of his head. "I didn't have time." Berarond said. Berarondii nodded and shifted his stance to accommodate for his lack of shield. Out of the corner of his amethyst eye Berarondii spotted an enemy soldier, and charged at him. "Berarond, enemy!" he yelled, which his son responded with by quickly nocking an arrow,pulling it back and shooting it at the soldier, it burst through his helmet then went through skin,then muscle,then bone, killing the soldier immediately. The pair sprinted out of the dungeon, once outside they were met with the dead,mangled body of Berarond's Dwarven friend,Dwimili.