Alternate 5th Year, Where Harry is learning who to trust, and who not to

Harry James Potter shook the coldness out of his body as he quietly crept up the stairs of Number 12, Grimmuld Place. After a long flight on brooms, to which Harry thought was the stupidest thing in the world, he was tired and impatient. Harry knew for a fact that Arabella Figg, who lived one street over, had a floo connected, and they could have gone through the floo network to this place. But no, they came up with some convoluted plan to get here. Why?

Over the past five weeks, Harry had a lot of time to think about things, especially since his friends weren't writing much. Everything they said was the same, "Oh Harry, we can't tell you much… Dumbledore won't let us in case the owl goes astray…" It was the same story with Ron. But of course, that didn't stop Harry from getting the news. He in fact, did read the Daily Prophet, cover to cover, and knew that they were having a go at him in almost every issue. Harry, of course, didn't care. What he cared about was the fact that Voldemort's return was not Headline News. Instead, there wasn't a scrap of news about Voldemort at all. It wasn't surprising, seeing as Fudge wasn't in the habit of believing him.

The only people that seemed to believe him was Dumbledore, and surprisingly enough, the Goblin Nation. He had received an urgent owl from Gringotts, and learned much more than he knew before. It was something that Harry kept to himself, and would not share with many people. The fact that Harry was heir to Gryffindor, and emancipated. He had a plan for the trial in which he was scheduled to attend the next week, but he needed to be alone to plan it.

As Harry opened the door to the first room, which Mrs. Weasley had told him to go into, he was almost barreled over by a mane of bushy brown hair.

"HARRY!" Hermione squealed. Harry just grabbed Hermione by the arms and pushed her away, a look of hurt crossing her face. "Harry, what…. What's going on?"

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Harry asked, his voice cold.

"Of course you know me, Harry James Potter!"

"I'm afraid I don't." Harry said, just as coldly.

"I'm your best friend!" Hermione snapped.

"No, I don't think so. MY best friend wouldn't withhold important information from me. MY best friend would write more than the garbage that you have written over the past five weeks. MY best friend wouldn't give a damn about listening to a geriatric idiot and found another way of writing me. I'm sorry, Miss Granger, but you do not qualify as my best friend." Harry said coldly, looking at the tearing eyes of his one time friend. "And that goes for you, Mr. Weasley." Harry said. He turned and went back out the door, heading back downstairs. He was looking around and saw a portrait that was covered. Of course, being the curious person he was, Harry peeked inside the curtain.

"FILTH! MUDBLOODS!" Harry startled and stood back a step.

"Who do you think you are speaking to, woman?" Harry snapped. Immediately, running footsteps could be heard as people came out of the kitchen to stop the mad painting from yelling. "SHUT IT, WOMAN!" Harry was tired of the yelling. To everyone's surprise, the painting silenced. "Now, if you are going to speak, then you will do so in a manner befitting your stature."

"Who are you?" the painting asked in a civil voice, much more civil than any of the spectators have ever heard from her.

"I am Harry James Potter. You may call me Harry." Harry said, his hand coming over his heart, where no one could see it except for the painting. He whispered the word Black. The Black signet ring appeared on his hand, The painting, however saw it, and her eyes widened.

"Welcome to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, sir." The woman said, more civilly than ever. "My home is your home for as long as you desire it. I am the former Lady Walburga Black, former matriarch of the Black Family."

"Ah. Lady Black, a pleasure. Do you mind if I ask why you felt the need to denigrate the occupants of this home?"

"They are filthy blood traitors, mudbloods, and half-breeds that don't deserve to live!" Lady Black snapped. "The Dark Lord…"

"Is nothing but a half blood himself, Lady Black. In fact, although I am a half blood myself, both of my parents have magic, unlike your Dark Lord. His father was a muggle by the name of Tom Riddle." Harry said. The paintings eyes widened. "Yes. Your son Regulus died at the hands of an inferior being. Those that are here have vowed to destroy that half blood pretender." Harry said.

"Harry…" A voice interrupted. Harry turned to see the only person he really wanted to see.

"SIRIUS!" Harry smiled widely as Sirius approached. He hugged him tight and stepped back. "I was just speaking with the Lady Black…"

"Yes. I see you've met my mother."

"Filthy ingrate…" the painting muttered.

"Now now, Lady Black, that isn't nice. Sirius may be a flea bitten mutt…" Harry smirked at the dog animagus, "but I'm sure he's taken at least one decent bath while he was here." Harry ducked the swat coming at him as Lady Walburga laughed. It was a strange laugh coming from an old painting.

"I like you Harry. I give you all that was mine. As my son saw fit to end up in Azkaban…"

"He is innocent, you know." Sirius interrupted. "And standing right here!"

"But you cannot inherit until you clear your name." Harry said. "And since Dumbass doesn't see fit to help you, then I think I'll have to take care of things the marauder way. Oh, and Sirius… is there a room that's available? Like, without any nosy dimwitted underage redheads, bookworms, or annoying old egotistical addled geriatric geezers?"

"You, Harry, may use my room. It is yours now, if you wish." Lady Black interrupted. "KREACHER! Show Harry to my room, and key him to the bedroom wards! Obey his orders as you would my own!"

"Yes Mistress." Kreacher said, popping in. The old elf turned to Harry. "Master Harry shall follow Kreacher. Kreacher will take care of Master Harry." Harry shrugged and followed the old elf, with Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, and Sirius hot behind his heels. Harry entered the room that Kreacher showed him, and was surprised when everyone but Sirius bounced off a ward line, causing a big pileup at the door. Not even Dumbledore, who followed them, could get in.

"Well, that's interesting." Harry mumbled. "Thank you, Kreacher. You are a great elf."

"Great elf?" Sirius said, looking at the elder elf. "Harry…" Harry held up a hand to silence Sirius.

"Master Harry is too kind to poor old Kreacher. Should Kreacher take care of the mudbloods and the filth?"

"No, Kreacher. You will not do anything harmful to the occupants of this house." Sirius said.

"Master Sirius speaks to Kreacher as if he is in charge. But oh no, Kreacher does not want to serve dirty Dog Man." Harry couldn't help but snicker.

"Kreacher, please return to cleaning the house. After all, you are the Black House Elf… do you really want this dreary and dirty house to represent the Black Family?"

"Kreacher will clean, Master Harry. But Kreacher is old. He is not as fast as he used to be. Perhaps Master knows of elves freed?"

"Freed elves, eh?" Harry smirked and looked directly at Hermione. "DOBBY! WINKY!" Two pops echoed through the room.

"Harry Potter has called Dobby! Dobby is so happy!" The excited elf said, bouncing up and down. Winky was swaying on the spot, drunk off butterbeer.

"Winky. How are you?"

"Harry Potter asks of Winky's health? Winky is not good, Harry Potter sir. Winky is dying. No Masters to serve means no magic. No magic means Winky is dying." Dobby said sadly.

"Winky, you need a family?" Harry asked the raggled elf. Winky looked up at him with wide eyes. "Then you may bond with me. You and Dobby both, if you wish."

"OH HARRY POTTER SIR IS THE GREATEST WIZARD ALIVE! TAKING IN DOBBY AND WINKY!" Dobby shouted with glee and hugging Harry around the knees, bouncing up and down. Harry watched as Hermione turned red with anger.

"BUT, Dobby and Winky, there are some rules you will need to follow. Both of you will be bound to the Potter family, and you will only follow my orders. If anyone asks you to do anything, it is your choice whether or not to do so. You will never tell anyone anything about me without my permission. You will not tell anyone where I am, what I am doing, who I am doing it with, or any information about me what so ever. You will never punish yourself. Should you feel the need to be punished, you will come to me and tell me what you did that deserves punishment. If I decide you need punishment, then I will punish you. Are we good so far?"

"Yes Master." Both Winky and Dobby said.

"Secondly, you will not call me Master. That goes for you too, Kreacher. You will call me Harry, or Mister Potter. This is an order." Harry said. He looked at Sirius. "Dobby and Winky, you will obey Sirius, unless it contradicts orders of my own. Kreacher, you serve the whole family Black, so you must follow orders of anyone in this house that is a Black. If I'm not mistaken, that is Sirius and Tonks."

"Yes Ma… Mister Potter." Kreacher said.

"Third. This room has a huge closet, suitable for three elves to live comfortably. Hell, it's bigger than my bedroom at Privet Drive. You three will make yourselves a nice little home there, and sleep there instead of any kind of broom cupboard or whatever. You will each take a day off a week, but not the same day unless you specifically ask for it. You can ask me for anything you wish, and if it's within my power to grant, I will."

"Can we mate and have elflings?" Winky asked. The question came out of left field, and Harry was shocked. He looked at the little female elf.

"Winky…if you find yourself an elf that you wish to mate with and have little elflings, then you are more than welcome to. But please do so away from prying eyes. If you ever have elflings, then you are to come to me for a reduced work schedule so you can take care of yourself. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Harry Potter." Winky said and for the first time, she smiled. Harry looked at the three elves, and the gobsmacked look on Sirius' and the other's faces.

"DISMISSED!" Harry shouted, slamming the door in the faces of the Order. The elves smiled and disappeared as Harry turned to Sirius.

"What the bloody hell was that about?"

"Long story Padfoot. Can I trust you? Can I trust you not to blab to Dumbledore?"

"Harry… you come first and foremost in my life. I offered this house for the Order…"

"The Order?" Harry asked.

"Let's sit down and we'll talk." Sirius sat down next to Harry and began telling him all about the Order of the Phoenix. Harry told his own story, which thoroughly surprised Sirius.

"Harry James Potter! You are the new Lord Black?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah. Gringotts decided they believe me on the return of Voldemort, and found some odd things going on with my accounts. Yes, I said accounts. I only thought I had my vault, but it turns out there's a Potter Family Vault. Seems one interfering old coot decided that I didn't need to know about it. I also had my parent's wills read, and learned that I was to never go to the Dursleys. I have copies with me, dated October 29th, 1981. I think I'm going to have an interesting time at this trial coming up." Harry smirked. "The Son of Prongs is going to the Wizengamot. Neville heard from his Grandmother that they're going to try me in front of the full Wizengamot."

"But they don't handle cases of underage magic." Sirius said.

"No kidding. They're trying to railroad me, but I have my own plans in motion. I have a solicitor ready to record everything, International News Press at the ready, and some other things. It's going to be a closed trial, according to Madame Longbottom. But I've accounted for that…" Harry smirked.

AUGUST 12, 1995, Courtroom 10.

"Disciplinary Hearing of August the 12th, into the actions of one Harry James Potter, of Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging Surrey. Interrigators, Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic, Amelia Susan Bones, Director of Magical Law Enforcement, Delores Jane Umbridge, Undersecretary to the Minister…"

"Witness for the Defense, Albus… Percival… Wulfric… Brian… Dumbledore."

"I OBJECT!" Harry shouted. "I do not need some addled old geriatric fool to state my case."

"Mister Potter, are you stating that you do not wish to have Professor Dumbledore testify on your behalf?" Fudge asked incredulously.

"No, I do not need a manipulative, thieving, plotting, moronic geriatric goat buggering, lemon drop addicted, mind raping fool as my defense council." Harry said, much to the gasping of everyone present. "I may not know the law as well as Madame Bones, but I do know how to speak the truth, I do know what I'm going to say, and I do know that I don't need him. If he has no other business here in this court, I'd ask the Wizengamot to dismiss him."

"Professor Dumbledore, please take your family seat." Madame Bones sighed. She thought it to be a foolish mistake on the part of Harry Potter, but it was his mistake to make.

"Thank you Madame Bones. May I have a list of the charges?" Harry asked.

"Er, yes. Charge One: Willfully casting magic in front of a non-knowing muggle. Charge Two: Knowingly casting magic despite being underage, a violation of the Reasonable restriction for underage magic. Charge Three: Violation of the statue of Secrecy. How do you plead?"

"On Charge One, Not Guilty. My cousin may be a muggle, but he is well aware of magic, as I had previously live with him. Therefore, willfully casting magic in front of a muggle unaware of the magical world is wrong, as he is fully aware I am a wizard. Second charge, Knowingly casting magic despite being underage. To that, I can only say that had there not been dementors attacking myself and my cousin, I would not have cast anything. Charge Three…"

"Dementors?" Madame Bones said.

"Yes, yes. I thought we'd hear something like that." Fudge said pompously.

"Shut up already Fudge." Harry snapped. "Would you like veritiserum testimony, or a magical oath, Madame Bones?"

"Mr. Potter…" Bones began.

"Actually, Madame Bones, you may call me Harry. The rest of these inbred, child raping idiots, save for Madame Longbottom, may call me Lord Potter-Black, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Black, or if you prefer, Duke Gryffindor." Harry said. Once it came out of his mouth, all three rings appeared on his hand.

"I see…" Madame Bones said. "Duke Gryffindor, how long have you held your titles?"

"Madame Bones, had the wills of my parents been followed correctly, and not sealed by then Chief-Warlock Dumbledore, I would have known about my titles from my rightful guardian as soon as I was able to understand. However, according to the Goblins, I have been Duke Gryffindor since October 31, 1981, the Lord Potter as of the same date, and Lord Black since my Godfather, Sirius Black's illegal incarceration."


"Did he now?" Harry said, his eyes twinkling madly. "I, Lord Harry James Potter Black, Duke of Gryffindor, swear by my life, my magic, and my soul that the words and evidence I give in this courtroom today is completely true and unaltered." A brilliant gold flash of light erupted around Harry, engulfing him and fading.


"Silence, Dumbledore. That is Duke Gryffindor to you. Speak again, and I will have you censured and removed." Harry said sharply. "The night of October 28th, the secret keeper of Godric's Hallow was indeed Sirius Black. However, that next morning, they switched to Peter Pettigrew, as Sirius thought it would be a good way to keep the secret. No one would think that Pettigrew would be the secret keeper. The man who cast the fidelus charm is none other than Albus Dumbledore. He allowed Sirius Black to spend 12 years in Azkaban for the betrayal of the Potters and supposed murder of 13 muggles. However… there was no trial."

"Then Minister Bagnold, Barty Crouch Sr., and Dumbledore conspired to keep Black in Azkaban, denying me my rightful guardian. We all know what supposedly happened on Halloween, so I need not go into that. Dumbledore kidnapped me and placed me in the one place my parents will specifically stated not to send me. I have the original wills, certified by Gringotts, with me. Copies will be made available to all the press outlets that I trust, and I do NOT trust the Daily Prophet. On November 4th, 1981, Sirius Black confronted Pettigrew, and Pettigrew blamed Black for the betrayal, cut off his finger and blew up the street. He transformed into a rat, his animagus form…"

"LIAR!" a toadlike witch shouted.

"Are you truly an idiot? If I lied, then I'd be dead." Harry snapped. "Anyway, someone silence her before I call her out for denigration of the Houses of Potter and Black." The toadlike witch stood to her full height, which wasn't much more than she was sitting.

"Mister Potter…" the witch began.

"Lord Potter, Duke Gryffindor, My Lord… any of those three. Should you speak anything else but that, I will kill you." Harry said. Gasps were heard throughout the hall.

"Aurors…arrest him!" Umbridge said.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter-Black, Duke of Gryffindor, hereby disband the Wizengamot, repeal all laws, and strip said Wizengamot of all rights and privledges of said positions, granted to them by his Majesty Richard the First in 1093, by my right and blood as Duke of Gryffindor. SO MOTE IT BE!" Harry said. A wave of magic ran rampant throughout the courtroom and out the doors.

"Lord Potter, what have you done?" Madame Bones raged.

"Took matters into my own hands, Madame Bones. You refused to silence her, when given the chance. I am not merely a schoolboy, Madame Bones. I am the Duke of Gryffindor, charged by her Majesty, by the grace of God Queen of England, Elizabeth the Second, to clean up the corruption and lies spread by this so-called ruling body. And if you haven't noticed, my oath is still in effect, and therefore I am speaking the truth. There is no longer a Ministry for Magic. In effect, I am the ministry. Aurors, arrest Fudge, Umbrige, Lucius Malfoy, Agustus Rookwood, Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, Snape, and Dumbledore." Aurors were moving before anyone could say anything, compelled by the magic within the courtroom to comply. "You see, Madame Bones, they follow my orders because I am the rightful magical monarch. I bow only to the Queen of England, and all magical citizen must uphold any order I give. Should I give an order like… say… SHACKLEBOLT, Kill Lucius Malfoy." Immediately, Kingsley Shacklebolt raised his wand and began.


"HOLD!" Harry said. "The Aurors are under my control, as are anyone who works for this ministry, who took the oath. Magic will enforce my will, and Madame Bones, you are charged with the safety of Wizarding Britain. This means you will be in charge of ensuring that you have the funds and manpower to fight Voldemort, who has returned to England, and whatever resources you need you will have. I am declaring that any anti-muggleborn racism cease immediately. The word mudblood is now taboo, and is punishable by immediate incarceration at Azkaban for no less than three months and a fine of 10,000 galleons in reparation to said person. Second offense will be dementors kiss. Any discrimination against any other magical race will be met with the same fate. Anyone not doing their jobs and enforcing this new policy will face similar punishments. All Ministry employees will be checked for imperious, and the Dark Mark. Any one found with the dark mark will be immediately sent through the veil of death. NO trial, no nothing. The Dark mark is now a death sentence, with the exception of Severus Snape."

"Why Snape? Didn't you just ask to have him arrested?" One former Wizengamot member asked.

"Yes." Harry smirked. "I did. However, he is partially responsible for the death of my parents, and I would love to get three drops into him, long after the unspeakables destroy his occlumency shields." Harry said and watching Dumbledore, shackled in irons, paling dramatically.

"What of those who took the mark unwillingly!" one of the Wizengamot members asked.

"Name one person…"

"Lucius Malfoy!" he immediately said.

"Can this be verified by veritiserum? Or was it the 15,000 galleon bribe that he paid to then Minister Fudge?" Harry smirked, pulling out parchments. "I have here all the financial records of those claiming imperious during that time, and the correlation to then Minister Fudge. The Goblins, bless their greedy little hearts, love me to death." Many more people paled.