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As he waited on Eve to come out and tell them all how Theresa was doing Ethan could not stop his mind from racing. He was remembering all the times he had held Theresa and kissed her. He was remembering how it felt to make love to her. He was remembering each and every single time that he had made her cry. He hated himself for the things he had said and done to Theresa in the past. He wished that he could go back in time and change everything because he would.

He could not help but wish that he had never chose Gwen over Theresa. He didn't understand how he couldn't have seen or heard the true colors of Gwen. He wanted nothing more than to make sure that Gwen paid for everything that she has done to Theresa over the years. He wanted nothing more than to be able to make Gwen pay for him losing the one woman he has loved for his whole life. He knew then that what he had felt for Gwen wasn't love but an imitation of love. He could only hope and pray that he would be able to make everything up to Theresa.

When he saw Eve walk back he sat up straighter. "How is Theresa doing, Eve?"

Eve smiled slightly at Ethan even as she looked around at everyone else. "Theresa came through the surgery just fine. Both mother and baby are hanging in there. Like I said earlier I will be keeping Theresa in for at least three days so that I can monitor the baby and make sure that neither mother or baby have any complications. She is now in recovery so if some of you would like to see her you can."

Pilar shared a look with her sons and then finally looked at Eve and at Ethan. "Eve, we think that Ethan should be the first one to see her."

Eve nodded and motioned for Ethan to follow her. "You will see some tubes and wires hooked up to Theresa, Ethan, but you don't need to worry about them. There is a tube coming out of Theresa's side to drain any fluid that has gotten into the lung that collapsed. There is also a heart monitor and a baby fetal monitor hooked up to Theresa so that we can monitor both Theresa's and the baby's heart rate. I will be doing another Ultrasound on Theresa this evening to check on the baby once more. Now Theresa is still asleep because I gave her some pain medicine after we brought her out of the anesthetic. I also had to give her a sedative because she was getting hysterical. While she cannot respond because of the sedative she can still hear you if you talk to her."

Ethan nodded that he understood and then walked into the room that Eve motioned him into. His eyes were on Theresa so he didn't see Eve shut the door or leave him alone with the woman that he loved. He slowly walked over to Theresa's bedside and gently picked up the hand that wasn't in a cast and brought it to his lips and kissed it reverently. He stood there for several minutes with his lips on Theresa's hand while his eyes took her in. He could see how pale, thin, and bruised she was and it just about killed him.

He took in a deep breath and let it out as he fought back a sob at seeing her so broken. He took in another deep breath and let it out before he finally whispered "I am so sorry for everything, Theresa. I am sorry that I believed Gwen over you. I am so very damn sorry that I didn't come after you when you left eight years ago like I wanted to. If I would have done what I wanted to instead of what I thought I should then you never would have been hurt like this. I am so sorry that I ever let Gwen into my life."

He stopped talking and gently ran a hand down Theresa's face. "I hate seeing this bruises on you, Theresa. Although they do not take your beauty away from you. I may not have seen or talked to you in eight years but I always knew how you were doing business wise. I may not have had the guts to come after you but I always kept checking to see if you were being successful in what you chose to do. There has not been a day that has gone by that I have not missed you or thought of you. I regret so much and most of all I regret the time I have lost with you and our children."

He swiped at a tear that fell from his eyes. "I know now that Little Ethan is indeed my son and God how I could kick myself for not listening to or believing you. I also have no doubt that your little girl Samantha is my daughter. I love how you named her after my dad. I have missed so many years of my children's lives and I have nobody to blame but myself. If I had known that you were pregnant before you left Harmony eight years ago I wouldn't have let you go. I would have followed you until you gave into me. I have so much to make up for and I don't even know where to start."

He shook his head as he tried to get his thoughts in order. "From now on I am going to be by your side. I know that you probably hate me and I can't blame you for that because right now I hate myself, baby. I can and will promise you this though, Theresa. I will spend the rest of my life making up for what I did to you. I will follow you to hell and back if I have to. I know now how much I messed up and I will do anything and everything that I have to in order to fix what I broke. I'm giving you fair warning, Theresa, that I will not be leaving you alone. I will fight to get you back. I may now have only realized it but we belong together. I want you and I want our children including the one that you are carrying. So you fight, Theresa, and you get better because once you are there will be no holding back."

He couldn't help but smile at the thought of him finally getting what he has always wanted even if he had never admitted it before. He bent down and gently kissed Theresa's lips. "I have to go now so that the others can see you but I promise you that I will be back. I love you, Theresa, and just so you know I have never stopped." With one last gently kiss he walked out of the room and back to the waiting room where everyone else was waiting for their turn to see Theresa.

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