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Italy stood in a kitchen, hovering over several pots and pans. England stood on the opposite side, frying fillets of fish for fish and chips.

"All done England!" Called Italy. "There are French fries, hamburgers, chicken, and pizza."

"Thanks again for your help Italy." Said England, untying his apron.

"Ve… who's all this for?" Asked Italy, eyeing the pizza hopefully.

England stared out the kitchen window. "Oh, just a friend."

"They must be very special!" Italy glanced at the clock. "I'd better go; Doitsu said he had something important to tell me tonight." He walked out the door, waving to England.

England returned the wave, and began to plate the food. The pizza went on a silver platter. Fried chicken into a lattice bowl. Hamburgers were stacked into a neat pyramid on a red white and blue tray. And lastly the fish and chips went onto plates.

One by one, England carried the dishes into the dining room and set them out. When he finished, he took a step back. The table looked beautiful. There were two places set, with food arranged around the plates. The tablecloth was blue, with white rose petals scattered on top. Everything had stars or stripes, and was red white or blue. Smiling, England went back into the kitchen and brought out his prize- a 7 layer chocolate cake with the word "America" spelled on the top using fifty white stars. The preparations were complete He glanced at his calendar. "July third. I hope this goes well…"

Just then, the door burst open. "Hey, England!" England turned to see America, who was clutching a coke. "Woah, the place looks nice!"

"I know I'm a day early, but… happy independence day."

America grinned. "You remembered!"

Gritting his teeth, England replied, "How could I forget. You earned it fairly." England winced at that lie. Did the fool know how many string he had pulled and bribes he had made to keep him from being destroyed?

The two sat down. "All my favorites!" America cried. "Including…" he trailed off.

"Is this tasty?" Asked a young America, looking at the fish and chips his hero had given him.

"Of… of course you dummy!" Said England, upset that even a child thought he couldn't cook.

"Oh. Yummy!" America began eating, savoring every bite as England looked on with a surprised but pleased expression.

"Including fish and chips." America finished. "Homemade?"

"Only the best for your big day."

They exchanged polite conversation as they ate, America eating as he talked and England trying in vain to understand him. The cake was served, and England managed to claim one slice to America's three. After dinner, they moved into the living room to talk.

"mmm… the fish and chips was the best part!"

England looked up. "Really?"

"By far. Why do you look so surprised?"

"Oh… no reason. So what are your plans for tomorrow?"

"I'm thinking about just spending the day at home actually."

"Oh. Well, you're welcome here anytime."

America smiled. "Thanks! I might take you up on that."

After a long silence, England cleared his throat. "America… I tried to tell you this once before, but I didn't get to finish."


"I'm always fighting you, but it's not because I hate you. You need challenges, and I do my best to provide them even though I usually end up severely hurt. I do it because I lo-"

"England!" Italy burst in, dragging Germany behind him. "Douitsu and I are dating!"

England looked behind Italy to a very embarrassed Germany. "Congratulations."

"Thanks… Can we go now Feliciano? You've told everyone."

"Ve… allright! Goodbye England! Goodbye America!"

The pair left as suddenly as they had arrived. "I'd better go too England." Said Anerica, standing up. "I'll come back tomorrow." He pulled on his coat, adding "Oh, I'm glad you don't hate me. But challenge? Please! I am the hero after all."

"Goodnight America." Said England, rolling his eyes.

"Goodnight!" America closed the door behind him.

"I love you." Said England, but it was too late. It was always too late.