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As if I hadn't been banged up enough in the first place. Killing guys was what I needed. I wanted him dead. Eight bucks? Nothing to cry over. The death of the guy who had given me a life and a little bit of hope? That was what I needed to do. I needed him dead. I needed him to see what it felt like to feel half your heart ripped away.

I watched him die. Every night, I heard the same pierce of the gun killing Quarrel. I kept on seeing the same thing happen to Gwen and Ben every day. I would get rid of Morgue.

And if he wouldn't die, at least he'd kill me. Get rid of another monster. All the better.

Trying to kill him had worked just as well as everything else in my life had. I was a broken kid from a broken family, growing up under a broken roof with broken dreams and a broken heart.

What more was there to do with life? What more was there to do with anything?

Morgue wouldn't die. He just hid like everyone else did. But I took care of him. I stopped drug trafficking. I stopped an intergalactic crime. I stopped the cruel treatment of prisoners. I saved a couple of lives in the Null Void.

While still trapped in my crazed state of mind.

Maybe my powers gave me some advantage. Maybe I still had my good intentions. But it was hidden with the thoughts of killing and death and torture and vengeance. Morgue wasn't getting away. Not on my watch.

The only thing that was holding me back from going all out was Gwen and Ben. They were the life I had on the other side of the world. This body was the dark side of the moon. They were the side that shone down on the world with a bright Cheshire smile.

"Kevin, no!"

Why couldn't she let me be? Why couldn't I get on with what I had turned into? Why wouldn't she let me be free in this new body? I had control. I had my own ideas. They couldn't stop me. Why would it matter if I killed a couple of people along the way? Morgue was illegal anyways. What was I doing wrong?

I brought down Ben with ease, the only thing keeping me back was his fingers around my ankle. For keeping me back, he deserved to die. Morgue could've gotten away. Morgue could've killed another prisoner. We were all prisoners. We weren't workers. We weren't sacrifices. We were beings with lives and thoughts and emotions and he was only going to get his way or kill someone else trying.

Hurting Ben wasn't a problem. I had a couple of issues with him too. But he had vindicated himself enough in my eyes to get away with things that I wouldn't have originally wanted to let go. But he was the younger brother I never had. And there were reasons I never had a younger brother.

But that reason was already dead. And I was hoping he was glad for it now that I could've tortured him worse in this new body.

I had a friend in the Null Void. A single friend. The only one. And he was dead. He was gone. Morgue deserved to die.

I was gone, able to escape the Null Void. For once, I was gone again. I was hopeful. I had a few more scores to settle, then I could be free. I could hide away from everything. I could put myself into a prison of my own making, knowing that a monster like me should've been hidden long ago.

This whole time, the monster inside of me had been waiting to get out. And now it was. But I was going to put it right back in, shielding the rest of the world from my wrath as soon as the last of my sought revenge was resolved.

Because only then would Ben and Gwen be safe. From everything. From me.

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