A/N: Charlaine Harris owns all the characters. While some of the plot lines were inspired by the romance novel author Eve M.

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Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

PROLOGUE: The Sky it was Gold

Bon Temps, Louisiana

Her heart raised a beat as Sookie watched in awe and wonder, the colorful and lively fireworks display for the New Year. The midnight sky is momentarily alighted with these ephemeral sparklers. Indeed, they are breathtaking.

Her eyes roamed the vast expanse of the sky from the Verandah of their ancestral home in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The whole family is present to celebrate the New Year; her Gran- Adele Stackhouse, her parents- Corbett and Lisa, her brother-Jason, her aunt- Linda and her cousin Hadley. Being together on this day was a sacred Stackhouse family tradition.

From the corner of her eyes she noticed her parents watching the fireworks encased in each others arms. She sighed. After all these years, her parents still acted like lovebirds, always sweet to each other. She also noticed Hadley holding hands with her fiancé Remy.

At that instance, she felt a deep pang of longing. Walking a bit farther to the two idyllic couples, she then stood in the farthest corner of the balcony, gazing longingly at the brilliance that lit the skies, wishing that such brilliance existed within herself as well.

"I guess no one can have it all", Sookie muttered to herself. She was after all rich, famous and a very hot property according to the press. She had a ten-year solid career as a singer and an actress. As to concerts, recordings, guestings, pictorials and location shootings her schedule is already fully booked for the next six months of the coming year.

Another year of working with the camera…of making herself more famous…of making more money…

She shook her head slightly to rid herself of these sad thoughts. She should be grateful. She should be happily celebrating New Year, it was a glorious night after all. It was a perfect time to celebrate life, to appreciate all her accomplishments, and to be thankful for all her blessings.

So why is she feeling this way? Why does it felt quite empty inside? Why does she feel like she didn't have it in her to celebrate the New Year? She gazed longingly and desperately at the magnificent sky.

God, how she wanted to have fireworks in her life!

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York

Fireworks. Eric loved fireworks. And he was about to miss tonight's pyrotechnics if he didn't hurry. Eric's eyes keep straying to his wristwatch.

Eleven forty five. Fifteen minutes to midnight. The New Year is about to start. He wanted to stop what he is doing and run to the verandah of the hotel to await the fireworks display.

But he had an urgent situation at hand.

"More, Eric! Please, more, more, more!"

Apparently, Thalia- Miss BLOW November, liked her New Year's Eve ride rough, hard and very fast. Never one to disappoint the lady, he gave it to her.

"Errriccc! Ooooh!" Her loud voice echoed the intensity of the climax. She collapsed under him, catching her breath and then purred like a well-fed kitten. He mentally counted to ten.

Thalia watched dumbfounded as Eric pulled out from her and stood away from the bed. "Baby, you didn't…?"

Eric smiled at her indulgently. He was still hard and still wearing the purple condom she playfully put on him earlier using only her lips. "It's okay sweety. Go back to sleep"

Thalia smiled at him and yawned while seductively stretching her body. "That was ve-ry good, darling.. I love you, Eric 'studmuffin' Northman." She blew him a kiss.

Eric cringed internally. Studmuffin? Where the fuck does this woman get her endearments? And a declaration of love? How the fuck do I respond to that?

Putting on his confident smirk, Eric purred, "Your welcome, sexy"

"Where are you going?"

"Outside, I want to watch the fireworks display"

"Oh, Happy New Year, darling, but I hate fireworks." Thalia murmured and then closed her eyes as she drifts off to sleep.

Mentally shaking his head, Eric turned his back to Thalia and walks to the bathroom. He discarded the purple condom and washed his face. After putting his jeans on, Eric walks towards the balcony of the suite that he and Thalia is occupying at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

He was in New York City to close a big business deal. The negotiations went a few days longer than was anticipated so he was unable to spend his New Year with his family in California. Yesterday his Mom called to angrily berate to him about this. He sighed. He looked at his wristwatch and made a mental countdown.


The fireworks started before he could finish his countdown. The whole sky seemed to be ablaze. It was bathed in spectacular blend of dazzling colors.

It was a beautiful, perfect night. Mesmerizing… magical…and he never felt more alone.

Ah, he wasn't alone, he tried to console himself. He has a very pretty woman lying naked on his bed. She was his for the taking for as long as he wanted. No strings attached. And when the time came he would kiss her goodbye. He won't miss her. His mobile phone was full of numbers. Numbers he could call and he won't lack a bed company every night.

The thought made him feel worse.