Link X Midna: Our First Kiss

(Note: This is my first time doing a Link X Midna fanfic. The only reason why I'm doing this is because someone requested that I do a Link X Midna fanfic. So tell me what you think! I hope you liked this fanfic Gilgamesh, because guess what? This story's for you.)

Midna (in human form) was taking a walk around Hyrule Field. Just then, she heard Link (as a wolf) howling The Ballad Of Twilight.

"Link?" asked Midna to herself as she ran to find Link.

When she finally reached Link, he was by the pedestal of the Master Sword in the Sacred Grove.

"Link?" asked Midna.

Link then turned around, and turned back into a human.

"Oh! Midna! What are you doing here?" asked Link as he was scratching the back of his head while chuckling nervously.

"Well, I was taking a walk Hyrule Field. But then I heard you howling The Ballad Of Twilight, so I followed your voice... and here we are. Pretty weird, huh?" asked Midna.

"Yeah. But... Midna... I have something to tell you." said Link.

"What is it Link?" asked Midna.

"Well... okay... here it goes... Midna... you and I have known each other... for a long time now... and... ever since you left to go back to The Palace Of Twilight... I always wanted to tell you... that..." said Link.

"That?" asked Midna as she finished his sentence.

"That I... I love you... Midna." said Link as he looked at Midna.

"Link... I-" said Midna as Link interrupted her with a kiss as her eyes widned in shock... but soon... they calmly closed... as Midna realized that she was in love with... him... Link... The Hero Of Light.

"Oh... Link..." said Midna to herself.

After they were done kissing, Midna said:

"Link... I-"

"I know. I love you too... Midna." said Link as he finished her sentence.

"Oh Link..." said Midna.

"Oh Midna..." said Link as they fell on the grass, and ended up sleeping together. They soon fell asleep... after night began to fall... and Link was shirtless... as Midna slept on top of him.