sequel to "Potato-In-Law, Wurst In-Law Ever", the story about Feliciano and Ludwig getting married. Please go read it first. This one is more focused on Lovino and Antonio's struggle through pregnancy. I'm using a real website that walks you through your pregnancy week by week. Pretty sweet. In the last part of the last chapter, Lovino was five weeks. This starts at six weeks.

Hetalia is not mine. If it was, Italy would be scarier and America would have "I hate myself" moments (due to a lot of Americans hating America and the government) Himaruya Hidekaz owns Hetalia


Antonio walked into the living room, where Lovino was sprawled across the couch, shoving some kind of orange American food into his mouth. "Lovi...what is that?" Antonio asked.

"Cheetos. I like them," Lovino retorted, shoving more into his mouth. Antonio pouted.

"You're going to make our baby eat like that jerk," he frowned, referring to Alfred.

"I want to eat Cheetos. Leave me alone," Lovino huffed. Antonio sighed.

"What if I made you Gazpacho?" He suggested. Lovino looked up at Antonio, then held him hand over his mouth and ran to the bathroom. Antonio blinked. "Did you just go barf at the thought of my delicious Gazpacho?" He pouted.

"Of course I did, Stronzo! The doctor said that I'll have cravings and that some foods will make me throw up!" Lovino screamed with toothpaste in his mouth.

"I'm sorry, Lovi! Don't be angry!" Antonio pleaded.

"Ciucciacazzi," Lovino huffed, finally getting rid of the taste of the Cheetos' trip back up his throat. Antonio smirked, pinning the Italian to the wall behind him.

"Only yours, mi amor," Antonio purred. Lovino's face went red and his eyes narrowed angrily.

"I'm going to barf all over you if you don't get off," He warned. "I'm going to get drunk now," Lovino grumbled.

"Lovino!" Antonio cried, pulling Lovino back. "The doctor said not to have alcohol when you are pregnant! And especially not now!" Antonio reminded, eyes wide. Lovino groaned.

"Damn it, why not?" He shouted. Antonio cast his eyes downwards.

"Bebé is developing his organs. We don't want him to get hurt," He explained. " don't want him anymore," Antonio added with a sad look. Lovino frowned, kissing Antonio's cheek gently. The Spaniard took his lover into his arms and started to slowly rock him back and forth.

"Mi dispiace, Tonio. I'm just really stressed and I don't feel good," Lovino whined, resting his forehead on Antonio's chest.

"Go lay down and rest on the couch, Cariño. I will put water on the coffee table, and you should drink lots of it," Antonio explained. Lovino sighed.

"Fine, I guess," Lovino gave in. He caressed his lover's face, leaning forward and gently kissing him. Antonio smiled softly, putting one hand on Lovino's waist and the other on his stomach. It was still flat, but both knew that their child was inside there, and one day it will come out and meet its parents. "La mia vita," Lovino whispered.

"Mi corazón," Antonio replied lovingly. For a moment, they just stood still like that, and then Lovino put his hand to his mouth. Quickly, Antonio let go and watched Lovino run into the bathroom and throw up again.

"Damn it, Bambino!" Lovino screamed. Antonio rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall to wait for the Italian to come out of the bathroom.

sort of a short chapter. sorry, lovelies~

Gazpacho- some kind of cold soup. Spanish food. *shrugs* got it from a website
stronzo- asshole (Italian)
Ciucciacazzi- dick sucker (Italian)
mi amor- my love (Spanish
Bebé- baby (duh) (Spanish)
mi dispiace- I'm sorry (Italian)
Cariño- honey (Spanish)
La mia vita- my life (Italian)
Mi corazón- my heart (Spanish)
Bambino- baby (Italian)

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