Author's note: This is the third in a series exploring the unwritten years of interactions between various "Sherlock" characters, mainly between Mycroft and Sherlock. The first is "Archenemy" (http:/www . fanfiction . net/s/6459881/1/Archenemy), and the second is "Not Your Housekeeper" (http:/www . fanfiction . net/s/6484644/1/Not_Your_Housekeeper).


Mycroft admitted to himself once again that he had been wrong. Sherlock did have an odd genius for winning loyalty. It wasn't like Mycroft's talent. He had fostered his natural ability, developed it carefully, saw to it that he attracted the people he needed. Sherlock's genius was all unconscious and haphazard, hidden behind his penchant for antagonising people. How else did you explain Lestrade, the housekeeper, the restaurant owner, the girl at the morgue, the pickpocket, the homeless network, that Stamford fellow, and now this Dr. John Watson? Some people just stuck to him, like metal filings to a magnet.