Stand in the Rain

Chapter Eight

"So, what did you need to talk to me, about?" KC asked of Clare as they took their seats, after telling Peter what they would like to drink.

Clare bit her lip nervously, her fingers tearing apart the white, paper, straw wrapper. She shrugged, wondering how to go about this. "It's just that...I really need your advice." She shifted her blue eyes up, to lock on his brilliant, bright green ones. "See, I've been having someone stay at my house. He-" She was cut off quickly by KC.

"A guy, huh? Guess you're not as much of a saint as I thought!" KC said teasingly, smiling a bit as he tried to lighten the mood. He could tell that whatever she had to say, really bothered her.

She giggled and gave a small, half smile before sobering up, rather quickly. "Anyway, he came to my door, a few days ago, soaked to the bone and covered in bruises. parents aren't there, I've been letting him stay with me. I told Fit-I mean, the guy that he needs to tell someone, about what his stepfather does to him. He got mad at me and said that he could deal with it. He's convinced that no one would believe him, because he's such a troublemaker."

He raised his eyebrow at her and took a sip of his strawberry lemonade, as Clare continued to drink her sweet tea. "Well, I can't say that I blame him. He probably doesn't like the idea of admitting that he needs help. And...he's probably terrified about what people would think, if they knew. I can relate. It's the same reason why I never told you, Connor, or Alli about my past, until Reese mentioned it, after Connor accidentally found out."

"I know, but I'm really worried about him. And the fact that Eli and I got in a fight over my helping the guy, makes matters even worse." Clare mumbled as she sat down her cup, and stared down at the sticky table.

KC sighed and reached across the table to squeeze her hand. "He's your boyfriend, Clare. If I knew another guy was living in Jenna's house, while her brother wasn't home, I'd be pissed. Especially if the guy was my enemy."

Her blue eyes widened in shock and her mouth fell open. " did you know that I was talking about Fitz?"

The boy infront of her laughed, and shook his head. "You were being kind of obvious, Clare." He told her carefully. "Anyway, have you tried to talk to Eli since your fight?"

Clare shook her head. "I was too angry at him to. And I was worried about Fitz. I should talk to him, though." She said.

" about you talk to him, now?" KC began as his eyes turned torwards the door, as it opened and Eli walked in with Adam by his side.

She whipped around and her eyes locked with Adam's, who turned to Eli and gently nudged his shoulder.

Eli looked up, green eyes clouded over with a bit of unbridled anger.

Clare chewed her lip and turned to face KC, only to see him standing up. Her wide eyes watched as he walked torwards her, leaning down to give her a small hug, whispering words of encouragement in her ear, before he left.

Eli walked torwards the table and took the seat that KC had just vacated. "I didn't know that you and that jock, were friends." He stated coldly.

She rolled her eyes. "Why are you trying to fight me? I was just talking to KC, because I needed advice!"

He laughed and arched his eyebrows. "And I'm supposed to believe that?" He asked of her.

"YEAH!" She cried out, sharply. "Look, Eli, I don't like us fighting. I really don't. And I love you way too much, to lose you. I know that you might not approve of me, letting Fitz stay at my house, but you don't own me. Fitz needed my help and I just couldn't turn him away. That would've been so cruel!

Eli opened his mouth to speak. "He tried to stab me! Of course I hate him!"


Fitz stepped foot into the Ravine, spotting his two best friends, Bianca and Owen sitting on a log, laughing. He pasted on a smirk as he walked torwards them, taking the liquor that Owen offered up and taking a few, quick chugs, as he sat down. This place was a comfort to him. He wanted to forget all about what he and Clare had talked about and about the abuse that he suffered. If there was one thing that the Ravine was good for, it was forgetting.