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Chapter 4: Answers

Owen's POV

Things were going great until the phone rang. Thinking that Annabel would be coming back up to the room I stayed where I was at. I'm the luckiest

man in this planet! Annabel said yes! My Annabel, the love of my life agreed to marry me. Smiling like I fool I waited for ten minutes when I realized

something was wrong. Walking down the stairs I saw Annabel crying! Questions flooded in my mind. Then she yelled at me and walked out the

door. She left! Wake up Owen and go after her my mind screamed. I was about to leave out the door when I heard the phone rang.


"Owen is that you?" a voice asked.

"Who is this?"

"Tsk tsk Owen you don't remember me. After all we went through. After all the memories we shared together" the voice wickedly laughed.

"What do you want? I have nothing more to say to you. Get out of my life. What we had is history." I harshly replied.

"As I told your fiancé I want you back."

"Get a life. I never want to see or hear you again."

Slamming down the phone I paced in frustration. That girl was crazy! We weren't even together. How am I going to deal with this? Why has she

even turned up after all these years? The jingle of keys snapped my attention out of my thoughts. Annabel!

"We need to talk. I want answers now."

"Don't think or judge, Just listen." I repeated her words from a long time ago.

Owen's story:

"I was just starting high school and I earned the reputation of a bad boy. All I did was shove some guy because he was picking on me. There was a girl

and her name was Isabel, she was the most 'popular' girl at school and she the girl who flirted with all the guys. When she heard about me she started to

become interested in me. You know I never really thought she was a creep but then she started to watch my every move and she also talked to me, more

like flirt with me all the time.

"One day she tried to kiss me. I tried to be nice and tell her to stay away from me but she wouldn't listen. After telling my mom and the principle about

things they asked Isabel if what I was saying was true. And of course she denies everything. My mom has never seen me so upset so we moved and

then I transferred to a new school. When everything was over I thought she would leave me alone…But you can see that she hasn't. The last thing I

heard from her was that she was in a mental institution."

"I never loved her. I love you Annabel. I always will. Nothing is going to change that. Isabel means nothing to me." I hated to see my Annabel

upset. I really do love her. She's the one reason why I am alive today. Without her I don't know what I'll do.

Annabel's POV

I don't know if I should believe him, but then again I did have my experience with Will and I never told Owen about Will until it was time to finally

get it out. Wake up Annabel this is Owen and you love him. He's telling you the truth.

I really should believe him, I do believe him.

"It's okay Owen we all have our problems. I forgive you for not telling me and I'm sorry that I over reacted earlier."

"Don't worry about it." Owen said. Giving Owen a kiss on the check I gave him a big hug.

"There's something I have to tell you Owen so don't get mad okay…"

"Does it involve another guy?" he asked.

"Yes, but not in the way you're thinking."

"Okay then."

"WillCashisback" I said in a rush. It took a while for Owen to get what I said.

"He's what! There is no way I'm letting you out of my sight. From now on your not leaving anywhere without me." He exploded.

I laughed wrapping my arms around him I gave him a light peck on the lips.

"You look cute when you're over protected…So now that things are explained nothing is going to change anything right? You're not going to, you

know…" Owen's voice faded leaving an unspoken wonder.

"Nothing is going to separate me from you. I believe everything you said and nothing is going to keep me away from you. Everything will be

alright." I confirmed. A smile grew on Owen's face and we held each other.

Isabel's POV

Arriving at the airport I held Owen's address in my hand. I have my own connections. Grabbing a taxi I rod to a hotel and planned my plan. Owen

and Annabel will be no more. Digging into Owens past I found that he punched some guys face at his school. Interesting. Will Cash was his name.

Looking for Annabel's weaknesses I found out she was rapped and it just so happened that Will Cash was the guy that rapped her. Well well. It

looks like I hit the jackpot. Googling Will Cash I found a newspaper article. Apparently he was already out of prison. In the yellow book pages I

traced for any sign of Will's number.

Will's POV

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Great who want to talk to me know. Why can't everyone leave me alone. Who ever is calling better have a good enough reason.

"Hello" the sharpness of my voice took control.

"Hi is this Will Cash?" a female voice on the other line asked.

"If you're a reporter than I'm hanging up right now." Placing the phone back down the voice on the other line stopped me.


"Gesh no need to yell."

"I have a proposition to ask, or a favor."

"And I should listen because."

"Because this involves money for everything you will do. I need you to haunt Annabel."

This lady is CRAZY! I'm over Annabel. I learned my lesson; I don't want to go back to jail. It's not worth it.

"Why do you car what happens to Annabel?"

"Because she took something precious from me and I want it back."

"Look this is stupid, I'm not going to risk it so you can leave me alone now."

"Not even for say five thousand dollars a task. Every time you bug her it's five thousand. Every time. "

I was running low on money. Nobody wants to hire an ex convict.

"So do we have a deal?"


"Excellent… here's what you do…" I listened carefully to her instructions and tomorrow Annabel will have a surprise.