Warning: Spoilers for 8X07 "Broken Arrow".

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A/N: I haven't written anything in a long time but this idea took hold and wouldn't let go. I figured it was as good a way as any to knock some of the rust off. Unbeta'd so sorry for any mistakes.

Tony had been surprised that his father remembered the fishing trip they'd gone on together years earlier, especially when his father had produced a well-worn photograph of them together. That one perfect father-son memory – Tony grinning at the camera as he showed off his prize catch with his father smiling proudly by his side – was the very thing that the adult 'Junior' longed to experience again. So when his father admitted that he, too, missed those times and wanted to work on maintaining a closer relationship with his son, Tony had been thrilled that he might actually get his wish.

Tony shouldn't have been surprised when his father had to postpone the fishing trip he had carefully planned and financed for the two of them. It had been disappointing the first three times but Tony had dutifully rescheduled. The fourth time his dad cancelled Tony didn't even see the point in trying anymore. He began to feel like a neglected twelve year old boy all over again, but then his father had called with great news; he had rented the last available cabin on the best fishing lake in Virginia and that nothing would keep him from coming this time.

Tony had been hurt but not really surprised when his dad called the night before their scheduled trip to let him know that an important business deal had popped up and he wouldn't be able to get to Virginia after all. He generously told Tony use the cabin if he still wanted to since it was already rented and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Then, before Tony could even ask how young this 'business deal' was and when the wedding was scheduled, his father was gone and a dial tone hummed in his ear.

Tony wasn't surprised at all when he was awakened well before dawn by someone pounding on his door. He sleepily stumbled to the door and yanked it open, inhaling deeply as his the pleasant scent of steaming hot coffee drifted inside his apartment. Tony grinned broadly at the former marine standing in his doorway, decked out in denim and flannel and barking at him to grab his fishing gear.

A few days later, Gibbs gave Tony a new wallet. Inside Tony found a picture of him holding up a huge fish while Gibbs smiled proudly beside him.