Dragonball Z: Ascension Saga

Dragonball Z

Chapter 10

Family Ties

That power! Where did they get it! When he made it to the doorway, he was amazed at the power he could sense coming from them. It was though both of them were worth 50 super saiyans in power. He walked over to the transparent two way window and watched in complete awe. His arms were crossed and he followed every one of their movements, as difficult as it was. Trunks and Goten also decided to check out the intense sparring match. They stood next to Broly, who was still mezmerized by the display of strength. For the past days, Trunks and Goten wanted to know more about the Legendary Super Saiyan. He would ask him some qestions after the match.

Both Goku and Vegeta were evenly matched. However, Goku seemed alot easier on his feet. 'No doubt due to his training with the dragon', Vegeta thought objectively. They were relatively matched in speed with every puch and kick thrown. Punch, block, kick, kick, punch, dodge, dodge...

Vegeta then closed in with a reckless attack. Speeding towards Goku with a burst of speed, he had both hands in front of him as though to ram him. Goku then dodged to the left, which Vegeta expected. Before Goku had a chance to respond, Vegeta had vanished in thin air. This took Vegeta off guard completely, wondering where he would appear next. Goku put his arms to the side and focused his Ki. The moment he felt a flash, he turned to his left, and aimed a Kiai blast to his left and right. To his surprise, Vegeta had simply reappeared directly in front of him, his right hand poised for a punch. Goku had a comical look of suprise with his eyes wide, and Vegeta aimed a punch straight to his right cheek, smashing him into the wall, which put a Goku-sized dent there. Goku looked unharmed except a bruise on the spot where he was punched.

Goku immediately got out of the dent with a goofy smile on his face. "Wow, Vegeta, that was a good one!", he said, pumped up even more with excitement. As they were about to continue, the intercom had beeped, indicating that someone was trying to reach them.

"Hey Vegeta and Goku, we need you in the living room, and all the others too.", Bulma said over the intercom. There was a sense of urgency in her voice which meant that they both had to get there, and quickly.

Goku and Vegeta gave each other a quick glance before powering down. Their receded back to their original base length, and both walked towards the exit. "Come on Broly, let's go.", Goku said with a glance behind him, hoping to encourage Broly.

"...in a minute...", Broly said, with his eyes closed, and his back to them.

"Aight.", Goku said, oblivious to the pained look that was on Broly's turned face. Vegeta, Goku, Goten and Trunks made their way to the meeting.

Broly's eyes were clamped shut and he was starting to breath shallowly.

An image flashed before his mind.

Broly stood on the 'new planet Vegeta', bulked up in his monstrous legendary form. He was laughing maniacally, as he grabbed the pod of his father.

"Where do you think you're going, dad?", Broly said sarcastically, his eyes full of evil intent.

"I-i was just preapring the pod, so we can...escape!", he responded quickly.

"Really? In a spaceship built for one person?", Broly asked, slowly picking up the space pod, proceeding to crush it with his bare hands.

"Broly! Wait!", Paragus said, trying to stop his son from killing him.

Broly began to laugh maniacally as he crushed the pod like a peanut, and threw it at the oncoming comet...

"Rrrggh...Ragh...RGGHH!", Broly breathed, each breath causing him pain. He slumped to the ground on his knees, unconciously powering up. His aura slowly began to extend, and it bacame an eery green color. He snapped his eyes open and the pupils began to vanish. He was hyper-ventilating now, and he looked quite insane.

As quickly as it happened, the aura dissappeared and he returned to normal. He was taking slow shaking breaths, his eyes closed. He slowly stood up.

"Never again...", Broly said quietly, making his way towards the meeting room. Hopefully seeing their faces would make him feel less queasy. That episode tired him out heavily.

Everyone filed into the living room with nervous expressions on their faces. Bulma was about to break the big news.

"Piccolo told me he got a message from King Kai.", Bulma said soberly. As if on cue, Piccolo entered the room. He had a stoic expression on his face. He stood in the middle of the room, so as to recieve the utmost attention.

"I've been told that a being from the Southern Galaxy has entered Earth's solar system."

Goku had his fingers to his chin, presenting his rare calculating moments. Vegeta was wearing his eternal scowl on his face.

"Isn't this the same guy that we heard about before we summoned Goku?", Goten asked nervously.

"He is, except the unfortunate part, is that he is estimated to arrive in 2 days." Goten and Trunks looked at each other nervously.

"This is bull, this would've been the perfect time to have a functional hyperbolic time chamber.", Vegeta said angrily. That room could have been extremely useful. Goku was still thinking when an idea came to him.

"Hey guys, I have an idea. It involves me and Vegeta."

"This better not be what I think it is Kakarot..."

"Well how would you know?"

Vegeta stood up and massaged his throbbing temple. "Does it involve a dance?"

"Hey, how did you know that?", Goku asked innocently.

"You are truly an idiot."

"But this will work, besides, I found out how we can give more control of the double personality to one of the fusers.", Goku said quickly.

'Hmm. Conciously picking a dominant personality? Sigh. I swallowed my pride long ago. At least some of it.' "Very well, let's test this out, Vegeta said gruffly.

"I knew you'd agree Vegeta!", Goku chirped, bolting out of the door towards the gravity room.

"Woah, this I gotta see. It'd be cool to meet Gotenk's dad, huh Goten?", Trunks asks, following behin the others. Goten nods his head, and follows.

At the rear of the line, Bardock and Sharotto are talking quietly to each other.

"I never knew that Kakarot could turn into a...Super Saiyan.", Bardock says, a hint of pride in his voice. He hadn't had a serious conversation yet with Goku, being nervous about what to say to him. The same was with Sharotto. Being dead for over 30 years does that to people. They decided that when this whole fiasco was over, they would tell him that they were his parents.

Broly, who was farthest at the back of the group, didn't see look so good. His eyes looked tired and his breathing was shallow. Something was up with him. Even he didn't know what it was.