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This is just an idea that came to me one day. There isn't an overall plot to the chapters in the story. It's just going to be a collection of little bits I'll write from time to time. The only thing chronological about it will be the introduction of the characters to each other. If anyone has any scenarios they'd like to see run let me know and I may consider them. This story has a companion called Hobbits and Fraggles. Basically that one is just what's happening on the other side of the wall.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

Wembley Fraggle was bored. He had finished his 30 minute work week with the volunteer firefighters and was looking forward to some time with his friends. However, Boober was busy washing clothes and didn't want to be bothered with any new activity at the moment. Red had roped Gobo into helping her with some crazy stunt. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Wembley, depending on how he looked back at it) it was a two person stunt and Wembley wasn't needed. Mokey was still up picking radishes and while he didn't mind helping her, he wasn't too fond of the idea of braving the gorgs alone in order to that.

This led him to his current predicament of just wandering around. It wasn't so bad, he supposed. Sure he liked being with his friends and didn't like being left a lone for an extended period of time. Or at night. Or in strange places. But all the same it was nice to just wander, sort out his thoughts and all. Except, sorting out his thoughts meant concentrating more on them than the surrounding caverns. When he looked around him after a while he found himself in a section of tunnel he didn't recognize.

Growing a little nervous at the unfamiliarity of the place he looked around, trying to figure out where he'd come from. Surely the others were done doing whatever it was they were doing. And he should head back anyway.

"Well, at least this tunnel isn't making any spooky noises," he muttered to himself.

Finally, he was able to get his bearings and would have started back had it not been for a small shuffling sound he heard.

"I spoke to soon," he said with a groan.

Instinct told him that he needed to leave right now. He had no intention of encountering another tunnel from which he would never return. However, he noticed that the sound didn't sound very threatening. In fact, it sounded as if someone were further down it. Maybe they were lost. Well, the least he could do would be to help them get back to the Rock. Plus, he was sure he'd be grateful for the company.

Wembley ambled toward the sound and was just about ready to call out to whoever it was when he rounded a corner and found himself face to face with a Silly Creature.

A Silly Creature.

From one of Gobo's Uncle Travelling Matt's stories.

Well, at least the stories were true.





Wembley backed away as he and the silly creature exchanged yells, then finally turned, and bolted from the cave. Had he stuck around long enough to see, he would have noticed that the silly creature had done the same thing. Wembley's only thought was to get back to the Rock and his friends as fast as Fraggely possible.

"Hey guys, have you seen Wembley?" Gobo Fraggle asked worriedly as he walked into his hole where Red, Boober and Mokey were waiting. "I haven't seen him since earlier this afternoon."

The group had joined up at the house later that day and were about to go up and retrieve Uncle Travelling Matt's postcard.

"Yea," responded Boober. "He came by the laundry room earlier. I was in the middle of laundry so he left."

"Did he say where he was going?" asked Gobo.

"No, he just left. I assumed he went to find you guys. Or go do something else. Honestly Gobo, if you keep encouraging him he's going to go off on his own and do something dangerous one of these days."

"Oh I really don't think you have to worry about that Boober," replied Gobo.

"He follows you around all the time doesn't he?" pressed Boober.

"Well yea, but that's different. I mean, you guys follow me around every now and then too. Besides, Wembley can barely stand to spend the night here on his own. I don't think he's going to be running off any time soon," Gobo assured.

"Yea, I guess you're right," Boober aquiesed.

"I didn't see him in the garden," commented Mokey.

"Well, where ever he is, I hope he doesn't stay away long, I'm getting worried," continued Gobo.

"Yea," Red broke in, "A bored Wembley is a Wembley who's going to be in some kind of trouble by the end of the day."

The discussion was cut off by a high pitched shrieking, the owner of which could be easily identified, in spite of the fact that said owner appeared a few seconds later and barreled into Gobo.

"Huh, I wasn't thinking it would be that fast," commented Red.

"Ow! Wembley!" complained an annoyed Gobo. But he lost his annoyance as he helped the smaller fraggle to his feet.

Wembley was breathing hard from the run and was shaking with fear. He started speaking as soon as he regained his feet. Well, he was saying words at least.


Gobo, Boober, and Red began asking questions to try and find out what Wembley was talking about. Finally, when this got nowhere, Mokey came around behind Wembley, put one hand on his shoulder and wrapped the other around him in a comforting manner.

"Easy Wembley," she cooed. "Easy, calm down. Take deeps breaths. In and out, in and out, that's it…"

She continued this mantra in her soothing voice and Wembley in turn was able to compose his breathing and his thoughts. And the moment they were composed…


Mokey grabbed Wembley's shoulders again to hold him steady as her hands had been thrown off as he had flung his arms out in his panicked proclamation. The others gasp.

"Wembley, what are you talking about?" asked Gobo in an attempt to keep the other calm. "The tunnels are too small for a silly creature to fit into."

But Wembley had fallen back into too much of a state to give a clear answer anymore. At a loss of anything else to do, Gobo and Red exchanged a quick glance then reached down, grabbed Wembley by the ankles and pulled them out from under him.

Wembley hung there for a moment before coming back to his thoughts again.

"I saw one, just now, just now it was there in the tunnel. It started screaming at me" insisted Wembley, trying to keep his fear to a minimum, for his sake as much as the others. It wasn't helpful that Red was getting skittish and Boober started panicking as well.

"There's a silly creature in one of the tunnels?" he raved. "Oh this is just the start of all sorts of bad news. If one can get in others will too and before you know it Fraggle Rock will be over run by creatures who don't belong here. They'll drive us out if we're lucky and who knows what they'll do if we're unlucky and-"

"BOOBER!" the other three level headed Fraggles shouted.

"Now come on guys," said Gobo as he and Red righted Wembley, "This is not the time for panicking."

"Y-yea, yea you're right Gobo, we shouldn't panic. No panicking." agree Wembley.

"What are you talking about? This is the perfect time to panic," interjected Boober.

"Yes! Yes, everybody panic!" screamed Wembley in response.

"Wembley!" Gobo grabbed Wembley by the shoulders, shook him slightly and got right in his face. As a result, Wembley was forced to look straight at him and thus calmed down a little.

Gobo began to speak gently. "Now, Wembley. You've seen the silly creature in that room I go into all the time. You know there's no tunnel big enough for one of them to fit into. Are you sure about what you saw?"

"Yes Gobo," breathed an exasperated Wembley. He was beginning to calm down and now he felt they needed to take some sort of action.

"Um Gobo," interjected Red. "I know it doesn't sound all that likely. But, well, what if Wembley's telling the truth. He was right that time he claimed to have found the terrible tunnel, remember?"

"Yea, I remember," sighed Gobo. He bowed his head to think for a moment. He really did not want to face the fact that a silly creature had actually made it into the tunnels. Sure, Boober's pessimistic ranting wasn't needed at the moment. But there was a good deal of truth in his worry.

"Okay," he finally came to a decision. "We're gonna go investigate the tunnel."

"G-gobo," stuttered Wembley. "I really don't want to go back there again."

"I'm sorry Wembley but you're the only one who knows where it is. If there is really something there, we need to know what we're dealing with. After that, we'll try to figure out where to go from there."

Wembley shook his head frantically as Gobo spoke.

"N-no Gobo," he protested, his voice getting faster and more agitated. "No really I don't want to go back there I can't I-"

"Wembley you have to. Don't worry, you won't be alone, we're all going with you," assured his friend.

Sighing, Wembley gamely nodded his head.

"Alright Gobo," he agreed.

"Alright c'mon guys, let's get ready to go," commanded Gobo.

The group took a few minutes to gather the essentials needed. They all pulled on the various bits of makeshift armor they had, the same kind they'd donned when they had to rescue Wembley from the Gorgs. Gobo even strapped his wooden sword on and grabbed a map.

"Alright Wembley, lead the way," he commanded gently. "Don't worry, we'll be right behind you."

Nervously, Wembley led the group through the tunnel he'd wandered down. It was a little hard but he kept a sharp eye out for familiar landmarks and remembered the general direction.

Everything was going fine and when he was sure they were near where he saw the silly creature he pointed ahead.

"It's just up this way," he said, pointing with a shaking finger. As they got closer and closer Wembley's hands crept closer to eyes until he was stumbling through the tunnel peering through the barely visibly slits between his fingers.

"O-ok-kay," he said. "It should be right here." With his eyes covered he didn't see the site the others were greeted with.

"So, where is it?" asked Red.

Wembley froze. What?

His hands flew away from his eyes to reveal an empty tunnel and the various looks of his friends.

Red's eyes were full of anger and she was positively bristling. Boober was confused and looking around nervously as if expecting something to come jumping out of the walls. Mokey too looked confused and a little disappointed as well. But when she looked at Wembley it was expectant as if awaiting further directions.

Gobo's face was the hardest to decipher. He looked partly relieved and partly annoyed. But Wembley could tell that despite his friend's relief, disappointed and irritation would take precedence first. Oh, he was never going to hear the end of this one.

"Oh Wembley," Gobo breathed

Wembley looked around frantically, trying to find some explanation.

"But…but…but it was right here," he insisted.

"Sure it was Wembley," barked Red. "Sure and I bet there was a miniature Gorg behind it too!"

"There was a Gorg?" exclaimed Boober.

"Yes! I mean no! I mean…" Wembley trailed off as he tried to figure out what to say. "Look, there wasn't a Gorg but there was-"

"Wembley," interrupted Gobo, "There isn't anything here."

But, but maybe it left or we went down the wrong tunnel or-"

"Or you've finally lost your mind Welmbley," Red started in. Mokey quickly moved in to try and distract Red from her anger at Wembley.

"Now Red," she began, "I'm sure Wembley thought he saw something. I mean, you know these caves, it's easy to get mixed up in here."

"Well, whatever it was," said Gobo certainly, "It's gone now."

"Good, then can we go home now?" begged Boober.

Red, Gobo, and Mokey nodded and mumbled various forms of agreement and the four began to head back to the main cavern, their minds already on the next activity they might do. Only Wembley stayed behind, looking around the caves incredulously. After a while he realized that his friends were no longer around and once again he was standing alone in the tunnel.

"Wait! Come back guys." When he caught up he rushed to the front and looked at the other imploringly.

"Look, I know this doesn't look that good but I'm not making this up," he pleaded. "And I don't think I saw something Mokey. I know I saw something. I was face to face with it. You have to believe me, there was something there. We have to find out what it was."

Red looked over at Gobo with an exasperated look.

"You deal with him," she muttered, "I'm going home." She stalked off.

Mokey looked at the boys then off at Red.

"Um, I think I should go make sure Red's going to be okay."

Wembley sighed as he watched them go. He looked over at Gobo and Boober, who still stood looking at him uncertainly.

"You believe me, don't you guys?" he asked pleadingly.

"Gee, I don't know Wembley," reasoned Gobo. "There's nothing in that tunnel and nothing really to indicate that something should have been in it." He then gave a confused look at the map. "Besides, Uncle Travelling Matt and I have mapped this tunnel, several times, and there was nothing that showed something could get in that way."

"Well, something did Gobo," asserted Wembley. But even as he said that, he faltered a little. "Or…or it got in some other way and somehow got…into that…tunnel…"

The little green Fraggle slowed down his speaking as he realized what he was saying. There was no way something that large could get in through another tunnel and then make its way to the current tunnel without being seen by something. And Gobo and Travelling Matt were thorough mapmakers. They would have accounted for every twist, turn, rock and pebble and they certainly would not have missed an opening big enough to let something in.

Gobo and Boober watched as Wembley went over these thoughts in his head, definitely wembling but this time between his own eyes and his own reasoning. When he leaned back against a wall after a minute or two of silence they approached him quietly and Gobo put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Wembley, are you okay?" he asked.

Wembley looked at Gobo and Boober with troubled eyes.

"Gobo, if there's not any way for something to get into this cave then what did I see?"

"Maybe you didn't see anything Wembley," remarked Boober. His voice was still edgy but it held more concern than pessimism in it. "Maybe Mokey was right, maybe you thought you saw something even if there was nothing there. You sure you're not getting sick?"

"No Boober I don't think…well I never really thought about it much but-"

He was cut off by Boober ushering him out of the cave.

"That must be it. You're coming down with something. C'mon Gobo let's get him back to the hole and into bed. I'll try and figure out what it is so that we can cure it."

"Um okay," agreed Wembley though he was still a little uncertain.

Gobo came up beside the two.

"Do you really think he's getting sick Boober?"

"Oh absolutely," assured Boober. "There's all sorts of diseases that can make a Fraggle start seeing things." He then turned the conversation toward Wembley. "Since you don't have a fever I imagine it's Hallucinosis."

"Is that dangerous?" asked Wembley as he let himself be led away from the tunnel and thoughts of what he saw there slowly faded.

Wembley opened his eyes with a groan, what a night. After leading him from the cave, Gobo had left him in Boober's care to go smooth out things with Red and Mokey.

Boober, in the meantime, had part led part corralled him back to the hole and in no uncertain terms got him into his bunk. By this point Wembley was convinced that he was sick and was willing to do pretty much anything Boober asked him to.

The rest of the night consisted of Boober pushing all the radish soup and dandelion tea on the young fraggle as he could take. Gobo eventually returned, with Mokey and Red following close behind. Red was still a little miffed about being worked up over nothing, but she had calmed down a bit on hearing that Wembley was sick. After a while though, Mokey and Red went home and the boys settled down to sleep. Well, Wembley had tried to.

He was completely convinced that he was sick and had been seeing things. But, he still wasn't convinced that he hadn't seen something. Granted, he had never seen things that weren't there before, so he didn't know what it was like to do so. But the memory of what he had seen didn't seem fake. He had finally dropped off to sleep with that confusing thought in his mind.

Wembley looked around to make sure he hadn't woken Gobo or Boober, who had offered to stay the night. He lay awake for a few minutes thinking the same thoughts as the night before. Finally, he came to a decision. Very quietly he slipped from his bunk and out the door. No use in waking the others. They had been up with him all night and were probably tired.

Wembley made his way to the tunnel. He decided that the best way to decide he hadn't seen anything was to go back to the tunnel and check again. Boober had assured him he'd be better after a good sleep which he had gotten for the most part.

Wembley ambled down the passage, a little nervous at what he might find. But as he continued and saw nothing he became more and more confident that there was nothing.

When he reached the bend where he had come across the silly creature he breathed a sigh of relief. The tunnel was empty. He went down a little more to make sure and then turned to leave.

That's what he heard it.


It was quiet and it was faint, but it was there, and it stopped Wembley right in his tracks.

After a moments debate on whether to run away or investigate he decided to investigate.

"I knew it," he thought to himself as he pressed on. This was his only chance to show he knew what he saw and find out what it was and if Fraggle Rock would be in danger because of it.

He almost stopped at the thought of it being dangerous and him being on his own. It was short lived though and he kept going.

"If I'm the only thing between it and the Rock, well, then, I'll do what I have to."

As he drew further into the cave he realized that it was growing lighter. He heard the voice again, this time much clearer and closer. And it didn't sound very scary. It was high and lilting and in all honestly it sounded more like a fraggle's than a Gorg's. That had to count for something right?

"Hello? Hello, is anybody there?"

It was definitely close. Nervously Wembley peaked around the corner and saw it. The same face he had seen before. Green eyes, light brown curly hair, and pale brown skin, such an odd color for skin, he thought. And no tail. He also noticed the hole that it knelt in front of.

"I should probably tell Gobo about that," he thought to himself.

Finally he drew up the nerve to say something.

"H-h-he-ll-llo?" he stuttered.

The silly creature gasped, startling Wembley, who ducked back behind the bend as fast as he could. Only two things kept him from running. Now that he knew he most definitely was not seeing things, he needed to know what the silly creature wanted and how to keep it out of the tunnel. The others most likely would not follow him up there again.

The second thing was that the silly creature called out to him again.

"Wait!" it called. "Come back, I'm not going to hurt you."

Nervously and trembling, Wembley peeked around the rock once more and looked down the rest of the tunnel at the silly creature. It didn't make any movement for which Wembley was grateful. Slowly though it leaned into the tunnel just a little bit and pulled something out of its pocket.

"Hello," it called out in a comforting tone, much like the same way Mokey would talk to himself or Boober if something was wrong. "It's okay, I won't hurt you."

It tore whatever it had in its hand apart and held it out.

"Here," he offered, "are you hungry?"

Warily, Wembley dared to venture out of his hiding spot. He approached cautiously, but now with a newfound curiosity. The creature hadn't tried to thump him or attack him or something else so it had to be friendly, he reasoned.

It set whatever it was on the ground and then backed away a little bit. Wembley picked the food off the ground.

"Um, th-thank you," he said courteously, looking up at the silly creature.

The silly creature had a bit of a stunned look on its face but answered.

"You're welcome,' it said. Wembley wondered if it was just as surprised that he was speaking with it as he was that it was speaking to him.

Wembley took a small bite of the food it had given him. The taste of it was fantastic and he quickly finished the rest of it.

"I wonder if Traveling Matt ever wrote to Gobo about food like this," he thought quietly to himself. He was pulled out of his thoughts when the silly creature abruptly spoke, startling him a bit.

"Are you a fairy?"

Wembley shot his head up and looked straight at the silly creature, trying to decipher what it had just said. What in the Rock was a fairy?

"Pardon?" he asked. Funny, the silly creature just kept talking as if he'd never said anything.

"Or a baby dwarf?" it continued. "I mean you live in a cave and have a big nose but you're smaller than me and you don't have a beard so you certainly don't look like any dwarf I've ever seen. But then again I'm pretty sure you're not a fairy as there's nothing really well, fairy like about you but-"

"W-wait wait!" Wembley interrupted. "Fairy? Dwarf? What are you talking about?"

The silly creature finally realized that it had been talking so fast and that Wembley was very confused. He watched as it took a deep breath and then started again.

"If you don't mind my asking, what exactly are you?"

"Oh," answered Wembley as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I'm a fraggle."

Now it was the silly creature's turn to be confused. It raised it's eyebrows with uncertainty.

"A fraggle?" it asked.

Wembley nodded excitedly.

"Mmm-hmm. Wembley Fraggle is my name." Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. "Oh wow. This is wonderful. If you don't know what fraggles are then you weren't looking for Fraggle Rock while you were in the tunnels."

The silly creature shook his head amiably.

"No, I was just hiding from my sister," it explained. Then it leaned in closer to Wembley with an interested look in its eye.

"What's Fraggle Rock?" it asked. "Is that where you live?"

Wembley's smile faltered and he brought his hands to his mouth. As he realized what he'd just said he began to shake his head and speak rapidly.

"Oh no. No no no no no! You weren't supposed to hear that. No, Fraggle Rock's nothing, forget I said anything about it it's nothing it wouldn't interest you please don't destroy it or-"

The silly creature quickly tried to interject. As it started speaking it pulled Wembley out of his panic a little.

"Wait wait wait. No I don't want to destroy anything I was just curious," he assured. "And I won't tell anyone else about you or it if you don't want me to."

Wembley was stunned. He brought his hands down and looked at the creature earnestly.

"You won't? Really?"

The silly creature suddenly looked very serious as he nodded.

"You have my word." It simply said.

"Oh," breathed Wembley in relief. "Thank you so much. it's just…well, we Fraggles don't really go too far from Fraggle Rock. The only one who ever did was my friend Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt. Gobo gets postcards from him sometime and has to get past a silly creature to get them and it's very dangerous. I don't know what we'd do if he ever got caught or if the silly creature ever saw him."

Wembley watched as the silly creature listened to his explanation. To his surprise it nodded, almost as if in understanding.

"We hobbits are like that too," he said. We don't usually venture into the outside world. Don't worry; I can keep your secret."

"Thank you again," replied Wembley. "Hobbits?" he then asked, "Is that what you are? I was wondering about that. You look like the silly creature in the first room that Gobo has to go into. But it's too big to fit into these tunnels and it wears things on its feet."

The "hobbit" nodded.

"Yes, we're called hobbits, though from what my cousin Frodo has told me, the Big People call us haflings." Then, from his sitting position he bowed shallowly to Wembley.

"Peregrin Took," it said, "at your service and your family's. But you can call me Pippin."

Wembley looked at Pippin in amazement. A sill- er hobbit, had just bowed to him. This was turning out to be an incredible day.

"Wow," he breathed. "It's very nice to meet you Pippin."

"Likewise Wembley," the hobbit nodded. "And, I guess you could call us silly creatures as we are at many times. We're smaller than everyone else though, at least that's what I've heard from Frodo and Bilbo. So I imagine you and your friend have seen a big person."

Wembley nodded in understanding.

"And This is the Shire," the hobbit continued on. "Well, not this this," he gestured around the room. "This is a storage room in the Great Smials. And that's in Tuckborough, which is part of the Shire, which is part of Middle Earth."

Wembley listened intently, oh if only Gobo could hear about this. "Wow, Outer Space is bigger than I thought it was."

Pippin nodded with a chuckle.

"Yes, the world seemed much smaller until I started listening to Cousin Bilbo's stories. He's really the only hobbit that's ever gone beyond the Shire. He came back with all sorts of exciting stories."

"Your cousin Bilbo sounds an awful lot like Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt," commented Wembley. "I bet he would love this. I bet Gobo would love this."

Pippin drew closer to Wembley excitedly.

"Well, if Matt is anything like Bilbo, I bet Gobo is something like Frodo. I-" Pippin suddenly cut off, and Wembley darted behind a rock at a sudden pounding at the door.

"Pippin, Peregrin Took, open this door," a voice that reminded Wembley a bit like Papa Gorg's voice rang out and he shrank back in fright.

"Just a minute," Pippin called before turning back to Wembley

"I'm sorry Wembley," he said after a moment. "I have to board this hole up."

Despite the gravity of the situation Wembley's heart fell.

"Oh, Does this mean I won't see you again? I-I wanted to introduce Gobo to you."

Wembley watched as Pippin puzzled over something for a moment. Then his face lit up with a conclusion.

"I'll leave it loose, then, we could meet again. And with the hole covered there's no risk that someone will find out about Fraggle rock."

"That would be fantastic Pippin," Wembley agreed.

More banging.

"Peregrin, now!" the order was very clear.

"I'm coming," Pippin yelled back quickly. Wembley looked down the tunnel urgently then back at Pippin

"You'd better go. I'll see you…well… I'm sure we'll get a chance to meet again soon."

"But we will, right?" asked Wembley

"Right," was the firm response.

Without any further words, both knew that the time for stalling was ending fast. As Pippin got up, Wembley made a dash down the tunnel, grateful to be away from whatever it was that has been ready to break into that room. He ran until he couldn't hear voices anymore.

He had to find Gobo. Gobo would want to see this. Maybe he would want to map out the "mathom room," as Pippin had called it, like he had mapped out the Gorg's castle.

He was so busy thinking about what Gobo might say about the new discovery that he was quite startle when two pairs of hands shot out and grabbed him, eliciting a startled squawk.

"Wembley!" came a mixture of two voices that he soon separated to being Gobo's and Boober's.

"Wembley," voiced the latter, "You shouldn't be out of bed yet. Running around tunnels in the early morning does not a sickness cure."

"Yea Wembley," cut in Gobo, "You had us worried for a moment there."

"Guys," exclaimed Wembley, "Oh it's wonderful, I'm not sick after all. There's a hole at the end of this tunnel and a silly creature really is there. Only, he calls himself a hobbit and his name is Pippin and he lives in this place called the Shire and-"

He was cut off by Boober who, along with Gobo had been looking at him as if he'd lost his mind.

"He's delirious," Boober said gingerly to Gobo. "C'mon." The two grabbed a protesting Wembley by the arms. It was similar to the walk back home they had taken day before only this time instead of a compliant patient they had a squirming, resisting young Fraggle to contend with.

"No, I'm not-hey, Boober let me go. Gobo tell him," Wembley protested him and they pushed him along out of the cave.

"Don't think so Wembley," replied Gobo, "Boober's right. Yesterday you were seeing things and now you're running off having conversations with them. You must really be sick."

"Yea, you're going home and going to bed for a week if I have anything to say about it," Boober stated firmly. "It's a good thing you don't appear to be contagious."

"But-but-but guys, aww c'mon guys…"

The younger fraggle realized as he was manhandled out of the tunnel that this conversation wasn't going anywhere and finally just went a long with it. He was sure that eventually, a better time would present itself.

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