Love Stronger than Blood

Spoilers: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3(Olivia, The Box, The Plateau, Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep, Amber 31422, 6955 kHz, The Abducted).

Disclaimer: If I owned Fringe...Olivia would be on the right side and with Peter.

All the great love stories were tragedies…this Peter Bishop knew as he stood before his father, his birth father. It was ironic that his and Olivia's would be added to the list of famous love tragedies.

Romeo and Juliet

Tristan and Isolde

Paris and Helen of Troy

The list continued on, he knew they were countless in either world so trying to remember them all would be hard.

Yet here he stood, before his birth father, a man he could now never call 'Dad' and waited for what the man had to say.

"You've caused heartache Son," Walternate turned to Peter, "and all over a woman, unique she maybe but she is the enemy."

"Olivia isn't the enemy, you sent the enemy to impersonate the woman I love." Peter took a step forward, "where is she, I want to see her?"

Walternate signaled to the guard, he walked over. "Have Prisoner 23341 delivered here."

"Yes sir."

Peter looked at Walternate, "she has a name…its Olivia Dunham."

"Olivia Dunham is laying in a bed right now recovering from the injuries you gave her, plus the gunshot. Fringe Division's best agent will take months to recover from all the injuries, did you not think that our world needs her."

Peter pointed at him, "no, this is your world…I belong on the other side."

Peter took a step back and waited, Walternate just stared. It took ten minutes but the door opened and two guards were dragging in Olivia, she was struggling. Peter turned to see her and the minute her eyes found his she stopped.

Her face had marks on them, surgical markings as if she was being prepared for surgery. Her arms had needle marks on them as if she had been drugged and in that moment Peter knew she'd been through torture.


"Hey Sweetheart." He smiled, "miss me?"

A small smile came across her lips before disappearing, Walternate nodded to the guards. "You can wait outside the door."

They left and the moment they unhanded her, Olivia rushed to Peter's arms. "You shouldn't…"

"I'm here, can't go back now." He kissed her head and held her tight, pulling back to look at her face. "What did they do to you?" Peter ran his hand over her arm and checked the needle marks.

She looked at Walternate before looking at Peter. "They found Walter's drug from the trials…they plan on cutting out my brain and studying it."

Peter's concerned gaze tore from her and immediately turned to Walternate, Olivia saw his anger and knew he was about ready to release all of it on his father. "You…you say they are monsters but you're being a hypocrite…because YOU ARE!" Peter placed Olivia behind him, his hand on her wrist and placed it on his back.

She felt the gun tucked under his jacket, she knew he wanted her to take the gun to defend herself.

"Peter…you must understand that…"

"That what? Understand and let you just cut out the brain of the woman I love," he felt Olivia stiffen behind him but she said nothing, "no, no I understand only one thing…my father maybe insane but he loves Olivia like a daughter…you're not my father and this isn't my world."

Walternate stepped from around the desk and Peter backed up, Olivia did as well. He made a signal with his hands, one that they had long ago developed while in the field. It meant to take aim and wait.

She grabbed the gun and moved, pointing it at Walternate who chuckled. "Peter, you must know that this is a fool's errand. Even if she were to take that shot, you wouldn't get out of here alive."

"That's where you're wrong, because I have the secret weapon." Peter turned and grabbed the gun from Olivia, pointing it at her as he turned off the safety.

A/N: Oh Boy, who is Peter playing? Walternate or Olivia...or perhaps both?