Duel Academy Life

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One week had passed since they had come to Duel Academy and so far they were having the time of their lives. Although they were almost constantly late for class since Jaden was such a heavy sleeper. Naruto had to shake him by the shoulders to get him to wake up. It sucked since everyday they had Dr. Crowler in the morning and he was like every other Obelisk and hated all Slifer students.

Naruto and Jaden loved getting on his nerves simply because they loved his reactions. Things had also been a little crazy. After three days they had already made a rival named Chazz Princeton and they had even got a voice mail from the girl's dorm that Syrus was there. They had to take a boat over there and they saw four girls holding him hostage.

They heard the story that Syrus said and felt sorry for him. They tried to explain that it was just a misunderstanding, but they decided that if Jaden and Naruto defeated them in a tag duel then they would let them go.

They ended up dueling Alexis Rhodes and Serenity Wheeler, the Queens of Obelisk Blue. It was quite a tough duel facing off against Alexis' Cyber Blader (2100/0800) and Serenity's Moisture Creature. (2800/2900)

"Well are you impressed?" Alexis asked.

"Impressed? I think I'm in love," Jaden said.

"You're sweet, too bad I have to destroy you" Alexis smirked.

"Impressed by our monsters?" Serenity asked.

"A fairy monster for a Fairy Princess, very fetching" Naruto smirked.

"Flattery won't win you this duel," Serenity said smiling.

Both of their monsters attacked and Jaden and Naruto's last line of defense were destroyed. "Well boys one more turn and we'll win this duel" Alexis said.

"Heaven's Light Barrier," Naruto called. A Big Yellow Barrier dropped down and separated the fields. "It stops all opponents' monsters from attacking, changing battle positions and being summoned for four turns." Naruto looked at his hand. "I activate Monster Reborn to revive my Soul Reaper King." (2750/2500)

3 turns had passed and their opponents still had the same monsters on the field, same with Naruto and Jaden's field was still blank and currently it was his turn. Jaden knew he could end this if he drew the right card. Jaden drew his card and smiled something big, "Alright, I play the spell card Miracle Contact. Now I can summon a fusion monster from my fusion deck with Elemental Hero Neos in the name by returning the required monsters to my deck. I return Elemental Hero Neos, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab to my deck to form Elemental Hero Magma Neos. (3000/2500) then I play the field spell card Neo Space. Now at the end of my turn Elemental Hero Magma Neos won't return to my fusion deck and it gives every Elemental Hero Neos monster 0500 extra attack points (3500/2500) and Magma Neos also gains 0400 attack points for every card on the field. I count 5 so Magma Neos increases his attack points by 2000. (5500/2500)

"5500 attack points," Alexis said shocked.

"Alright Jaden end it" Naruto cheered. Jaden agreed and attacked the Cyber Blader bringing their life points to zero.

"As we agreed, we would never speak of this again" Alexis said. They nodded and Naruto started rowing the boys back across the lake. That was an eventful night.

"Next time you find a note in one of our lockers, please tell us" Naruto said. Syrus blushed and nodded. Finally getting back to their dorms they went to sleep.

The next few days went by smoothly except having Dr. Crowler constantly breathing down your neck making you do not so well on your exams. Poor Syrus nearly had a mental breakdown when Crowler embarrassed him in front of the entire class. While Jaden tried to cheer him up Naruto glared fiercely at Crowler when his back was turned.

The rest of the class Crowler kept feeling chills up his spine.

"Come on Syrus cheer up, class ended an hour ago" Jaden said. Syrus was still depressed about what happened.

"He's right Syrus, everybody gets embarrassed by teachers every now and then" Naruto said remembering his own experiences.

"Yeah I know," Syrus said in a small voice. "It's just that no matter what I do I always ended up getting ridiculed so sometimes I think it would be better if I didn't exist."

"Hey come on Sy, there's no need to go that far" Jaden said looking shocked. Before Jaden could say anything else Naruto spoke up.

"Sy, why don't you go back to the dorm, have a chat with Chumley and cheer up a bit. I need to talk with Jaden for a moment" he said. Syrus nodded and waved goodbye.

"What did you do that for?" Jaden nearly shouted.

"Jaden, some things are private. It's not our place to push Syrus like this. It might make his confidence even worse. He must have either been bullied a lot as a kid or someone kept telling him he was worthless" Naruto explained.

"Who would do such a horrible thing?" Jaden asked shocked.

"Only Syrus has the answer" Naruto said.

Later they found out that Syrus was missing. They were searching until dusk, but they still couldn't find him. Eventually Naruto found him by the ocean with a raft. "Syrus, wait" Naruto shouted sprinting to him.

"Don't try to stop me Naruto" Syrus shouted back getting on the raft. Their shouting had caught the attention of Jaden and Chumley who had run into Alexis, Serenity and some tall Obelisk blue student with cold eyes and blue hair.

Jumping on the raft Syrus made Naruto turned to confront him when it broke and they fell in the ocean. Both came up coughing and spitting water everywhere. "Help I can't swim," Syrus cried grabbing Naruto.

"And you were about to raft out into the ocean? Naruto questioned. "That makes sense besides the water is shallow."

Quickly standing up Syrus turned to Naruto, "Why did you stop me? I'm just a no body."

"No you're not Syrus, you're my friend" Naruto said.

"He's right you know" a voice said. They looked up to see the others. The one who spoke was a blue haired kid with cold eyes wearing an Obelisk blue uniform.

"Zane," Syrus said shocked.

'Zane Truesdale,' Naruto thought. He had heard about the guy. He was supposed to be the best duelist on Academy Island. He was said to be undefeatable.

"You quitting?" he asked Syrus.

"Well, kind of" Syrus answered timidly.

"Well it's about time" Zane said coldly.

Syrus lowered his head and turned back to his ruined raft. "Syrus" Naruto said. He then heard Syrus sniffle and cry silently. "You're his brother, how can you say that to him?" he shouted angrily.

"Because I know him" Zane answered simply.

"Well I bet you think you know it all, but guess what jerk, YOU DON"T" Naruto shouted very angrily. "And I'm proving it. Right here, right now, let's duel."

Zane was a little surprised. No one had the nerve to call him a jerk before. Zane was interested now. "Duel a badmouth Slifer?" he questioned. Then he smirked. "Sure why not."

"Bring it on" Naruto said with a fierce look in his eyes.

Ten minutes later they were starting the duel. "Let's duel" they shouted.

Naruto: 4000

Zane: 4000

Naruto went first, "I play Polymerization to fuse Darui the Lightning Master and Thunder Dragon to form Darui the Lightning Rider. (2800/2700) Then I summon Black Knight in Attack mode. (1900/1500) Darui's special ability makes it so he has to attack as soon as he's summoned."

Darui fired a large lightning blast that struck Zane head on. Zane grunted a bit as his life points went down.

Naruto: 4000

Zane: 1200

"The duel just began and Zane's already lost over half his life points" Alexis said shocked.

'Whoa I had no idea Naruto was this good' Syrus thought.

"To finish my move I'll put this card face down" Naruto said. "Your move Zane."

Zane drew a card. "I'll admit you're good, but let's see how you fare against this. Since I have no monsters on my field and you do I can summon my Cyber Dragon without a sacrifice. Come forth Cyber Dragon. (2100/1600) then I play Polymerization to fuse the other two Cyber Dragons in my hand to summon Cyber Twin Dragon. (2800/2100) Cyber Twin Dragon attack his Black Knight.

Naruto: 3100

Zane: 1200

"Cyber Twin Dragon's ability lets it attack twice. Attack his Lightning Rider" Zane ordered. Both monsters were destroyed.

"Why would Zane do that when they have the same attack points?" Syrus asked.

"Because then it would leave Naruto's field empty for an attack against his last Cyber Dragon" Serenity said.

Sure enough Cyber Dragon attacked him directly reducing his life points more.

Zane: 1200

Naruto: 1000

"To finish my move I'll play Different Dimension Capsule. I place one card from my deck in here and in two turns I get to add it to my hand" Zane said.

Naruto drew a card, "I play Pot of Greed letting me draw two cards. Then I special summon Watapon. (200/300) Since it was added to my hand by a magic card I can special summon it. Then I sacrifice Watapon to summon Ranzoe the Righteous Brigadier. (2200/1900) Ranzoe destroy his Cyber Dragon."

Zane: 1100

Naruto: 1000

"I place one card face down and end my turn" Naruto said.

Zane drew a card, "I place this face down in defense mode and I also place one card face down. That's all."

Naruto drew a card, "I summon Army Lieutenant in attack mode. (1700/1500) Then I activate a magic card known as Double Summon. As its name implies I can summon another monster. I just have to give up 300 life points."

Zane: 1100

Naruto: 700

"I sacrifice Ranzoe and Army Lieutenant to summon Dragon of the Darkness Flame. (2600/2400) when this card is successfully summoned to the field I can remove as many light monster from my graveyard as I wish and by doing that my dragon gains 400 attack points" Naruto explained.

"How many light monsters are in his graveyard?" Jaden asked.

"Last I counted 4" Serenity said.

"Then that means…" Zane said.

"That's right my dragon gains 2000 attack points for a grand total of 4600" Naruto said. "Dragon of the Darkness flame attack." Zane's face down was instantly destroyed, but his life points remained intact. "I end my turn."

Zane drew a card and the capsule popped out from the ground. "Two turns have passed so the card I put in her comes to my hand. Then I activate Call of the Haunted to revive a Cyber Dragon and I activate Monster Reborn to revive my second Cyber Dragon. Finally I play Premature Burial to revive my final Cyber Dragon. It may cost me 800 life points, but it will be worth it."

Naruto: 700

Zane: 300

"You played well, but not well enough" Zane said.

"Bring it on, I'm ready" Naruto said.

"I'm sure you are" Zane said. "A good duelist is ready for anything and that means not only knowing how to use their cards, but how to play them as well and you played your cards well Naruto." Zane actually gave a small smile.

'That's a great compliment, but even better advice. I hope Syrus is listening' Naruto thought. Judging by the look on Syrus' face he probably was.

"Now I activate the power of Power Bond" Zane called. "This lets me summon a fusion type monster from my fusion deck as long as I have the correct fusion monsters in my hand or on my field and it'll also double my monsters attack points. I fuse my three Cyber Dragons to…"

"Activate trap card," Naruto called.

"A trap card," Zane said shocked.

"Exactly, go Mystical Refpanel" Naruto said. "This trap card activates when my opponent plays a magic card. I can seal the effects of this card inside it."

Zane was out of moves now. He didn't have another Polymerization in his hands, and his Cyber Dragons attack power was only 2100 and Naruto's Dragon was 4600. Zane smiled slightly, "It was a fun duel, but I'm out of moves. It is your turn, take your victory."

Naruto nodded, "You fought a good duel Zane and I had a lot of fun, but now it ends. Dragon of the Darkness Flames attack his Cyber Dragon with Dark Flare Blitz." Zane's Cyber Dragon was wiped out and so were his life points.

Naruto: 700

Zane: 0000

"Thanks for a good duel Zane" Naruto said.

"The pleasure was all mine," Zane said before walking off. Alexis and Serenity followed.

"So Zane what do you think?" Serenity asked.

"I think Syrus chose good friends," he said.

"That was the most epic duel I've ever seen" Jaden gushed excitedly.

"You beat my brother. I'd never thought I'd see the day" Syrus said.

"Hopefully you learned something today Syrus" Naruto said.

Syrus nodded, "I did. There is a big difference between using a card and playing a card."

"Let's get back to the dorm and work on your deck so you can use your Power Bond card" Jaden said.

Suddenly they heard a stomach growl. It was Chumley, they had forgotten he was here. "I would like to scarf down a few grilled cheese's first."

They all laughed until their stomachs started growling to. "Not if I eat them first" Naruto said running to the dorm.

"Hey no fair, you got a head start" Jaden yelled.

"Wait up" Syrus called.

"Not more running" Chumley groaned, but they ended up laughing all the way back to the dorm.

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