LotR Poems.

A/N: This is what you get when you add me, history class, a pen, paper, and a pic of the fellowship.... ah well.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything... yada yada yada.

People call you a fool, but

If loving life is foolish,



If life lets,

No one has to know if we are fools


Overlooking fate,

Only enjoying love and foolishness, avoiding

Killing and torture, death and horror...

~ ! ~

A king,

Royal and proud

Always looking to the horizon

Great men bow to you, and you wish to hunt

Orcs, and shoot with your bow, always protecting those under your


Never overlooking any, even the humblest hobbit


Looking out to the ocean


Gull's cry condemns you to heart's unrest

Overlooking all,

Looking only to the water,

Always I will follow you, even to the



Famous for your blue eyes,


Only you know the torture of your load,

Destroyer of destruction

On the edge of a knife, your quest hangs in the


Always looking around, unsure,

Growing weaker as the doom

Grows stronger

In the end, saved by chance,

No bandage can heal the hurt in your eyes, no love can

Save you...